À PROPOS: In 1995 I started the design for Flight Simulation, by that time, it was FS5 by Microsoft.
I noticed the demand of having Addons about Switzerland available and started with the Swiss Military Airport as they existed after the Second World War and later.
The larger civil Airports Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lugano were next.
The main aim was to develop comprehensive Addons containing Aircraft together with Sceneries and later also with Missions for FSX.
Patrouille Suisse with the ability of flying the real formation training and shows by means of missions was my favorite with more than 4000 units sold.
Swiss Glacier Pilot and Seaplane Pilot were next.
For long time I was working closely with Flylogic/Mailsoft until I went my own way in 2009 under the name Design for Flight Simulation.
During that time I was working a lot together with Charles Chammartin, many thanks to Charles for his very good cooperation.
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