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    Warsaw City X is a sophisticated scenery package, featuring a highly detailed scenery of Warsaw city in Poland with surrounding airports. This product is compatible with FSX and Prepar3D.

    Warsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland. It is located on the Vistula (Wisła) River, roughly 260 kilometers (160 mi) from the Baltic Sea and 300 kilometers (190 mi) from the Carpathian Mountains. Its population is estimated at 1,708,491 residents within a greater metropolitan area of 2,666,278 residents, making Warsaw the 9th most populous city proper in the European Union. The area of the city covers 516.9 square kilometers (199.6 sq mi), while the city's agglomeration covers 6,100.43 square kilometers (2,355.39 sq mi). Warsaw is a major international tourist destination and an important economic hub in Central Europe. It is also known as the "phoenix city" because it has survived many wars throughout its history. Most notably, the city had to be painstakingly rebuilt after the extensive damage it suffered from World War II, during which 85% of its buildings were destroyed.

    Our product, Warsaw City X, gives you a possibility to fly over an extremely large area of Warsaw city. We have included a high quality photoreal ground textures of about 5000 square kilometers. The city centre has hundreds of custom buildings modeled, there are all VFR-important landmarks on the whole included area too. We have also created 13 variously detailed airports and heliports for the project:

    1. Modlin EPMO - a base for low-cost carriers, with 2500m concrete runway and a modern terminal
    2. Babice EPBC - the largest GA airport in Poland with a massive traffic and a 1300m concrete runway, located close to the center of the city
    3. Chrcynno/Nasielsk EPNC - one of the oldest airports around Warsaw, currently being used by ultralights, paragliders and skydivers
    4. Sobienie EPSJ - a modern, private airstrip constructed as a part of a luxury housing estate and a golf course
    5. Góraszka EPGO - constructed in 1994; International Air Picnics were organized at that airport for many years. Unfortunately this airport will be replaced by a shopping mall soon.
    6. Konstancin-Jeziorna - a private airport owned by an aircraft dealing company
    7. Konstancin Heliport - a private, nicely located modern heliport with a hangar for two Robinsons
    8. Ręczaje (lite) - a small private grass runway with one tiny hangar
    9. Kroczewo (lite) - a former military airport - for the last few years the small grass runway is used by private ultralights and paragliders
    10. Trębki Nowe (lite) - a small grass runway next to a farm, used by paragliders; very close to Kroczewo airport
    11. Wincentów 1 (lite) - an unregistered private airport, used mainly by paragliders and ultralight trikes
    12. Wincentów 2 (lite) - an unregistered private airport, used mainly by paragliders and ultralight trikes, very close to Wincentów 1
    13. Żabia Wola (lite) - 440m grass runway surrounded by trees, difficult final approach with a lot of turbulences


    • Simply execute the installer. Please make sure that no duplicated AFCAD files are installed. The scenery will be automatically added to the Flight Simulator Scenery Library.

    Scenery features:

    • 13 airports - from a tiny heliport to an international airport
    • 5000sq km photorealistic (1m/pix), up-to-date area of Warsaw city, perfect for IFR/VFR training
    • Hundreds of photorealistic buildings from the city centre, including famous landmarks, bridges, stadiums etc.
    • Additional POIs like large hospitals, large churches, fuel stations etc. and all VFR points perfectly recognizable
    • State-of-the-art, hand-made, extremely detailed autogen for the whole area
    • The whole Warsaw's high voltage power line network with transformers, switches etc. (for VFR navigation)
    • Road traffic on main streets and national roads
    • Static aircraft, people, trains, vehicles and tons of other objects
    • Custom-made charts of EPBC Babice and EPMO Modlin

    Seasonal textures:

    • A freeware application Drzewiecki Design FSX/P3D Season Switcher is required to easily change all seasonal 3D-object-related textures in all our FSX/P3D products to a proper season. The program is available here: http://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=189 . Without using this program Fall and Winter seasons in some of our FSX and P3D sceneries might look incorrectly.


    • Compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv1, P3Dv2
    • Compatible with all kind of mesh, landclass and vector add-ons
    • Fully compatible with EPWA Warsaw Chopin Airport X
    • Compatible with GSX (config file with gate features included) and AES (EPMO airport)


    • Demo version of this product is available featuring same airport layouts as in the full version but with limited 3D objects and low resolution textures. Using this free demo ensures no problems with online (VATSIM, IVAO, multiplayer etc.) flying in case some users use the payware scenery and some don't.
    Предложения по апгрейду
    • Если вы ранее приобретали DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - WARSAW CITY 2013 FSX P3D simMarket предоставляет право на апгрейд по специальной цене в EUR 10.00. ВНИМАНИЕ: предложение действует только в случае приобретения с той же самой учетной записи! ВОЗВРАТ НЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТСЯ!


    FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv1, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, P3Dv4


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    This developer makes some of the largest sceneries I’ve seen. Warsaw is a massive area full of amazing sites, details and discoveries. It’s one of the best for helicopters, and crop dusters. Metropolitan area is full of unique tall buildings and historical sites. Several villages and small air strips to explore as well as vast farming areas. Loads of detail around every corner. Next to Seattle X this is a favorite scenery to fly. Based on use with FSX Steam Win 10 i7 16GB ram Intel UHD630 integrated GPU. Running near max settings with no loss of frame rates. Amazing!
    I am using this product for over 5 years now and although it is clearly not a 2021 release, it is still a lot of fun hopping around small Warsaw airports as well as the larger EPMO airport. In the city, many landmarks are included too. The product works nicely with the EPWA Chopin scenery. For the price, it is a great product to have in my opinion. Nevertheless, I am waiting for the MSFS version!


    I really like Drzewiecki addons but WARSAW CITY X for P3DV5 looks like FS2000......Scenery around airport looks terrible , I wish there is option to install only downtown of WARSAW because all rest look really bad .......I just unistalled.


    Im Großen und Ganzen gute Arbeit, allerdings ist die Szenerie etwas zu dunkel und somit der Übergang zu ORBX bzw. "Standard Landschaft" sehr auffällig.


    Outstanding photorealistic scenery that blends well with ORBX. It adds more detail than ORBX (obviously). The city is very beautiful with custom building but would have like to see more custom buildings in the surrounding area instead of default P3D buildings. No other issues!


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