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    The Embraer 175/195 range of airliners are an entirely new family of aircraft, with state-of-the-art avionics, fly-by-wire technology, superior cabin comfort and extraordinary and uncompromising performance.

    Highlights :

    • Highly detailed Embraer 175/195
    • 2 BONUS : Call! and Map! simulations
    • Head Up Display (2d panel only)
    • New generation flight deck
    • Detailed interiors with superb details
    • Ultra realistic FMS
    • Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC).

    Aircraft Features:

    • Highly detailed Embraer 175 and 195
    • CALL! for Emb 175/195 included ($17.99 value) - First Officer simulation with checklists callouts and hostesses voices
    • MAP! included : just like the cabin screens in a real airliner's passenger cabin, MAP! will display the track of your flight : elapsed and remaining time, distance, altitude, wind information, temperature, more
    • Flight Simulator X viewpoints : Gear, Wing, Cabin, more
    • Jetways and luggage trucks connection animations (FSX only).
    • Detailed interiors (economy/business class) feature superb details
    • Embark and be welcomed and served by a nice animated flight attendant
    • Six international airlines including official Embraer house livery
    • Realistic flight dynamics based on manufacturer specifications.
    • Realistic sound experience with the real plane digitized sounds: engine, APU, batteries, air conditioning, passenger signs, clicks, more
    • Numerous animations : hydraulic suspension, flaps, slats, spoilerons, speed brakes, thrust reversers, landing gear, passengers door, cargo hatches, opening cockpit windows,...
    • Nose wheel steering limited over 40kts
    • Load Manager

    Panel Features:

    • New Generation Full glass cockpit with advanced Honeywell digital avionics
    • Head Up Display (HUD) giving landing capability at night or in bad weather (2d only)
    • Photorealistic 2D panels with multiple subpanels
    • Fully interactive 3D virtual cockpit
    • Aircraft flyable from the Captain or First Officer's seat (FSX, under virtual cockpit mode)
    • Colour Weather Radar with Turbulence Detection Mode
    • Radio autotuning
    • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) and warnings and caution messages
    • TCAS II : Traffic avoidance with audio-visual Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory system
    • Pop up instrument EFIS screens for multi-monitor displays
    • Screen resolutions from 1024x768 to 1600x1200 (!) for a perfect instrument readability.

    System Features:

    • About all systems simulated : electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, pressurization system, bleed air, air conditioning, two generators/engines, FADEC with ATTCS function, test system
    • Computerized Management System called Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) (optimizes engine operation during all phases of the flight and, in turn, reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs).
    • Very accurate Auto Pilot with overspeed and stall recovery systems, just like the real thing !
    • APU sequences fully simulated and linked to fuel consumption : follow the correct procedures to avoid dry fuel tanks during flight !
    • Ice detection fully simulated.

    FMS Features:

    • Ultra realistic and very complete FMS with Vertical Glide Path Mode and Coupled LNAV / VNAV
    • Learn function : the FMS learns your flying habits for more accurate flight predictions
    • Five different patterns simulated
    • Updated airway support, waypoint sequencing, discontinuity, missed approach, hold at present position, wind settings for waypoints, including reading current METAR for better planning, intercept, vertical direct to, direct mode, editable RTE page with waypoint input, custom waypoint support, advisory VNAV and more.


    • GoFlight AP modules, Track Ir, Squawkbox 3

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    • Pentium IV 1,4 GHz,
    • 2GB RAM (to run MAP),
    • 128MB Graphics,
    • FS2004 or FSX,
    • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 32 and 64bit


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    Had this addon for about a year now... The only thing I have to complain about is the rather flat looking VC and pretty complicated learning curve(It's an E-Jet so it shouldn't be that hard), and the sounds. Sounds are however replaceable with the Turbine Sound Studios E-Jet sounds (AMAZING). Otherwise, joy to fly and one of my favorite payware aircraft!


