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    Flughafen Frankfurt Main also known as Rhein-Main-Flughafen is a major international airport located in Germany, Frankfurt.

    Features two passenger terminals custom modeled by one of FeelThere’s best artists, Adel.

    Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Germany as well as the 4th busiest in Europe.

    The southern side of the airport ground was home to the Rhein-Main Air Base also custom modeled which now gives home to passengers as a terminal. The airport has two large main passenger terminals. Terminal 1 is primarily used by Lufthansa and its affiliated partners. Everything else is terminal 2.

    Runways: FRA comes with 4 runways, of which 3 are arranged parallel.


    The product is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator

    The product is compatible with Windows operating system


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    Ich schließe mich den Vorgängern an, Nie wieder Feelthere, Ich ärgere mich nur, dass ich das hier nicht vorher gelesen habe.
    Ich bin einfach nur sprachlos und enttäuscht über eine so schlecht gemachte Airportscenery. Da fehlt einfach Alles. Überhaupt gar keine Liebe zum Detail. Es wurde einfach alles nur so hingeklatscht und überhaupt keinen einzigen Cent wert. Es sieht grotten hässlich aus und dafür auch noch Geld zu verlangen ist eine Frechheit. Aerosoft arbeitet gerade an einer Highend-Scenery ( Megaairport Frankfurt) mit weit aus hochqualitativen Texturen. Spart euch lieber das Geld und wenn Aerosoft seinen neuen Megaairport 2024 rausbringen wird kauft Euch lieber diesen. Da ist das Geld besser angelegt. Nur Qualität ist sein Geld auch Wert und nicht sowas hier.


    Not worth a single penny. I should have learned a lesson by now. FeelThere products are usually of poor quality.
    not worth the money, terrible work. De-installed it immediately again - than even the ASOBO standard is better. Waiting for a real good one, hopefully available soon.
    Freeware lässt grüßen. Das grenzt schon an Frechheit für diese scenery Geld zu verlangen. Standard Jetways, schlecht modellierte Terminals, kein Auge fürs Detail.


    How disappointing when you know the real airport. Where do I start? Terminal A got a glassy look with waiting rooms downstairs that don't exist. No signs like the typical blue boards at every gate and apron position in Frankfurt. No N7 or N8 orange and blue line, no realistic ground markings like in every descent scenery, just standard MSFS taxi lines. Not even the wall behind Rwy 18 threshold (to protect the positions behind from engine thrust) is in there. The german expression for this would be "total lieblos", this is a poor job done by someone who never saw the real airport. So yeah, the Squaire looks nice, the construction area is realistic, but there are so many downers that the bad impression sticks. Quick and dirty work, there were FSX freeware sceneries that were done with more passion than this EDDF rendering.
    I have never posted a review without first purchasing the product before, but I have to make an exception here, as there are a few "minor" points I see in the preview photos that are making me hesitate from purchasing: Image 3: Jetways in foreground disconnected from Concourse A (that's a long jump to board your plane). Also, the A380 maintenance hanger seems to be missing entirely at the rear left. Also, none of the iconic Lufthansa crane logos on the gates. Image 4, 13: there seem to be "a few" buildings missing between Terminal 1 and the Squaire ... Parkhouse P2, the Frankfurt Airport Center, the Frankfurt Airport Marriott, the iconic Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel, and Parkhouse P4, to name just a few. Oh, and the bridge connecting Terminal 1 to the Squaire, but I don't want to nit-pick. Image 5: construction status of Terminal 3 seems to be "not started" Image 6: almost all jetways at T2 disconnected from Terminal 2. I could go on, but won't and will instead ask: was the release of this add-on accidental and premature? It seems to be pre-alpha. Apologies for the blunt words, but I'm honestly shocked and saddened. I have been waiting for a good payware EDDF since MSFS came out, and was overjoyed for a short moment when I saw this release ... until I saw the photos. I will keep my eyes out for a very large update, and won't hesitate to purchase if and when it comes, but in this state, the default MSFS version is superior.


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