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    Beechcraft Mentor T34-b two-place, single-engine tandem-seating trainer. (Two versions blade and 3 blade), registration N9220T and NAVY 0256.

    Amazing aerobatic model with maximum details and realistic textures.


    • Virtual cockpit
    • Full moving parts – Moving pilot, full animated cockpit doors and cargo, ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels, smoke effects, navigation lights, beacons, strobes, landing lights
    • Realistic nightlight effects on cockpit
    • Transparent windows
    • 3D modeled dynamics pilot and 2 available virtual cockpit areas
    • Real Propeller
    • Many details as: pitot pressure chamber, antennas, cargo compartment objects.... etc.
    • Realistic textures and original Mentor paint design
    • Custom panel and gauges
    • Realistic light effects on gauges
    • Old IFR certification (ADF) and VFR
    • Nightlight effects on panel
    • Full checklist and reference text about the Flight Dynamics and Performances
    • Realistic performance based on Beechcraft s documents and experimented Mentor s pilot observations...and our own experience on real flight and MFS. - Similar behavior comparative with the real airplane.
    • Real weight and balance. PDF documents with information. 1 and 2 person on board.
    • And many…many details.




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    Thought long and hard about getting this one. I am not really a general aviation guy but I did decide to get a few aircraft on that side of the house, this being one of them. STUNNING!!! Every last detail not forgotten as I see so often with military aircraft. Handles like a dream, no impact on framerates, easy to read and operate guages, two different paint schemes, great for Navy training, Airforce training, or puttering around the civilian side. The only fault I can find with this is the incredibly fake orange smoke that the Navy version puts out, but that can be easily fixed. An absolute best buy!!! Carenado has a customer for life.
    La Review completa publicada en Simflight España se encuentra aquí: http://espanol.simflight.net/modules.php?name=Reviews&rop=showcontent&id=17


    Super...Super...Super I have never paid for an add-on aircraft before....Wow this one is well worth the cash. For sentimental reasons I have been wanting a T-34 since I got into this hobby. This one flys like the genuine article. It lacks the torque roll but I don't miss it. There is no autopilot or nav radios... I don't miss them either. The model was built to fly and it does that better than any MSFS model I have seen. Denver Davis
    This aircraft is one of the most understated FS2004 addons out there. It is simply a joy to fly, and loaded with detail. The textures and visual model will just blow you away. The Virtual cockpit is the best I have ever seen, the gauges are clearly readable even at 50% zoom. The canopy's will slide open in a very nice animation, and the canopy glass has realtime reflections that look incredible. THe best part is that hte VC has almost no effect on framerates! The flight dynamics are great, the sound is awesome, and the 2d panel is also great. This is a very well done addon, a "must have" for any general aviation simmer.
    For the first time I had to e-mail the developer and say 'great job'. This is just a superb little aircraft. The pilot animations are totally convincing, not a novelty like some others. Just check out those exterior views and zoom in to the panels...brilliant! Fly with the canopy slid back for a brighter view of the landscape. The tinted windows have a slight dulling effect (just doing their job i guess) Active camera is good for putting yourself in the back seat and enjoing the ride in 'replay'. This is now my 'default' aircraft. Highly recommended... 10/10

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