    The Feelthere E-Jet series is not as polished as their ERJ Regional Jets series, but is a worthy aircraft for your hanger. The flight deck and cockpit is a little bit kludgey and not as refined as the ERJ-145 series, but it does a great job of capturing the look and feel of the real aircraft. Just about all the systems you will need for a typical flight in the E-jets are simulated. It features an Navigraph updateable Flight Management Computer, complete Autopilot with full autoland capability, thorough and detailed documentation (which includes a tutorial flight), but most importantly, Feelthere also provides FS9 installers of this terrific aircraft. The external textures are top notch, and the virtual cabin is a joy to navigate using a custom EZdock floating camera. But the best thing about this plane is the flight model. The E-175 - 195 series of aircraft features a fly by wire system. This means, wherever you point the plane, is where it flies. Because of this feature, this plane is extraordinarily easy to fly by hand. This plane also includes an autothrottle. So I you wanted to, you could set up a flight that is completely automatic, from take off to landing. But where's the fun in that. Activating the autothrottle to take orders from the FMS is a bit tricky. It uses a hidden clickspot to bind the autothrottle to the FMS if you want the plane to automatically fly the speeds assigned to each leg in the FMS. Be prepared to disengage the Autothrottle and hand fly yourself if the plane doesn't do what you expect when you engage the FMS and autothrottle. It takes a bit of studying and practice to get it right. The overhead panel doesn't look as "polished" as the overhead in the ERJ. But, that's how it is in the real E-jet. This package also includes Feelthere's Call to help with a few of the First Officer callouts. You will like the ability to set the radio freqs in the FMS... that's pretty cool. And as with any other Embraer commercial jet, if you don't fly it properly, it will complain until you do. Don't bother to try and find a better implementation of the Embraer E-Jets for FSX, because you won't. Ditto for their ERJ series of regional jets. Also, I've tried the SSG E-170 for X-plane 10.5.. doesn't come close to Feelthere's E-Jets. And don't forget... you also get FS9 installers of this outstanding aircraft. Put it all together, and I have to give this add on 5 stars.
    This software has been around for a while, but having seen a couple of recent negative comments, I wanted to indicate my own more positive impression. I have used the E-Jets v2 for several years with FSX and P3D v1.4, v2.2 and currently v3.2. all running on Win7 64 bit. In each case it has installed cleanly and operated correctly. I used the Estonia Migration Tool to install E Jets in each version of P3D, following the standard advice to install as administrator. I have seen no evidence of it 'messing up' any other addons, and I have quite a lot. Similarly, the E-Jet sound files are discrete to that product and stored in separate folders. If they have somehow affected other sounds, that suggests a faulty installation. This could be due to a corrupted download, or not following the recommended installation process. I use this software in a home cockpit and I have found the simulation to be surprisingly realistic. The systems modelling is quite comprehensive and the FMC is excellent. Almost every switch and button can be easily replicated in hardware, and they actually have some effect, although like another reviewer I am disappointed that the Fire systems are not working. Most important, the flight modelling is very well done and provides handling responses like a mid size airliner. Hand flying requires some anticipation, and regular use of the elevator trim. Overall I think this is a very good simulation which still stands up against many, much newer, software releases.


    Messes up other products, (PMDG, A320 aerosoft) adds some sounds to all planes. Plae itself is ok, but nothing spectacular.
    FSX & FSX-SE: It is really a good platform and handles well. The cockpit is advanced enough to challenge you but not over daunting. If you are looking to use it in P3DV3 forget it. Too many bugs!


    Hallo! Habe mir dieses Addon gekauft und bin zufrieden. Ich möchte hier auf etwas hinweisen, weil es auch schon Thema in diversen Foren war: Ich hatte mit diesen Fliegern und auch den Feelthere Phenom für FS9 (FS2004) unter Win7 arge Framerateneinbrüche! Das Problem habe ich gelöst. Es scheint nur bei einigen Usern vorzukommen. Ich hatte den FS9.1 auf XP SP3 Kompatibilitäsmodus laufen, weil ich dachte, es wäre für ein altes Programm auf Win7 das Beste. Jedoch ist das die Ursache für die verminderten Frameraten (nur bei den Feelthere Fliegern , auch bei der alten B737-400 PIC). Andere Fliegr waren nicht betroffen, auch nicht die alten Feelthere CRJ und Emb145 Versionen. Wie auch immer, der FS9 bzw. FS2004 läuft auch so gut unter Win7, ohne Kompatibilitätsmodus - aber als/ mit Administrator/rechte.Zudem habe vorher ich den Ordner FS2004 unter Sicherheit "Vollzugriff" für den User gegeben. Aber daran scheint es nicht zu liegen. Habe beides ausprobiert. Den 5. Stern habe ich nicht gegeben, weil die Autopilot Schalter für meine Auflösung etwas klein geraten sind. Aber damit kann man leben. Nun läuft es wunderbar und alles gut. Gruss, Henning
    This is a very well done payware. The sound is top-notch, the flight dynamics are spot-on, and the systems are (mostly) there. The "mostly" part is where the problem is. My only real gripe is that the emergency systems are not simulated. The engine and APU fire extinguishers don't work, some of the manual pressurization controls do not work, and some of the control mode selectors on the pedestal do not work. Everything else, however, seems to be functional, and the aircraft is still well worth the price. There was clearly a lot of work put into the unique FMS and Honeywell Primus avionics simulation, and even the TCS (Embraer's version of CWS) mode is simulated. The Weather Radar works, and can be disabled via a user-friendly configuration manager for better performance. The IRS alignment time has been shortened by default, but again, the configuration manager is there for those who want a more realistic alignment time (myself included). The MCP in the VC is 2d, unfortunately, but it works, and as long as it works, I'm happy. The verdict: Is it PMDG/Level D/LHS/Simcheck/FSLabs/Suprunov/Flight1 Quality? No. Is it close enough to be worth the buy? Hell yes. Seriously, if you're a hardcore simmer who likes E-Jets, you should have this. (Just a warning, although the aircraft is very frame rate friendly, the passenger cabin cannot be disabled for those who don't have very powerful computers.)


