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    Seattle Landmarks MSFS is a detailed scenery of Seattle city in Washington state, in the United States of America. It includes roughly two thousand custom-made objects and numerous interesting areas of the city to explore crowned with the amazing Space Needle. The whole downtown has been custom-made as well as Harbor Island, Industrial District, Sodo, Interbay, Bellevue, and much more. You will find plenty of marinas, railyards, bridges, and stadiums - all in full PBR and with epic night textures. Additionally, sceneries of 2 seaplane bases are provided as well as 5 landable heliports. The product cleverly merges with default photogrammetry.


    Seattle is a seaport city on the west coast of the United States. It is the seat of King County, Washington. With a land area of 83.9 square miles (217.3 km²), Seattle is the northernmost city with at least 500,000 people in the United States, farther north than Canadian cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, at about the same latitude as Salzburg, Austria. The topography of Seattle is hilly. The city lies on several hills, including Capitol Hill, First Hill, West Seattle, Beacon Hill, Magnolia, Denny Hill, and Queen Anne. The Kitsap and the Olympic peninsulas along with the Olympic mountains lie to the west of Puget Sound, while the Cascade Range and Lake Sammamish lie to the east of Lake Washington. The city has over 5,540 acres (2,242 ha) of parkland. With an estimated 704,352 residents as of 2016, Seattle is the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of North America. In 2013 and 2016 it was the fastest-growing major city in the United States. The city is situated on an isthmus between Puget Sound (an inlet of the Pacific Ocean) and Lake Washington, about 100 miles (160 km) south of the Canada–United States border. A major gateway for trade with Asia, Seattle is the fourth-largest port in North America in terms of container handling as of 2015. 

    Seattle is home to many world-renowned companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon.



    • Seattle, Washington scenery with over 2000 custom-made objects including the whole downtown in 3D plus other landmarks, bridges, stadiums, harbors/marinas, trains, containers, ships... all FPS-friendly, with epic night textures and PBR materials
    • Advanced night lighting, custom animations, custom mesh
    • Perfect compatibility and interaction with MSFS default (WU2+WU10) photogrammetry
    • 2 seaplane bases (W55, S60) and 5 heliports


    Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020)


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    Drzewiecki Design consistently delivers top-notch scenery and this is no exception. As a former Seattlite, I can attest to its accuracy. SODO--with the stadiums and derricks, the waterfront--with the aquarium, ferris wheel and the new tunnel going underneath, downtown--featuring the Smith Tower, Columbia Center, and the Space Needle (with moving elevators and interior modelling, Husky stadium, etc. are all well represented. The seaplane bases on Lake Union and at Kenmore are well done. It is also nice to see downtown Bellevue well represented. Probably the only disappointment is that the Ballard locks didn't get any attention. The cities are nicely lit up at night, but arguably the lighting isn't accurate. It is perhaps a bit too colorful, but I personally like it.
    Seattle Landmarks by Drzewiecki Design is a masterpiece! From the spinning ferris wheel to the nice reflections coming off of the downtown buildings to the nicely lit cruise ship parked in the harbour, this landmarks DLC is packed with over 2000 custom-made objects! The details in the container loading area are well done! For those with seaplanes, there are two bases, W55 and S60. It is also future-proofed with 5 heliports for when helicopters are added to the sim. Full video review -_ https://bit.ly/MSFSSEA


    As the most recent addition to DD's Landmarks protfolio for MSFS, the Seattle pack by far takes the cake over the Washington and Moscow packs, not that those packs aren't also amazing, but unlike those packs, Seattle Landmarks has nailed its execution and I'd doubt there's really any space for improvement. It's pretty much perfect! I absolutely loved that the ferris wheel spins, great addition! Not much else to say at this time. I'm sure if I do find any downsides DD would take care of it in following updates, but this is a GREAT pack! Highly recommended!


    Drzewiecki Designs is my favorite landmark developer. Seattle comes alive with no noticeable impact on framerates. Highly recommended the PBR models blend in perfectly and their are at least 2 animations the ferris wheel turns and the Space Needles elevators go up and down.


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