777 CAPTAIN II - (777-200) BASE PACK P3D4

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777 CAPTAIN II - (777-200) BASE PACK P3D4

777 CAPTAIN II - (777-200) BASE PACK P3D4



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    FOR P3D4.4+

    The key product of the 777 CAPTAIN II family is the 777-200 BASE PACK which delivers highly detailed and accurate digital replicas of the following five airplanes wearing Captain Sim House livery:
      • Boeing 777-200ER with GE90B engines (CS exclusive)
      • Boeing 777-200ER with GE92B engines (CS exclusive)
      • Boeing 777-200ER with GE94B engines (CS exclusive)
      • Boeing 777-200ER with PW4090 engines (CS exclusive)
      • Boeing 777-200LR with GE110B1 engines
    Moreover, hundreds of optional equipment (antennas etc) variants are available.


      • Functional flight deck loaded with advanced systems simulation (FMC/LNAV/VNAV/WXR etc).
      • EGPWS Terrain Radar New!
      • All-new custom lighting New!
      • Complete passenger cabin one piece with a flight deck New!
      • High resolution textures.
      • Aux 2D panels.
      • Custom views including wing views.


      • Five variants of the Boeing 777-200 (four of them are CS exclusive).
      • New materials New!
      • 4K Ultra-High resolution textures New!
      • All-new lighting New!
      • Numerous variants of optional equipment (antennas, etc) New!
      • Cabin with windows, interior, pax, stewardess and animated pilots.
      • Hundreds of realistic animations including wing flex.
      • Custom visual effects including volumetric lighting New!
      • Integrated GPU New!


      • Fuel and payload manager New!
      • Improved flight model New!
      • Authentic engines sound set (TSS)
      • ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) New!
      • Growing number of easily installable free liveries
      • 4K repaint kit New!
      • Navigraph FMC navdata including TP with AIRAC support
      • Extensive Manual
      • Updater New!
      • Sim Ops


    - Internet connection for installation (offline activation is available)

    - A mouse with a scroll wheel and a middle button



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    I'm surprised by the Number of Researches I've done for Months on this Plane. Travelling Forums and Reading Reports posted by people who own this product 777 Captain || for P3DV4. So i Finally Decided to Try it out for Myself and i Must Say!! (The Real Honest Truth Of course!! ✋) This plane is So Amazing and Fun to Fly!! It's very FPS friendly on My Low End PC ( I get 23-32 in VC and 27-38 in External View; Even at Heavy Airports Like FB KSFO) And i Currently haven't Found One Single issue!! Or Complaint!! Take-off and Landing the plane is very Realistic! I'm Using P3D 4.5 HF3 on Laptop. There are even ways you can make it compatible with P3DV5 on CS Forum! And Plenty of liveries!! And it's easy and simple to master the technique's of the Aircraft if you are someone like me who doesn't like to understand that complex stuff like PMDG that's Way too Expensive. When you can save alot more! And the best part!! The plane is more cheaper on Simmarket compared to the CS Store! This definitely gives you the advantage to save some Money. A Must have Plane for sure! Alongside With a Full Beautiful interior Passenger Cabin!! Fantastic to Tour the Cabin During Cruise When AutoPilot is Engaged of course! The Cabin Animations are mind-blowing!! Controlling The Passenger Seats And Converting Them into Beds just Wowed Me!! Not just that!! You can control the passenger Window shafts, Arm rest Table's On All Seats! (Business and Economy), And Open and Close Doors to Mysterious Places on the Plane LOL! Almost Feels like I am inside a Real Triple 7 in Real Life! I Love this plane so much! The Cockpit is well detailed Too! I have Spent so many hours with it and completed my first TEN Flights with it. No Bugs, No Errors and I'm Truly Pleased!! Sim FPS remains smoothly positive at the start of Load up and throughout the entire flight!! And Some tips and tricks to boost up FPS even At Greater level are available on the CS Forum too! I Also Have the -300ER and -Freighter Expansion's Installed and they work and fly Perfectly as I Expected!! Better get back to Business!! A Must Have Plane for Sure!! 1000 Stars!! Great Job Captain Sim!! Comment date: 6th/08/2022


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