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    At the request of our clients, we redesigned our first product, using all our dedication and knowledge acquired through the Flight Simulator 2004.

    Now we to present our new version of the Bell 412 EP, exclusively for Flight Simulator X.


    • Standard version, passenger transport
    • Realistic flight dynamics
    • Original Stereo Sound
    • Fully clickable 3D Virtual Cockpit
    • Additional animations
      • Wipers
      • Approach Plate
      • Removable doors (pilot – copilot)
      • Windows (Pilot – Copilot)
      • Removable passenger seats
      • Engine particle separator
      • Engine inlet and exhaust covers
      • Pitot covers
      • Ground Power Unit
      • Nose compartment door
      • Engines doors
      • Baggage door
      • Main and tail rotor fully animate
      • Pilots
    • High detail 3D model in the interior and exterior
    • High detail textures
    • Light Nav effects
    • Six liveries
    • Paint kit

    This helicopter works only under Flight Simulator X.


    FSX SP2


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    Sure it’s really really old. It is also however, one of the best available helicopters when it comes to realism. No FSX chopper is totally realistic, we all know that. But even with the limitations in FSX that hamper helicopters on general you can still find excellent helos. This is one of them and espite being 15 years old it still holds up and demonstrates a very cleverly designed helicopter that is both fun and challenging to fly.  The 412 has dual engine power that can make new helicopter pilots wince a little bit when first trying to fly it. It behaves about as close to real as FSX will allow, much is a credit to Cera. All their choppers are actually excellent so this should be no surprise.  If you’re like me and want to get close to realistic, CeraSim is the place to check first. You will have to forgive the texture age as they are not up to more recent development expectations, but still not bad at all. Sit this 412 next to there newer choppers and the difference is obvious. But again it’s about the best possible physics and flight behaviors that interest me most so take it for what it’s worth.  Either way if you haven’t tried a CeraSim product this Oswald be a great start and all the others they make are all very good.  I knocked one star for lack of Auto Pilot because I know for a fact it’s possible and one of their other helos has A/P.  Also no back of cabin views.  Otherwise totally worth getting.


    The detail in this addon is second to none. It is the best bell 412 on the market.


    Die Bell 412 von Cera ist mit einer der besten Hubschrauber für den FSX. Sie sieht toll aus, fliegt sich schön und auch der Sound ist ein wahrer Ohrenschmaus, auch wenn er noch einen kleinen Feinschliff vertragen könnte. Das einzige was ich mir am 3D-Modell noch gewünscht hätte währe ein am Kufenlandegestell montierter Einsinkschutz (sink-in-protection), wie ihn die in Deutschland vertretenen Maschinen besitzen (HDM, DRF).


    I love it! -perfect flight model and realistic flight physics! -high FPS -nice doors, seats, hatch, protectors and APU control over F1 window -very good VC (night and day) -good panel handling and realistic start procedere.. is not so easy and forget ctrl E! ;) -night and day inside/outside textures nice -unf. autopilot function panel is not working (can be perfect when your flight is more than 1 our) - sound is also OK for my ears this helicopter simulation is one of the best here on simmarket. THX CERA SIMCRAFT! I will by CERA Bell 212 also!


    pros: ++ very nice and crisp VC, beautiful external model with custom animations + low FPS hit + pleasant custom sounds (especially start-up) ++ I'm not a pilot in RL (only RC models ;) ) but this one really feels like a chopper: you need coordination between collective and yaw, have to fight againt slip (especially in strong side winds) etc ... cons, (those are FSX limitations from what I've read): - sometimes difficult rotor start in strong winds - no trim on the cyclic (this is actually realistic but can be a little tiring depending on the centering force of your joystick) Conclusion (after 20+ hours): 4/5 I like this bird a lot, and it is actually the first chopper I've come to fly regularly in FS. In combination with Tongass Fjords it truly shines (lots of difficult helo landing pads over a wonderful area)


    Well it's not a "DODO", but if you add "HTR - Helicopter Total Realism" created by "frednaar" (Fred), over at Hovercontrol, then you can add a lot more realism than FSX can deliver for Helicopters (FSX don't like Helicopter realism)you have to add a program running besides like HTR, or the way DODOsim have done it with there Bell 206)the best realism sim helicopter ever creaded)) But when you running the Cera-Bell 412EP (FSX) together with "frednaar" HTR program (it's free). Then you have a great helicopter.


    I'll have to say this is the best 412 anyone has to offer for FSX. She's a beast to handle if you're not used to rotors with power, but once you tame her she flies like a dream. Only one small problem when flying long hauls and you're the only pilot, and that is the autopilot. Cera, my advice to you is, give the customer what they want and you'll have many returning buyers.


    This is probably the best payware I have ever bought! Thank you CERA! But one major detail is missing. The autopilot! Please make it functional! Thank you again!


    I LOVE this helicopter! It's probably the best payware I've bought. But I miss one major detail! The autopilot! Please make it functional Cera!


    If you really are into the helicopter flying and you love it, this is the way to go. I have tried helos downloaded from Nemeth, Hovercontrol and many others, they ain't bad and I like to fly them, but I was always waiting for something going beyond the fence and more realistic until a few days ago when I tried by first time the Bell 412 and 212 from CERA. In real life I'm a Aircraft Mech. and I've been working with UH's and Bell 212 for more than a decade and I have the chance to fly them from the left seat, and I gotta tell you, these CERA versions are the real deal! To beging with, the cockpit is fully functional and clickable, according with the checklist all the systems readings and indications are accurate, (idle speed, N2 beep range, ITT, voltage, you name it), when you make changes in collective pitch is really reflected on the gauges, even with high performance and high altitude take off you may experience a drop in NR easly. Also, the flight dynamics are quite accurate. The control responses are right there when you need it, you don't have to struggle just to hover it, but ain't all the way easy either, so with a few hours you would have it where you want it. The animations and the paint job is another feature very unique and complex from CERA, good details from every point you see the Helo- from the GPU and engine and xmsn cowlings and fairings displays,to the engine intakes and pitot covers even the filler cap on the 90° gear box- In other words the Bell 212 and 412 worth the buck. Good Job CERA.

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