AIRBUS A330-200/300 AND A340-200/300 FS2004 FSX

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AIRBUS A330-200/300 AND A340-200/300 FS2004 FSX

AIRBUS A330-200/300 AND A340-200/300 FS2004 FSX



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    Model features:

    • Highly detailed 3D models
    • 3D Virtual Cockpit
    • Option for showing the wings from the interior view (wingview)
    • All standard animations
    • Opening doors and cargo doors
    • Pushback truck
    • Airstairs
    • 150 liveries for free (see full list here)
    • Dynamic wingflex
    • Dynamic shine
    • Realistic landing light bulb and housing illumination at night.
    • Every single static discharger is modeled
    • Detailed flight deck from exterior model
    • Ailerons and elevators droop when engines are shut down
    • Flaperons
    • Jet blast affect from engines
    • Realistic thrust reverser animation
    • Fully animated control surfaces
    • Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates.
    • Detailed Flight Tutorial

    FDE / Effects / Sound Features:
    Highly tuned A330/A340 FDE based on high-detailed Airbus documentation and experience in air carrier FAA Level-D 6-axis simulator

    • 6 A330 flight models based on Airbus specifications: A330-200 (GE), A330-200 (PW), A330-200 (RR), A330-300 (GE), A330-300 (PW), and A330-300 (RR).
    • 2 A340 flight models: A340-200 and A340-300
    • "True Feel" format for correct performance and feel.
    • CLS A330/A340 Operations Manual, with full flight example complete with weather charts, dispatch report, performance sheets, checklists, and pilot weight manifest sheets.
    • 6 CLS scenarios and flight plans based on real-world operations
    • High-fidelity A330 Soundset based on RR Trent engines.
    • Flight-tested based on FAA simulation requirements
    • Customized Effects

    Panel features:

    • Overhead panel comes complete with packs, fuel pumps, fire,fuel dump, apu, and lighting controls
    • Realistic ND with limited waypoint display based on MSFS flight plan
    • Realistic EICAM displays, covering many systems such as hydraulic pressure, flight controls, electrical power and many more
    • Limited function FMC which allows for SIDs and STARs in the MSFS database,Radio and Navigation frequency entry, v-speed calculation, "direct to" waypoint features, progress display, estimated fuel on board, and more.
    • EFIS displays, complete with Contraints, VOR, NDB, waypoint and Airport overlays
    • Realistic PFD with limited Airbus Laws Logic and Alpha Protection


    System requirements:
    - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX
    - 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD equivalent
    - Windows XP / VISTA
    - 512Mb RAM
    - 128Mb 3D graphics accelerator card.
    - A plugin sound card such as Soundblaster Audigy
    - 1.2 gig free harddisk space for the base installation.

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    yes definitely needs to be updated for all doors to open & HD aircraft paints, other than that need to customise throttle thrust to 2.0 for high altitude. 3 stars Good looking aircraft!


    A little hard to fly although I am not the best pilot. I am giving 3 stars because of its lack of doors. I am looking for a plane to work with my GSX addon and with its lack of doors, I cannot complete this.


    The flight sim community is begging for a good Airbus a330 family of aircraft's, and frankly this is not it.It is very similar to freeware aircraft and is Virtual cockpit is almost identical to that you would see in default aircraft, the only positive of this is that the exterior quality is of a okay standard. Overall I do not recommend this product.


    Have to give five stars, this is great model easy and fun fly,


    Im FS9 noch als Kultflieger bezeichnet, passt dieser auch sehr schön in den FSX/SE und das mit verbesserter Trimmung. Außenmodell top, Flexwings und ideal zu bedienen für faule Feierabendpiloten. Besonders wichtig ist die FPS-Performance! Hervorragendes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.


    Oh geez where to begin... This seems to just be another POSKY aircraft except a payware version. The flaps when they're extended just lag after lag after lag. To fix this i had to readjust the flaps extending time in the cgf. file to make the flaps extend out smoother. The landing gears are the same way. The just plain silly part is that CLS tries to add realism by including the jet engine heat blast effect. They simply added in a transparent revolving film around the back of the engines to look like heat mirages but in all honest it looks like a barber shop sign they way it just turns round' like a coil. The VC cocpit isnt any better than the default FSX A321 and its quite blurry even with maxed out settings. THe major plus however are the high quality textured liveries. CLS had a LONG way to go to match up to other designers though. A bit too pricey. Other Reviews by me: CLS A330/A340 X Just Flights World Airports X Aerosoft Ayers Rock X REX4 + Overdrive X Flytampa Maarten X Flytampa Hong Kong X
    Not the best plane. Hard to control and stalls frequently. I would not recommend this. CLS has made way better products than this.


    I do all the simple procedures for takeoff but when i do rotate the plane keeps rotationg back and back till it stalls and you cant push it down its extremelly annoying!! other than that sound a little strong but its super


    Das Produkt ist sehr zum weiterempfehlen!!!! Schöne Texturen, sehr guter Sound und gut gelungene Cockpits.... Das einzige was mann verbessern könnte ist das Flugverhalten! Aber trotzdem 4 Sterne.


    also ich finde dieses produkt nicht mal befriedigend. die Modelle und Lackierungen sind sehr gut geworden, aber wenns ums fliegen geht hört der spass auf. die flugdynamik ist unendlich schlecht gestaltet und hat irgentwie auch die flugdynamik meiner CLS A345/A346 verschlechtert. so gibts von mir nich mal 3 sterne

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