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    Weapon for FSX

    Whether we like it or not but weapon is one of the key parts of the real world: si vis pacem, para bellum. MS Flight Simulator always was lacking that part. But not anymore! Captain Sim Weapon for FSX is the first and the only true combat expansion ever made for any version of MS Flight Simulator.

    The Weapon is not just a modification for some specific aircraft.



    Misc features:
    • Free flight, no missions required
    • Strikes air, ground and sea traffic
    • DirectX 9/10 compatible

    Weapon control panel
    • 2D panel provides total system control on any FSX aircraft/rotorcraft.
    • 100% supported by keyboard assignments

    • Air-to-Sir and Air-to-Surface modes
    • Search mode
    • LCOS mode
    • Target tracking mode
    • Up to 200km range

    • Navigation steering mode
    • TACAN steering mode
    • ILS Steering mode
    • Search mode
    • LCOS mode
    • IR seeker mode
    • IR tracking mode
    • Radar tracking mode
    • 2D and VC versions
    • VC collimation *
    • VC auto-calibration
    • Supports full range of FSX zoom (from 0.30 to unlimited)
    • Clear GDI graphics

    Weapon selection *
    • M60C gun
    • GSH-30 cannon
    • M61 Vulcan cannon
    • Hydra 70 rockets
    • Zuni 127 rockets
    • AIM-7E Sparrow III
    • AIM-9 Sidewinder
    • R-73M2
    • R-60
    • AIM-132 ASRAAM
    • AGM-88 HARM
    • Kh-29
    • ALARM
    • AS.34 Kormoran
    • Expandable to unlimited

    Target damage model *
    Realistic physics of gradual partial to total damage.

    Realistic Weapon physics engine *
    Each shot is driven by realistic weapon physics engine.

    Weapon simobjects
    Each shot has its own realistic but optimized visual model

    Sounds *
    Weapon and target fire, launch, hit, splash and explosion sounds.

    Visual effects *
    Weapon and target fire, wake, smoke, launch, hit, splash, explosion and damage effects.

    Weapon loader
    Provides one-click installation to any FSX aircraft/rotorcraft.

    Armed versions of F/A-18 or LX-45 aircraft
    Adds one armed aircraft depending on you simulator version (Acceleration or SP2)

    Military sceneries and aircraft set *
    Nineteen military AI aircraft types provides military operations over ten areas of the world. Expandable.

    Keyboard/joystick support *
    System totally supported by editable keyboard assignments.

    Unparalleled configuration and modification flexibility
    • Unlimited number of weapon types can be added, edited or removed.
    • Unlimited number of weapon subtypes can be added, edited or removed.
    • Unlimited number of weapon types fire modes (single, dual, custom, auto, unlimited ect) can be added, edited or removed.
    • Unlimited number of weapon stores can be added, edited or removed.
    • Unlimited number of weapon simobjects can be added, edited or removed.
    • All weapon settings are editable.
    • All sound settings are editable.
    • All visual effects settings are editable.
    • All control keys can be reassigned.
    See SDK for details.

    • Weapon customization for advanced users.
    • Weapon integration into third-party projects.

    * indicates user-customizable feature



    Military sceneries

    Military traffic sceneries add AI military aircraft operations on the following ten areas of the world:

    1. Iraq (90-00-s)
    2. Yugoslavia (90-s)
    3. Afganistan (80-s)
    4. Germany (80-s)
    5. Western Europe (80-s)
    6. Eastern Europe, USSR (70-s)
    7. Middle East (60-70-s)
    8. Vietnam (60-s, Vietnam war)
    9. Korea (50-s, Korean war)
    10. Far East (40-s, WWII, 'Ramp Tramp')

    The following nineteen military AI aircraft models included: MiG-21, MiG-25, An-12, Tu-95, Tu-16, Mi-6, IL-76, IL-28, MiG-17, F-16, F-4, B-52, B-2, C-130, Mirage III, B-29, U-2, F-14, F-86.

     Minimum System Requirements:
    - PC with 2.0 GHz equivalent or higher processor
    - 1GB of system RAM
    - 256 MB DirectX 9 compatible video card
    - 500 Mb of free space on the MS FS hard drive
    - Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7
    - Microsoft® Flight Simulator X SP2 or Flight Simulator X Acceleration.
    - Internet access (for installation/ re-installation)



    FSX SP2 or Acceleration


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