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    Special Features Version 3.1

    Only for X-Plane 10.30 or higher.
    X-Plane 64-bit compatible.
    Includes 2 improved default X-Plane 10.30 GNS430.
    FPS-optimized model.
    Scroll wheel support
    DDS textures for faster load times and optimization
    Original EFIS (EADI and EHSI) installed.
    Windshield rain and ice effects.


    Original EFIS (EADI and EHSI) installed.
    537 pixels/meter textures (4096 x 4096).
    Custom plugin-based Avidyne display, artificial horizon and E-HSI.
    Custom stereo sounds throughout.
    Custom logic for annunciator lights.
    Pop-up window for autopilot and various E-HSI functions.
    In-depth and accurate fuel logic.
    Smoothly animated switches and knobs, for more silky in-cabin feel.
    Amazing multi-track stereo 3D sounds, with external sounds spilling in through windows and doors.
    Very accurate flight characteristics.
    Amazing lighting effects. Interior HDR spill lights throughout, with individual control over intensity and direction of illumination effects.
    Windshield ice and rain effects: rain drops move realistically in accordance with airspeed, get cleared by wipers, and repopulate after wipers are shut off. Ice can be cleared with de-icing options.
    Pressurization system simulated.
    Differential throttle control with functional reverse zone.
    Polarized rear cabin windows. They can be darkened by dragging handle around in semi-circle.
    Hi-quality animated pilots.
    Extremely high-res texturing (CAUTION: requires at least 1 GB of VRAM for decent performance).
    Thumb trim system functional.
    Ice lights feature spill effect, dynamically illuminating leading edge (HDR required).
    Dynamic instrument glass reflections.
    Prop Disc effects feature 3D holographic side view, which changes depending on prop settings.
    Animated passenger tables
    Yokes can be hidden for better visibility of panel and buttons.
    Vibrating objects in cockpit, depending on engine settings.
    Realistic engine failure after over-torque for longer than 5 minutes.
    Fully articulated and animated sun visors.
    Easy to use but extremely flexible night lighting options
    Excellent balance between ease of use and systems depth/realism. (Starting with engines running makes sure your presets are all configured in such a way that there s no surprises, but starting from cold and dark does require you to follow proper procedures.)
    Animated static discharge antennas and other fine details and animations.

    Included in the package:

    6 HD liveries.
    1 HD Blank livery.
    B200 EFIS PDF.
    B200 Emergency Checklist PDF.
    B200 Normal Checklist PDF.
    B200 Performance Tables PDF.
    B200 Terrain Awareness Annunciator Control Unit PDF.
    Recommended Settings PDF.


    Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bits) or MAC OS 10.6 (or higher) or Linux
    X-Plane 10.30 (or higher)
    Dual Core, 2.5 GHz or faster
    2 GB of RAM
    A video card with at least 500 MB of VRAM.
    260MB available hard disk space

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