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    We at Cockspur are happy to bring you our rendition of the C510 Mustang for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
    This aircraft has been long in the making and is a project of passion. We have put
    many man-hours into this aircraft, and we have tried to recreate it after it’s real-world counterpart with as much detail as possible.

    We hope that you will enjoy this aircraft as much as we do


    -3 different variants; Standard, High Sierra, and air ambulance

    -Multiple liveries

    -Different static elements depending on variant

    -Accurate flight model

    -Accurate systems modelling

    -Built from scratch for MSFS

    -Interactive Cabin

    -Visible passengers

    -Custom engine sounds

    -Extensive documentation

    -Developed with help from real Mustang Pilots

    -G1000 NXi integration


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    CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200.

    RAM: 8 GB.

    OS: Windows 10 64-bit.

    VIDEO CARD: Radeon RX 570 or GeForce GTX 770.

    PIXEL SHADER: 5.0.





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    This plane is absolute blast to fly. The only thing bad to say is that the default camera positions are either messed up by MSFS or were created by a mad man. Either make your own or download a free mod from Flightsim.to and its perfect!
    I was excited when the Mustang came out and jumped on it first day. As others stated, the jet flies really well, good flight model and the G1000Nxi does the job. But unfortunately, a lot of stuff is still missing. The most important things imho: missing FADEC(!), erratic switches, in general a lot work has to be done in the sound department like engine sounds are kinda weird, no sounds for switches and buttons etc. A lot of switches and buttons and systems are still INOP. At first there were regular updates, now it seems as the dev has other priorities. I still believe the jet has a lot of potential, but in it's current state I'd say it's Early Access. I personally would appreciate if it was declared as such to be transparent to the buyers, as I totally understand, that Cockspur is a small independent studio and things just take time. But from the outside it sure looks like they have to many projects on their plate and they have a hard time finishing their released products. I'll be happy to review it again in a more advanced state, as I still believe in the project. For now, no more than 3 stars unfortunately.


    I love this aircraft, very realistic but could use some tweaks. Exterior model is great and physics are perfect for a small jet like this.


    such a great addon. Overall satisfied with the product. like the paper checklist detail. still missing more work at the systems. there´s no way to check pressure. or test the alarms of the GPWS. also missing some sounds details and the central keyboard functional and a wx radar.


    I was excited to see a new Bizjet come to MSFS and snagged it up to give it a test spin. The modeling is solid, texturing is very nice. The interior cabin looks great and the overall night lighting is pleasing. The aircraft is zippy but seems to be functioning like a bizjet of this size in regards to flight modeling. The G1000nxi is a great feature as well. Now, why the 3-star rating then if all the above is true? Because I am a sim pilot of sound. To me, sound for an aircraft add-on is 50 percent of the score and the C510 fails in many aspects. The sounds that are there are good enough, but the lack of sound brings the score tumbling down. None of the switches make a sound when flipped, the A/C system makes no sound when turned on, and when the door to the plane has opened the latches, door swing, and deployment of the staircase make zero sound. The spring-loaded dinner trays that you can open in the cabin make no sound. The aircraft is just dead in the sound department. The engine start-up sounds are good but then you go to the exterior and your headphones explode from +300db engine blast sound that can be heard a mile away, on the ground, on the other side of the test airport I was using (KMCI). I shouldn't have to wear hearing protection for real to fly a simulated plane. The exterior engine sound mixing needs a great deal of work. Lastly, we are given a beautiful G1000nxi and a full-on dashboard with alphabetic and numeric keyboards below in the central console that don't work..... -_- What is an amazingly helpful keyboard system in real life is dead in this simulated plane, forcing you to use the old knob format to put in your flight plan and select menu options. The fact these two keyboards are non-functional is a huge turn-off for this plane. This plane could be a 5-star work of art but the lack of sound and non-functional center console keyboards mar what would otherwise be a perfect score from me. I hope the developer can bring this plane fully to life because right now it's limping along like a silent ninja in the night.


    My hat's off to the developers with this model, it looks great and flies very nice on my initial shakedown run. The only minor issue I ran into was the Vertical Speed of the Autopilot trying to level off a bit early (before reaching the selected altitude). Not sure if this is a minor coding issue with the model or a bug with FS2020 (which the latter we've been seeing in FS2020 a bit since SU10). I shot an ILS using my local airport scenery, it tracked the localizer and glideslope perfectly. Anyhow, still giving 5 stars, you can't go wrong with a private jet model of this quality at this price point. This model will be getting regular use in my FS2020 hangar.


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