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    Please note: This product is NOT Vista compatible. No Refunds Given!

    The add-on was designed by professional jet pilots and engineers and consulted by F-104 rated pilots and technicans.

    A i r c r a f t

    1. Five F-104G "Starfighter" model variants:
    - Clean;
    - 2 Tip tanks;
    - 2 Tip tanks, 2 pylon tanks;
    - 4 "Sidewinder" 2 "Sparrow" AA missiles;
    - 4 bombs.

    2. Three TF-104 "Starfighter" model variants:
    - Clean;
    - 2 Tip tanks;
    - 2 Tip tanks, 2 pylon tanks;

    Expect all top-end Gmax model features: high detalis, full animation, reflective textures, "dynamic shine" and more.

    Detailed textures of 15 liveries included:
    1. Belgian AF
    2. Canadian AF
    3. Dutch AF
    4. German AF
    5. German Navy
    6. Greece AF
    7. Japan AF
    8. Italian AF
    9. Norwegian AF
    10. Soviet AF
    11. Spanish AF
    12. "Starfighters" display team
    13-14. 2 USAF
    15. Turkish AF

    2D P a n e l s
    The 2D panels include hundreds of bitmaps. All systems programmed in accordance with F-104 Manuals and tested by F-104 pilots and engineers.

    V i r t u a l C o c k p i t
    Highly detailed and functional 3D virtual cockpit included.

    All instruments from 2D panels are functional, most switches are clickable. You can perform a flight from start up to shut down using the VC only.

    I n t e r i o r V i e w s

    Two brand new F-104 software utilities included:

    VIRTUAL INSTRUCTOR PILOT: Interactive Instructor Pilot voice package.
    The VIP (Virtual Instructor Pilot) Voice package helps you to master the F-104 faster, and operate it safer. It works in real time according to current flight situation.
    In most cases, you hear the VIP when you exceed the aircraft limits or create dangerous situation in flight.
    All callouts recorded by Andy Bush (USAF pilot training instructor, pilot with the F-104 experience).


    TCE: Textures and Config Editor

      What can you do with TCE?
    1. Select, preview and add to FS2004 new F-104 variations (designed by you or other people and distributed for free).
    2. Manage your F-104s fleet: select, preview edit and/or delete any existing F-104 variation.
    3. Perform complete pre-flight on any selected F-104:
    - Select your Instructor Pilot nationality.
    - Select one of the F-104 models.
    - Select one of 16 variations.
    - Select engine smoke, dynamic shine, cold start options.
    - Create customized fuel and ammo load using animated interface and scales.
    - Save your settings and you are ready to go!

    Repaint artists! Textures templates for easy repaint included.


    FLIGHT DYNAMICS: Designed by professional jet pilot a BS in Aeronautics. Consulted and tested by F-104 pilots.

    SOUND PACKAGE: Authentic F-104 J79-GE engine and cockpit sounds.

      User's Manual and Flight and Training Manual in 2 Parts designed according to real F-104 documentation.

    Part I: Systems Manual (Describes all simulated systems, layout and operation of the various panels, instruments and controls).

    Part II: Operations Manual (Contains Limitations, performance info, check lists, normal

    S y s t e m R e q u i r e m e n t s

    CPU 900 MHz
    128 Mb of RAM
    16 Mb 3D video card
    Windows 2000 or higher
    Must have C: HD partition
    MS Flight Simulator 2004

    CPU 2.0 GHz
    512 Mb of RAM
    128 Mb 3D video card
    Windows XP
    Must have C: HD partition
    MS Flight Simulator 2004

    The Legendary F-104 should work in FULL SCREEN MODE with any monitor resolution from 800x600 to 1600x1200.

    All graphics designed for the best quality resolution - 1600x1200.




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    11 years after it was released, I can still say that this is one of my all-time favorite FS aircraft. It is one of the reasons I keep a working copy of FS9, even though FSX-SE has become my primary sim. And in case you wondered, YES, it is compatible with Win10... It is a challenge to fly, as was the real thing. The VC is so good that sometimes it's hard to remember if you are in the 2D cockpit or the VC. And the intercept radar works perfectly and I often have fun flying out of a Cold War airfield like RAF Leuchars and intercepting a Bear trolling off the coast... When it was released it was ahead of the game in so many ways. And in relation to most other FS9 aircraft and quite a few FSX offerings, it still is!!! A true classic of the Cold War and a true classic of flight simulation.... A great product that still deserves five stars
    Die Captain Sim F-104 ist eine der schönsten Starfighter, man braucht etwas um sie zu landen und auch das Fahrwerk sollte man rasch nach Abheben einfahren ! Bei mir läuft sie wie auch die B707 unter Vista hervorragend . Ich wünschte mir Captain Sim würde weiter Flieger für den FS9/2004 ACOF bauen. Mittlerweile habe ich alle von Captain Sim erstellten FS9-Acft !


    poor customer services @ Captain Sim. ordered product three days ago, am still waiting for CS to provide offline activation instructions. I don't care what kind of installation method you ask me to "perform", as long as it works.
    This F-104 is the benchmark for all others to awe at. Captain Sim has cont to raise the bar with every new release (maybe that's why we have to wait so long between releases). The pain is downloading, I bought a new computer and still having isues getting Captain Sim to get me hooked up with a download. From now on I will buy on CD versions not downloads. But they are producing the best aircraft hands down. FS Cloud 9 has a F-104 that is approaching Capt Sim level.
    By far, this is my favorite payware military plane. The model, 2D panel, and sounds are stellar. The VC is simply in a league of it's own. As a bonus, on my P4 2.8G machine I see frame rates in the 30-40fps range...even with the sliders to the right. The flight model will definitely keep you honest, particularly on landing! Simply put, don't hesitate to buy this plane...even though the price is a bit steep.


    Genial ! Wenn man den Starfighter erstmal halbwegs im Griff hat, kann man sogar als "Armchairpilot" die Begeisterung alter F-104 Piloten für diesen Vogel nachvollziehen. Die Sounds lassen einen schnell vergessen, daß nur vor dem PC sitzt und auch das Flugmodell macht einen sehr guten Eindruck. Ein übriges tut hier auch das hervorragende Außenmodell, welches nicht nur klasse aussieht, sondern im Gegensatz zu Lago's G.91 bei mir auch absolut flüssig läuft. Eine absolute Kaufempfehlung!

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