О разработчике

Creative Mesh was founded as an indie game development studio in 2016. So far, our main focus has been addon development for the Farming Simulator franchise. However, the origins of our passion for addon development goes back to the year 2009. Even then we had a lot of fans under the name „climbSpeed“ with the development of the EDTQ airfield for the Flight Simulator 2004 (EDTQ or namely Pattonville is an ex US-Army airfield located in southern Germany near Stuttgart that nowadays is used for general aviation). Our primary goal is to provide high quality handcrafted airports to the community. To reach this goal we work with the current gaming industry standards during development. All low poly assets are built from scratch, using normal maps rendered from high poly meshes and handmade PBR textures. This all to ensure our sceneries are state of the art and fit perfectly into the world of the Flight Simulator 2020.