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    Eaglesoft Cessna Citation X Extreme Generation Two is built for the "Advanced" Flight Simulator Enthusiast who wishes to own a "More Realistic Citation X with Advanced Operation and Features Set" regardless of costs.

     Cessna Citation X Extreme G2 Aircraft Feature List

    • Accurate and Finest Quality Model using FSDS3 Techniques
    • Animated Pilot, First Officer, and Female Executive VIP Passenger
    • Accurate and Finest Quality Virtual Cockpit and Executive/VIP Luxury Cabin
    • Accurate and extremely realistic Flight Dynamics to FL 510 and Mach .92
    • Truly immersive sound experience based on real world Citation X Sounds
    • Accurate systems modeling of Hydraulic, Electrical, Oxygen, Pressurization
    • Accurate animations of Flaps, Slats, Speed Brakes, Thrust Reversers
    • Accurate animations of Landing Gear, Air Stair, Passenger Door, Cargo Door
    • Accurate Rolls Royce Turbofan Engines: 3900 miles at Mach .92
    • Accurate Reflective Textures, Dynamic Shine, Luxurious Night Lighting
    • Accurate wing views from the luxurious Executive/VIP Cabin
    • Multiple High Quality Corporate liveries included

    Cessna Citation X Extreme G2 Cockpit Feature List

    • Exclusive: Animated Pilot, First Officer, and Female Executive VIP Passenger
    • Exclusive: Dynamic Aviaonics Suite with revolutionary Hper Gauge Technology
    • Exclusive: Accurate, detailed, and realistic Honeywell Primus 2000 Avionics Suite
    • Eclusive: Honeywell Primus II Integrated Radio System w/Auto Tuning
    • Exclusive: MFD Vertical Profile for proper flight path display from side view
    • Exclusive: Virtual First Officer callouts for realistic flight operation
    • Exclusive: Accurate 100% realistic APU used in Cessna Training
    • Exclusive: Luxurious Cabin w/Flight and Destination information on "Airshow"
    • Exclusive: Improved Photo Realistic 2D and VC panel with five 7 x 8-inch Honeywell Screens
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Autopilot/Flight Director w/FADEC
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Autopilot/Flight Director w/2 types FD Bar
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Autopilot/Flight Director w/LNAV/VNAV
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Flight Management Systems w/GPS are standard
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Flight Management Systems supports FS Data Base
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Flight Management Systems supports Navigraph Data Base
    • Exclusive: Accurate Ground Proximity Warning System: GPWS Aural Warnings
    • Exclusive: TCAS 2: Accurate Traffic Avoidance System
    • Exclusive: CAWS: Accurate Honeywell Caution and Warning System
    • Exclusive: Popup Instrument Screens for improved legibility and multi monitor support
    • Exclusive: Accurate interactive Virtual Cockpit: Nearly every switch and knob available
    • Exclusive: Flyable from Captain or First Officer seat in interactive Virtual Cockpit

    Cessna Citation X Extreme G2 Flight Management System Feature List

    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Autopilot/Flight Director system w/FADEC
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Autopilot/Flight Director system w/2 types FD Bar
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Autopilot/Flight Director system w/LNAV and VNAV
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Flight Management Systems supports FS Data Base
    • Exclusive: Honeywell Primus 2000 Flight Management Systems supports Navigraph Data Base
    • Exclusive: Honewell Primus II Integrated Radio System w/Auto Tuning
    • Exclusive: Supports Custom Holds
    • Exclusive: Supports Custom Waypoints
    • Exclusive: Supports Vertical Direct To: VNAV
    • Exclusive: Supports Intercept, and Direct To Mode
    • Exclusive: Supports waypoint sequencing, discontinuity
    • Exclusive: Extremely realistic in operation and functionality
    • Exclusive: Supports updated Airways [w/Navigraph DB]
    • Exclusive: Supports Holds, Procedures, and SIDS/STARS/IAPS [w/Navigraph DB]

    Cessna Citation X Extreme G2 Systems Feature List

    • Exclusive: Accurate Systems include Electrical, Hydraulic,  Oxygen and Pressurization
    • Exclusive: Accurate Systems include Air Conditioning, Bleed Air, Over Speed, Stall Protection
    • Exclusive: Accurate Systems include FADEC, GPWS, Ice Protection  and System Tests
    • Exclusive: Accurate Systems include Pulsed,  Alternating Landing/Taxi Lights
    • Exclusive: Supports Squawkbox for Vatsim or FS INN
    • Exclusive: Accurate, 100% realistic APU used in Cessna Training
    • Exclusive: Full Authority Digital Engine Control [FADEC]

    Cessna Citation X Extreme G2 Preflight Utility Feature List

    • Exclusive: Supports Winglets Toggle from the Preflight Utility Screen
    • Exclusive: Supports saved Cold/Dark Startup conditions and Engine Covers
    • Exclusive: Displays "Eye Candy" such as Safety Cones, Executive Red Carpet

    Cessna Citation X Extreme G2 Support and Documentation Feature List

    • Exclusive: Dedicated Citation X Extreme G2 Support Forums and   Tutorial Videos
    • Exclusive: Citation X Extreme G2 Repaint Kit to create your own favorite liveries
    • Exclusive: Revised and improved Full Documentation from Desktop Shortcut Icon


