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    Osijek Airport (IATA: OSI, ICAO: LDOS), commonly referred to as Klisa is the international airport of Osijek, one of nine airports in Croatia.It is located about 20 kilometers southeast of Osijek, near the settlement of Klisa, along the state road D2 that connects Osijek and Vukovar.In addition to the basic activity of receiving and dispatching passengers, goods, mail and things, it also provides commercial, catering and medical services, air taxis, etc. Osijek Airport was officially opened on May 1980.Airport is primarily constructed for cargo traffic, due to Croatia's favorable geographic and transport position. One of the examples is that the airport's apron can handle large freighter aircraft such as the B747 and A330.
    The last flight before the beginning of the Serbian aggression was made by the newly founded Croatia Airlines at the end of June 1991. Serbian aggressor occupied the area of ??the airport, which was destroyed and looted. The system and equipment were partly destroyed and partly stolen and taken to Belgrade. Complete destruction was prevented by the peacekeeping forces of the United Nations, which were stationed there.After the completion of the peaceful reintegration of the occupied territory into the Republic of Croatia, the renovation of the Osijek Airport was started.Despite constant attempts to revive air traffic from and to Osijek,regular passenger traffic was re-established only in the fall of 2013, since then the airport records better and better business results every year.

    Scenery includes:

    1) extremely detailed 3D model of LDOS airport and  near surrounding (outside and inside of terminal, high quality photoreal PBR textures based on real photos, semitransparent windows, correct apron signs,approach lights and parking positions, apron vehicles etc ), photorel and seasonal aerial texture of  whole scenery area.
    2) Documentation


    Lockheed Martin P3D v5.3

    780 MB on hard disc


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