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    UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2 is a highly detailed scenery of UUEE Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, Russia. This product is compatible with FSX-based platforms including Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D). Please note that this product does not include the city of Moscow but is fully compatible and designed to work together with Moscow City X by Drzewiecki Design.

    Moscow is the capital city and the most populous federal subject of Russia. The city is a major political, economic, cultural and scientific centre in Russia and in Eastern Europe. Moscow has the largest number of billionaire residents in the world, has been ranked as the second most expensive city in the world and is one of the world's largest urban economies. Moscow is the northernmost and coldest megacity and metropolis on Earth, the second-most populous city in Europe after Istanbul and the 8th largest city proper in the world, as well as the largest amongst high-income economies. It is home to the Ostankino Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in Europe and Mercury City Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Europe. It is the largest city in Russia, with a population of over 12 million people.

    Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport (IATA: SVO, ICAO: UUEE) is one of four international airports that serve the city of Moscow and is the busiest airport in Russia. Originally built as a military airbase, Sheremetyevo was converted into a civilian airport in 1959, and in a 2019 contest, was named after Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. The airport comprises six terminals: four international terminals (one under construction), one domestic terminal, and one private aviation terminal. It is located in 29 km (18 mi) northwest of central Moscow, in the city of Khimki, Moscow Oblast. In 2017, the airport handled 40.1 million passengers and 308,090 aircraft movements. During 2018, the airport reported a 14.3% increase in passengers for a total of 45.8 million. There was also a 15.9% increase in aircraft traffic year over year. Sheremetyevo serves as the main hub for Russian flag carrier Aeroflot and its branch Rossiya Airlines, Nordwind Airlines and its branch Pegas Fly, Royal Flight, and Ural Airlines.

    Sheremetyevo International Airport currently has five operating passenger terminals and one special terminal reserved for the use of private and business aviation. The airport's terminals are divided into two groups based on geographical location: the north and south terminal areas. The two-terminal areas are linked by regular internal and external bus services. Terminal A opened in 2012 to the east of Terminal B and is used for the servicing of business and private aviation. The new terminal B commenced its operations on 3 May 2018. The terminal is connected by an interterminal underground passage with Sheremetyevo's southern terminals and the Aeroexpress railway station. The former Terminal C was closed on 1 April 2017 to be demolished for reconstruction of a newer terminal. Integrated with the now-reconstructed domestic Terminal B, the new Terminal C is designed to serve up to 20 million passengers. The first stage of Terminal C was opened in 2020. The further expansion is planned to be opened in 2022. Terminal D opened in November 2009, is adjacent to Terminal F. It has 22 jetways and 11 remote stands. Terminal E opened in 2010 as a capacity expansion project, connecting terminals D and F. The terminal's construction has allowed for the development of terminals D and F, as well as the railway station, into a single south terminal complex. Terminal F opened on May 6, 1980, for the Moscow Summer Olympics. Terminal F, previously Sheremetyevo-2, has 15 jetways and 21 remote aircraft stands. The terminal was designed to service 6 million passengers per year.


    I N S T A L L A T I O N

    The product will be automatically added to the Flight Simulator Scenery Library. Our installer provides you additional optional features during install. To select different options, simply run the installer again. SimObject Display Engine (SODE) is required for this product to be installed.


    S C E N E R Y    F E A T U R E S

    • High quality model of UUEE Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, featuring the most up-to-date version possible including airport parts that are still under construction

    • Extensive though performance-friendly interior modeling at most terminal buildings, control tower and some hangars

    • SODE jetways, SODE VGDS compatibility, automatic seasonal switching, custom animations, conditional animations, custom charts, advanced rwy/twy weather-dependent lighting, Dynamic Lighting in P3Dv4/v5, static aircraft and people, full use of P3Dv4/v5 materials, special effects, sounds, extensive mesh design, custom-made vehicles and trains... and much more!

    • Highly advanced performance-friendly design, numerous optimization techniques used, the Lite Texture Pack provided for lower VAS usage on 32-bit platforms


    C O M P A T I B I L I T Y

    UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2 is compatible with Moscow City X by Drzewiecki Design, all ORBX products, all PILOT’S products and all Megascenery products.


    D E M O

    The DEMO version of this product is provided. This is a fully functional freeware scenery, perfectly aligned with the full payware version. This ensures no problems with online (VATSIM, IVAO and multiplayer) flying in case some users have the payware scenery and some don't. The demo has low-resolution textures, non-animated jetways and generally much less details. Demo sceneries are available on our website and on other websites with FS freeware add-ons.

    Предложения по апгрейду
    • Если вы ранее приобретали DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - UUEE MOSCOW SHEREMETYEVO X FSX P3D simMarket предоставляет право на апгрейд по специальной цене в EUR 16.50. ВНИМАНИЕ: предложение действует только в случае приобретения с той же самой учетной записи! ВОЗВРАТ НЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТСЯ!




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    A great product! The texturing and detailing is fantastic. The performence is also really good.


    Beautiful airport .....Great JOB !!!!!!! thank you


    Excellente scène comme d'habitude avec cet éditeur. Bravo


    very, very detailed! Excellent- I just dont understand what the "3D-grass" is for...it looks the same without 3D-option but under better performance...
    Oh this is so good! Much better than V1. Probably one of the best sceneries I currently have installed. Love the ground details and the large amount of static a/c. Also, Sode VGDS works correctly at gates. Fantastic! Very satisfied with the purchase.
    Very nice scenery, well done, but I had two CTD while approach with the PMDG 747 V3. :-( Departure with PMDG 737 NX work fine. MAybe there is a possibility to reduce VAS. I insstalled the light Texture package without grass etc. best regards Stephan


    Excellent scenery! Performance is good. works well with Moscow city X. Great dynamic lighting, extensive mesh design and even trains. Looks great. Well done.


    Sehr gut! Toll Landschaft! Und perfekt Scenery Flughafen, SODE usw! FSX!


    I like this airport a lot. While it doesnt use most detailed textures the overall level of details is stunning. One can see that probably lots of hours went into this one. Performance is great too, i use it with heavy airliners (ex PMDG 747, as Airbridgecargo base), with Moscow city, many addons (Rex, AS, etc) and pretty high settings and still get locked 30 fps on arrival without much problem. I took 1 star for the update price. 20 Euro (inc tax) as upgrade is quite heavy imo, despite it being basically a new airport. From a personal perspective i would have been ok without terminal inside modeling and the train area in this detail to get a bit better textures and detail on the gates but thats only me of course. There are also some buildings left that have very low texture resolution, these should be fixed. All in all im happy to have a good base for my cargo ops :-) I dont regret the upgrade.
    I liked v1 too but this is at another level! Great product and the performance is smooth, 35FPS with PMDG. Good job!


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