    Multi Platform Installer for FSX, Steam, P3DV3


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    I bought this direct from Eaglesoft because it was half price. After installing and then reading throughout the various manuals I tried some test flights, however I never got off the ground because the PFD/MCDU screens are all black. The brightness control doesn’t work and everything is turned on properly including of course the main avionics. Read the manuals again and again but nothing would explain the black screens. Sent Eaglesoft a message and no responses. Nothing in the forum or anywhere to explain or help. Turns out to be a complete waste of money. Good thing I didn’t pay the insane full price. But I’m pretty angry about this failure of an airplane.  I’m not some rookie either, I have nearly every paid add on for FSX And never had any issues like this. There was no anomaly during install and when first selecting the plane for first flight I was careful to accept the necessary aircraft files.  I use FSX Steam (which this is stated as fully compatible on their website) with a good PC and all software is up to date.  This is simply a broken add on. Stay away. 


    I was really excited about this plane especially when I found out that it comes with weather radar integration! As mentioned by others it is definitely a dated aircraft both in the exterior and interior...(no where near Carenado Quality). However, unlike Carenado the system simulation is definitely very good..............That is if you don't mind using hardware throttles. If you're like me and hate all the hardware throttles on the market and only use the keyboard to control power, then you are gonna be in for a big disappointment. Unlike Aerosoft who figured out how to get their FADEC programming and VC throttle animation to work flawlessly (detent clicks and all) in their Airbus series, Eaglesoft....didn't. I've read that the FADEC is also tied into different systems that without it also won't work properly but I haven't verified that statement (By the way you will completely disengage FADEC if you select to use keyboard throttle inputs). I hear there is a version 3 coming out. I wouldn't be surprised if Eaglesoft DOESN'T change this as I feel I am a vast minority when it comes to flying WITHOUT a hardware throttle. $50 wasted. Hopefully they don't program their upcoming XLS the same way.
    What's with the "Beware, this is not compatible with DX10 or P3Dv3"??? I have to say, that this is one, if not, the only business jet even by Eaglesoft Standards, that has exceeded any other business jet addon in our hobby. I've had the CX since fs9, fsx, and now P3Dv3. Never had any major issues that weren't addressed and correctly, mostly because of human error. I still fly FSX with DX10, and P3Dv3, and It's the only aircraft worth flying around the world, which I did once with the FSX version a couple of years back. I've been flying and painting this addon for years, and I'm yet to see any other vendor come even close to the quality this old Citation has, bar none. I bought mine directly from Eaglesoft, not from SimMarket, but it's all the same, and updates are sync with whom ever you buy it from.


    Ne marche pas sous Steam !!! Merci à Sim Market pour sa réactivité et d'avoir procéder au remboursement ! Merci !
    I had all Citation X Versions, starting from FS9. It was an epic model at that time, but now. After reinstalling on my P3D, this aircrafts looks very old! I mean, after flying Flysimware Learjet 35A(2015 model), and then Carenado Cj2(2016), i cant really feel the joy of flying this bird anymore, i just want to finish the flight and drink a beer on behalf of old memories ;-P I hope we have a most modern and updated model for the citation X using today´s technologies, lets say...Carenado quality like (why not?) ;-) I do not recommend to buy at this time, especially for P3D...
    Beware this product is not fully supported on Windows 10 and P3Dv3. It crashes on install. There is a fix in the documentation for one issue, the dll.xml and that works, however HGConfig still crashes at end of install.
    If you only look for eye candy plane you may be disappointed. The most important for simulation is realistic performances, flight model, avionics, aircraft circuits...and with this plane you will not be disappointed at all! The fastest corporate jet, faster than any airliner, flying at FL510 and M.090 with a great Honeywell Primus avionic with FMS of course! Yes this beauty is awesome and the best is yet to come as a V3 is expected. I had to contact support and they helped me a lot, there is a dedicated forum too. If you read the doc provided with the plane you can deal the install without problem(be aware that FSUIPC is requested for the FADEC to work). Yes it's a very good addon don't hesitate if you search for a fast and elegant biz jet. Pat M.(Former flight engineer DC-8, DC-10)


    For the product which is on sale in 2016 year - quality awful. Files of model have date - 2010! Developers have to update visual model. For now I don't recommend to buy. P.S. Sorry for bad English.


    For a product released in 2016, its pretty dated in terms visual quality. I think they have only updated the installers for a 2012 product. And Eaglesoft's support is worse. The MFD's will display large fonts / un-usable fonts on Win10 with 4K monitors with DPI scaling (which is on by default). They expect you too disable scaling and could not be bothered with fixing the actual problem in their software. Buy it when its cost 10 bucks and stay away from their support forums.
    This is one of the best addons for Flight Simulator. Its available for both FS9 and FSX. The virtual cockpit is outstanding. The flight dynamic matches what's published for this aircraft. An absolute joy to fly. Range of over 3000 nm, speeds approaching Mach 1 and ceiling of 52K feet when you've burned off enough fuel. Fuel FMS with Navigraph support. Just about everything is modeled. Has both 2d and 3d cockpits. however, there are a few bugs that can trip you up. Won't spoil it for you, just have to encounter and fix yourself. Go ahead an buy it. You'll be glad you did.


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