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    Please note: This product is NOT Vista compatible. No Refunds Given!

    The add-on was designed by professional jet pilots and engineers and consulted by the 707 rated pilots and technicans.


    Enjoy all top-end Gmax model features:

    • high details
    • reflective textures
    • "dynamic shine" and more.

    The package includes five most popular versions of the 707 with 20 accurate and detailed liveries:

    B 707-320 ADV

    • South African
    • Lufthansa
    • Air France
    • British Airways
    • Braniff
    • Continental
    • Equatoriana
    • Luftwaffe
    • British Midland
    • Olympic
    • Pan Am
    • Qantas
    • Spanish AF

    B 707-320B

    • American Airlines
    • TWA

    B 707-300 Cargo

    • Varig
    • BOAC


    • Air Force One


    • White standard
    • NATO 50

    More than 40 free liveries available!


    2D Cockpit:

    The 2D panels include more than 2200! programmed bitmaps! They simulate many hundreds of operative elements (pointers, flags, switches, lights, indicators)!

    Among authentic avionics you will find functional Radar system, TCAS, Sperry SP-50 Autopilot, Ground Proximity Warning System, ADF with old antique but authentic tuning system, Audio Selector, Radio panels and more. Even Fuel Dump system is full functional...

    Most systems are programmed in accordance with B707 Manuals and tested by pilots and engineers.

    In addition, six state of art full screen interior views included. Note the animated pilots' sliding windows, engine fire handles, windshield window handles...


    Virtual Cockpit:

    Enjoy realistic dynamic views in high quality detailed 3D virtual cockpit.
    All instruments are functional, some of them are clickable. Most controls are animated. Yes, the sliding pilots' windows are animated too.


    TCE: Textures and Config Editor 

    What can you do with TCE?

    1. Select, preview and add to FS2004 new B707 variations (designed by you or other people and distributed for free).
    2. Manage your B707s fleet: select, preview edit and/or delete any existing B707 variation.
    3. Perform complete pre-flight on any selected B707.

    Textures templates for easy repaint will be included. 


    Consulted and tested by 707 and other heavy jets rated pilots. 


    The package includes a set of Captain, Stewardess and Ground crew callouts and announcements recorded by real pilot, stewardess and engineer.

    Performing pre-flight (using TCE) you can select your crew nationality from the list and enjoy your native accentlanguage during a flight.

    Unlimited language extension also available.

    * Package does not include "Check & Set" interactive voice package, which was included in "Legendary 727" package.



    Authentic Boeing 707 engines and cockpit sounds.




    User's Manual and extensive Flight and Training Manual in 2 Parts designed by professional jet transport pilot according to real B707 documentation.
    Part I: Systems Manual (Describes all simulated systems, layout and operation of the various panels, instruments and controls).
    Part II: Operations Manual (Contains Limitations, performance info, check lists, normal operating procedures with number of flight profile charts included).


    System Requirements:


    - CPU 1.5 GHz
    - 256 Mb of RAM
    - 32 Mb video card
    - Windows XP
    - MS Flight Simulator 2004
    - Must have C: hard drive partition

    Please note, we do not support technical issues appeared on systems that do not conform to the minimum system requirements.


    - CPU 3.0 GHz
    - 1024 Mb of RAM
    - 128 Mb video card
    - Windows XP
    - MS Flight Simulator 2004
    - Must have C: hard drive partition




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    My favorite Flight Sim aircraft of alltime. I just purchased it again in 2021. The online activation doesn't work, but the offline activation still worked, though the link for online activation in the setup program is no longer valid. You have to go to https://www.captainsim.com/activ/offline.php, and not the link which the installer tells you to go to. Hopes this helps if anyone purchases this old software. It's old but gold.
    Great model, sounds, panels, and VC (particularly the VC!)....but be forewarned: your system better at LEAST measure up to the minimum specs specified by Captain Sim. This plane is a real frame rate hog.


    Thank You CS!! This add-on is excellent.The visuals are top-notch and the flight model is superb.Hand-flying this old lady is a real challenge...Other add-ons just require you to program the route into the FMS and activate the AP...This bird really needs attention!After your first manual ILS approach you start to understand why a crew of three was needed to fly her. I recommend this add-on!!! Daniel


    Ich war erstaunt über den Detail Reichtum der Maschine, man sieht nieten Gebrauchs spuren Rost usw. Es lassen sich alle Türen, Fracht Lucken und sogar die Seiten Fenster im Cockpit öffnen und schließen. Die Beleuchtung gehört zu dem besten was auf dem Markt zu finden ist. Wenn man sich das 2D und 3D Panel genau anschaut sieht man wie akribisch Captain Sim daran gearbeitet haben. Und wenn man sich das Panel nachts anschaut will man nur noch in Dunkelheit fliegen :) Die Triebwerke erzeugen reichlich Schub und der klang ist unverwechselbar laut und Donnernd. Des Weiteren hat man Wingview eingebaut und durch extra Bedienfeld die Audio Sounds der Flugbegleiter und Piloten anhören währen des Flugs sogar wenn man Pushback einleitet bekommt man eine Audio Ausgabe! Fliegen tut sich die Boeing 707 sehr angenehm sie ist schnell kann mit 50 grad klappen fast auf jeder Piste Landen und eignet sich daher für VFR Fliegerei. Die Krönung ist Neben 2D und 3D Panel der Gyro-autopilot der die Steuerung per Trimmung kontrolliert. Meine Empfehlung an alle die gerne Klassiker fliegen wollen und FMC´s nicht mögen sofort Zugreifen!!!!
    The 707 is the definitive airliner. Anyone with interest in heavy older type airlines should get this offering from Captain Sim. Similar to their 727 but more detailed and with better graphics in model and panels. Some small systems are not implemented such as pressurisation and heating, but that is just a minor part and could be fixed by a patch. Superb handling and great for manual approaches and landings. Vast array of liveries. Several models to choose from. Recommended to those who like early jets and flying by hand( although it also can be modified to support INS NAV and it has all the basic autopilot functions, like GPS ILS GS and also TCAS) Great engine sounds... Another must have for the airliner sim aficionados...

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