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    ZSSS – Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

    Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (IATA: SHA, ICAO: ZSSS) (Simplified Chinese: 上海虹桥国际机场, Traditional Chinese: 上海虹橋國際機場, Pinyin: Shànghǎi Hóngqiáo Guójì Jīchǎng, Translation: Rainbow Bridge International Airport) is one of the two airports in Shanghai, People's Republic of China. The airport is in the western part of a still relatively-urban area of Shanghai.
    In 2008, Hongqiao airport handled 22,877,404 passengers, making it the fourth busiest airport in China. The airport was also the 5th busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic and the 6th busiest airport by traffic movements. (quoted from Wikipedia).


    • Highly accurate and realistic terminal based on real architectural plans
    • Gates and jetways with real life shapes, sizes and positioning
    • Photoreal terminal, gates, hangars and facilities textures
    • Hangars, facilities and buildings accurately designed and positioned
    • Custom and true to life AFCAD
    • Realistic navigation aids (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS)
    • Detailed Photoreal parking area
    • A highly detailed Photoreal ground layout with bump map
    • Realistic navigation aids (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS)
    • Custom made all lights
    • Realistic runway and taxiway lighting
    • Excellent night effects
    • Over 5000 custom made buildings around the airport (EXTREMELY_DENSE setting for them all)
    • Photoreal texture coverage over 40miles area around airport (Need the optional photo package)


    Very careful adjust the different settings to compare the performance: If you have a powerful computer, you can try EXTREMELY_DENSE scenery setting with all scenery objects in sight.
    Normally, we suggested the VERY_DENSE setting for modern computer.
    If you experience low FPS, just try DENSE setting.

    The moving Jetway, not implement at this time, it's framerate hit, we just like to see how many pilots want a moving jetway and accept the framerate hit. If most of you want it, a service pack will release soon, and include the new Terminal 2 / second runway that still in construction - in real life.

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    Windows XP or Vista


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    This is an interesting product in the sense that I can see its potential but it’s my opinion that it currently falls short in several areas. I’ll start with the good and that’s the terminal area buildings which for the most part are done fairly well. The jetways are textured nicely with what is a convincing amount of weathering and markings however, in the current state they are not animated (non-moving) which to me is a disappointment. I also had some issues with some of the textures flickering. Some of the animations are 2D as well like the cable bundles suspended underneath the jetways not a big deal but noticeable. There is a fair amount of airport clutter, carts, service vehicles and equipment but most of it is static so there is not a lot of emersion. The light towers are done quite well and overall I feel like the general terminal area is the strong point of this package. The two problems I have with this package are the reason I docked it two stars. The first is the photoreal areas surrounding the airport. In my opinion these are not up to standard the colors look washed out and blurry and do not blend well with the surrounding terrain. I don’t know what level of resolution they used but it certainly doesn’t start to clear up until about 1,500 to 2,000ft AGL. While I am not a huge fan of autogen buildings the photoreal sections of the terrain surrounding the airport are devoid of a lot of the autogen buildings and give a sense of just FLAT surroundings. Until you get over 2,000 feet AGL it feels awkward, and by that time you’re generally leaving the area anyway. Last is the cost this package is priced about the same as Fly Tampa’s Kai Tak and more than Overland’s Seoul airport offerings, which in my opinion are both superior Asian airport products. This package should be priced in the neighborhood of 16-20 Euro’s max. It would be nice to see the vendor link up with Aerosoft and make this package AES compatible which would make it better and solve some of the staleness in the terminal area. I’m not trying to be overly harsh, I hope that the developer continues to grow and refine their techniques and develop some more commercial airports in the often overlooked Asian region because they do have potential. A reduction in pricing and some more attention to detail and they should be able to produce airport packages more deserving of your attention and money. I would suggest they either source high quality airborne photography or satellite images or drop it altogether and focus on 3d modeling of buildings in and around the terminal area and on the common approach and departure paths into and out of the airports airspace. It would be nice to see them try and produce Jeju, Busan, or Daegu terminals in South Korea for hops from ZSSS.


    having flown from this airport in 2009 to Bejing in real life I find it a great example of the airport. I wish someone would do scenery of Pudong and Bejing.


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