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    Special Features Version 1.2

    Original ProLine21 systems:
    Primary Flight Display (PFD)
    Multi Function Display (MFD)
    Flight Guidance Panel (FGP)
    Display Control Panel (DCP)
    Control Display Unit (CDU)
    Flight Management System (FMS)
    Updatable Navigraph database
    Full FSX and P3D v3.0 compatible.

    NOTE : You don´t need to have a subscription with Navigraph because this products comes with an October 2013 Navigraph database which has all the information you need to perform a flight. But if you want to keep your database up to date you will need a subscription with Navigraph (click here to get it).


    ProLine21 system featuring:
    Two navigation modes: VNAV and NAV
    Flight plan creation based on real procedures
    Weather radar screen
    Situation awareness
    Set different altitudes for different waypoints (VNAV)
    Navigraph database (AIRAC cycle 1310 (October 2013) included)
    Load a departure procedure (SID)
    Load an arrival (STAR)
    Load an approach (RNAV, ILS, VOR, etc.)
    HD quality textures (4096 x 4096)
    3D knobs technology for better manipulation of elements in VC.
    Original HQ digital 3D stereo sounds.
    Complete back cabin
    Customizable panel for controlling windows transparency, instrument reflections and static elements such as wheel chocks and sights props.
    Real behavior compared to the real airplane.
    Real weight and balance.
    Tested by real pilots.

    NOTE: This aircraft does not have a 2D panel. Only PFD, MFD, FMS, and autopilot have 2D windows.


    Included in the package

    5 HD liveries
    1 HD Blank livery
    C90GTX Emergency Checklist PDF
    C90GTX Normal Checklist PDF
    C90GTX Performance Tables
    C90GTX Limitations PDF
    Carenado Proline 21 PDF
    Carenado RTU PDF
    Recommended Settings PDF

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    • If you previously purchased CARENADO - C90B KING AIR HD SERIES FSX P3D at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 27.90 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!

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    Windows XP with SP3 installed, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bits).
    Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX with SP1 and SP2 (or Acceleration Pack) installed or Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D Flight Simulator v2.5, v3.0, v4 or FSX Steam Edition.
    Pentium V/3GHz or similar
    Minimum 2GB RAM (Recommended 4GB RAM)
    512MB graphics card.
    800MB available hard disk space.

    INTERNET CONNECTION is required for installing this product.


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    Excellent !!! Un avion avec un modèle de vol fidèle !


    Let me preface this review by saying I really adore flying this little bird and despite all her quirks find myself coming back to her time and time again. Now with that being said it still has those quirks that I think Carenado really should address. Some of the problems you might read about I really think Carenado had good intentions on simulating the real aircraft, but didn't do so well in the execution. For example, taxiing her isn't easy. Once the props get you moving, they really get you moving. A lot of guys will say they have to ride the brake a lot but I think that's because they fail to realize its actually better to use a range on your "throttles" known as BETA (Its between idle and reverse I believe)....Its a sort of prop reverse that really helps limit how much brake you have to use. Believe it or not the real King Airs have a similar issue which requires the use of BETA quite frequently in real life especially with light loads (Beta is what you hear when a turbo prop taxis by and all of a sudden it gets louder for a second, many confuse this for spooling up to gain speed when in fact they're often reversing to slow down). It doesn't help that fsx has some weird ground friction settings anyways. The Proline cockpit is a very nice option to your usual G1000 setups. I in fact prefer it over the G1000 personally. However it def has some issues. So instead of list them all, here are a few (UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT) recommendations that I've discovered will make your flights a lot more enjoyable: A) The ILS and G/S modes do work on the AP, you just have to hit the "NAV" button first to intercept the localizer. Once the localizer is captured, then press the "APPR" button to capture the G/S B) To ensure she flys your filed flightplan in the FMS, you have to hit the "NAV/Bearing" button and make sure "FMS 1" is selected on the Primary flight display. Like wise if you want to fly a VOR or localizer you have to select VOR1 etc etc C) Speaking of the FMS, Its terrible. Do not use it for anything other than entering a flightplan for the autopilot to follow in LATERAL or "NAV" mode. Though there is a VNAV button if you want to fly a SID or STAR be prepared to have to enter all the altitude restrictions yourself. Basically your in charge of climb and descent profiles. Most GA pilots are good at this so it shouldn't be a problem as long as you STAY AWAY from that LNAV and FLCH buttons PERIOD D) There is a pressurization control. It only works up to 26000ft. Go above that and the blinking red "Cabin Altitude" warning light will scold you. The best way to use it is to set your designated cruise altitude prior to departure. Then at top of descent use the chart in your "Normal operations manual" to set the airport elevation (Plus barometric pressure addition). Most guys hate this because the GTX is certified to 30000 ft. Here's the thing, (again I think Carenado knew this but executed it all wrong) In the real plane if you climb up to 30000 (which it can easily do, and so can our girl here) your looking at a cabin altitude of about 10000ft (sheesh) who wants to fly in a mild hypoxic state LOL Shes actually most efficient in the 24-26000ft range for long range flights anyways. Go higher and you have to watch those ITTs very closely E) If you don't have foot pedals for the rudder/toe brakes but instead use a joystick that also has a rudder axis like the Logitech Extreme 3d....make sure you go in the aircraft.cfg file and turn off differential brakes (change the 1 to a 0) TRUST me on this one! F) There IS a switch to turn on the standby artificial horizon gauge AND IT WORKS, read your manual people! G) The airplane will balloon when you get happy with those flaps...however its only because they really help you get those approach speeds down for those short runways. Again the real King Airs exhibit this, though I'm not so sure its THIS pronounced. A rule of thumb I tell myself is if on final your still pushing that nose way down.....SLOW your airspeed she really will do 99 to 105kt on final. H) The manual is lacking in many departments however, the Normal Operations and Performance Tables are must reads as she does want you to fly her "by the/those books" I) Over torque her engines for an extended period of time and she will make you PAY........they will literally fail on you just like on the real thing. They have plenty of power for most runways just taking them to their max torque right below the red section. I have yet to experience any engine failures remembering this rule. J) Auto-feather don't work but she can fly just fine on one engine if you manually feather the one that is shut down. K) Weather radar and terrain modes work but you have to pay attention what "FORMAT" mode your PFD and MFD are in (hint hint) This may seem like a lot of thing, but like I mentioned. Now that I figured them out, I really am having a hard time staying away from this bird. She is detailed with the exact amazing quality that Carenado is known for. The exterior model and virtual cabin and flightdeck are downright breath taking when the night lighting is turned on. Then there's the biggest treat..... SHE FLYS LIKE AN ABSOLUTE DREAM! Whoever does the FDE (the part after taking off LOL) is brilliant. I can't think of a plane in my hangar that I like hand flying more especially into small regional airports (ballooning flaps and all). She has somethings that Carenado need to fix for sure, but overall she makes me happy and thats why she gets four out of five stars. Now if Carenado will make her big brother the King Air 350i and a PC-12NG......OOOOOOH Man!!!


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