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    Please note: This product is NOT Vista compatible. No Refunds Given!

    Four most popular versions of the 727:
    B727-100 Cargo
    B727-200 Cargo

    The models are built based on the original scale drawings from Boeing! Expect all top-end Gmax model features: reflective textures, "dynamic shine" and more. Even windshield wipers are animated. The sliding pilots' windows work as well. Detailed textures of 20 popular airline liveries included. More than 215 FREE liveries available.
    TCE (Texture & Config Editor) included in the package for easy management of your 727 fleet.

    VIRTUAL COCKPIT: New level of FPS friendly detalization!
    Highly detailed and functional 3D virtual cockpit included. Yes, the sliding pilots' windows are animated too

    Interior Views
    Enjoy 8 state of art full screen interior views (including 2D panels). You are not alone in 2D cockpit anymore! You got a First Officer and a Second Officer! Now you feel yourself as a Captain in the captain's seat.

    2D Flight Deck

    The 2D panels include more than 2000! programmed bitmaps! They simulate 601 operative elements (switches, lights, indicators)! 255 of them are on the Second Officer panels, 133 on the Overhead panel, 213 on the pilot's panel.

    All systems programmed in accordance with B727 Manuals and Boeing CBT and tested by current B727 pilots and engineers. Note the animated pilots' sliding windows, engine fire handles, windshield window handles...

    Even Fuel Dump system is full functional... Among highly detailed authentic avionics you will find Sperry SP-50 Autopilot, Integrated Flight System FD-108, Mark II Ground Proximity Warning System, ADF with old antique but authentic tuning system, functional Audio Selector and Radio panels and more.

    Your crew is not just sitting in the cockpit but they perform their duties and communicate each other. The package includes complete set of Captain, First Officer and Second Officer (Flight Engineer), Stewardess, Ground crew callouts recorded by real 727 pilots, stewardess and engineers. The Check & Set works in real time according to current flight situation. It's not just a playback of recorded check lists. Performing pre-flight (using our TCE software) you can select your crew nationality from the list and enjoy your native accent during a flight.


    Unlimited language extension also available.

    TCE: Textures and Config Editor
    What can you do with TCE?
    1. Select, preview and add to FS2002 new B727 variations (designed by you or other people and distributed for free).
    2. Manage your B727s fleet: select, preview edit and/or delete any existing B727 variation.
    3. Perform complete pre-flight on any selected B727:
    - Select your crew nationality.
    - Set your flight deck preferences.
    - Select one of five B727 models.
    - Select one of 8 cabin configurations.
    - Check selected airplane limits. Most aircraft can accommodate more stuff than they could lift.
    - Create customized fuel, luggage, passenger or cargo load using animated interface and scales.
    - Save your settings and you are ready to go!

    Repaint artists! Textures templates for easy repaint will be included.


    Designed by professional jet pilot a BS in Aeronautics. Consulted and tested by Boeing 727 pilots.

    Authentic Boeing 727 JT8D-9A engines and cockpit sounds.

    Include User's Manual and extensive Flight and Training Manual in 3 Parts designed by professional jet transport pilot according to real B727 documentation.

    • Part I: Systems Manual (Describes all simulated systems, layout and operation of the various panels, instruments and controls).
    • Part II: Operations Manual (Contains Limitations, performance info, check lists, normal operating procedures with number of flight profile charts included).
    • Part III: Training Manual (727 transition fixed base sim training profiles)


    FS2002 FS2004


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    This product is fairly mediocre. The sound is just downright poor. Overall, I don't think it's nearly as good as the 707 and I feel you can do just as well with 727 freeware.


    I bought this on October 1 and I think that the detail of the plane is amazing and i like everything, but... Personaly i am a bad piolot, at least staying level and i like to use autopiolts to help me. But this autopiolt really does not work. I press altatude hold and i start to do a nose dive and flip into everything, then it takes so long to gain control of the plane again, but otherwise Good Job on the Detail!
    This could be the finest aircraft add-on ever developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Great sound, great visuals and great performance. A solid hit! No review would be complete without mentioning the terrific Mike Stinchfield and his excellent tutorial that will have you up and flying with this complex machine in no time. If you're into old jetliners then it would be a crime to pass up on this plane. At $36 or more the price could seem a bit steep, but there is no way getting around it; you'll get a superb aircraft.
    i run fs9 so i can not comment on the fs2002 version of this product. unfortunately, i can not recommend buying this product. there are several reasons for that: 1) the autopilot is terrible, flying on an airway with the a/p engaged, the plane keeps on turning left and right and left and right and so on using about 20 degrees of bank. VERY UNSATISFYING, and very unrealistic. 2) the load editor is not working properly (can not determine fuel load without problems). 3) aircraft perfomance unrealistic (takeoff roll too short and landing deceleration after touchdown VERY quick). 4) i am using a 1280x1024 resolution, but the gauges are way too small and not readable. i regret the purchase of this product, i wish i could return it... :( Denis
    Quite simply the best airliner add-on there is. It's not just an airframe but a whole package, complete with config editor voice call out and many more fun things. I have been flying this beauty since it first came out and am still finding good things about it. If you buy nothing else this Christmas, buy this!

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