    This is a really great, complete aircraft. My only bone to pick is the VC is super high quality but the auto pilot section is 2-D and has sub par resolution, they could have at least made the turn knobs 3-D. It doesn't ruin the airplane, but it seems to me they could have done better. That and the payware McPhat liveries are the only things that keeps me from giving it five stars. We should have got at least 5 or 6 liveries free with the plane. Or at least the most popular liveries. When companies do thing like make you pay for liveries it lessens my opinion of them.


    bought this yesterday and WOW! what a package. The plane, graphics, sound, flight model are all amazing. 2014 is a few days away and this Payware has become my no.1 Aircraft to fly in FSX/P3Dv2. Bravo FeelThere Devs and Happy New Year.
    Test of Embraer E175/195 Produced by FeelThere. The Embraer E175 and E195 are both part of the Embraer E-Jet series. They are narrow-body, twin engine, medium range jet airliners built by the Brazilian aerospace company Embraer since the start of the 21st century. The first flight was February 19th 2002 and they hereafter went into production and started service in March 2004 at LOT Polish Airlines. As per January 2012 there are built in total 802 aircraft of the E-Jet series and they are sold to various airline companies around the world - e.g. KLM, Air Canada and many others. They are also built and sold to the military and also to corporate use as well. I received this add-on directly from FeelThere, and the download went without any issues. The connection to the FeelThere server was okay, but since the file is rather large it of course to a little while to download. Installation was quite simple – just follow the installation wizard that does it all for you. Well I discovered that the installation wizard could not find the right location of my FSX so this I had to help it with, but besides that I had no issues. The installation did not take much more than a couple of minutes, so this was very nice. On my system I run Win7 and I don’t know if the wizard is 100% compatible with Win7, because at the end of the installation process I got an error – this I just ignored and the aircrafts works perfectly, so if it really was an error or not, I can’t say. After installation I opened FSX to check if everything was installed and placed correctly – No problem here - The E175 and E195 was both placed perfectly in the folder of FeelThere add-ons. When you purchase this add-on you get both the E175 and the E195 version, but unfortunately only with the house colors - If you want additional liveries you have to purchase that through FeelThere. Together with this add-on package you also get a comprehensive manual with a total of 128 pages – this is very nice and I found it very useful. The E-175/195 is modern jet airliners and they have so many functions and systems so it is indeed a good idea to browse through it before start. You also get a program for selecting your preferred starting cycle – here I mean that you can choose to e.g. cold/dark where you have to make the complete start-up of the aircraft before you can get flying, or you can choose engines running ready for taxi etc. This feature is very nice indeed because now the aircraft applies to a larger segment of simmers – both professionals and regular simmers. Also included was a loading manager. I started with an external view around and what I saw was a really beautiful aircraft. High texture quality, many details, clean lines, lots of animations and as far as I could see, everything was modeled and placed perfectly. I used pictures from the internet to verify the model against the real aircraft and the resemblance was remarkable. FeelThere has really created a superb model of both the E175 and the E195. You get animations as control surfaces, doors, flaps, gear + suspension, reverse thrusters and much more and all at a level of extremely high quality. Going from the outside to the inside I quickly discovered that both models contained more than just an ordinary cockpit. You get a 2D cockpit, a virtual cockpit and also a virtual cabin – very nice. The 2D cockpit is a photo-real cockpit with all systems working. Together with that you also get a lot of animated switches etc so all in all the 2D cockpit is really good. After checking out the 2D cockpit I went into the virtual cockpit which is my preferred cockpit. Here you defiantly get a superb cockpit again with a high level of quality. You have a great depth, high quality textures, a huge number of animations, fully working systems and a great finish. The instruments are very nicely modeled and animated and it is a delight to use this glass cockpit. This is indeed a superb virtual cockpit and compared to pictures of the real thing, then this was really well made, and the accuracy of everything was perfect. When I was finished enjoying the beautiful virtual cockpit I went into the cabin area. Here you get a full modeled virtual cabin which is quite good. Textures are okay but I have to say that it was unfortunately not the best virtual cockpit that I have seen, but still okay. The sound set of this aircraft is in my opinion outstanding. You have a superb engine sound where you can really hear the special sound that the E175/195 has. The reverse thrust sounds are also great and together with this you also get a comprehensive environmental sound set where e.g. you can also hear the draft that the spoilers make when applying them in flight. Superb detail! I tested the sound sets both external and internal but also from tower view and found that it was great no matter where I tested it. Normally I only test the sound set in stereo, but since I got the 7.1 surround sound headset, I also test that. There are no issues at all in using 7.1 surround with this add-on, so this was an extra plus. I discovered that this model also contains a huge number of different call outs – this is really excellent and contributes to an added realism. You have standard call-outs regarding warning or altitude at final, but I also noticed that you have the cabin crew informing the passengers that we have now arrived at our destination and so on. This was something that I didn’t expect and really a superb detail. Overall you here get an add-on of high quality in regards to textures, accuracy, details and animations for both the model and both cockpits. The sound is great and is filled with additional environmental sounds that I think are perfect. This level of quality did have an impact on my frames but not heavily, so I would say no problem. I just tuned my other settings a bit down, and then I had absolutely no issues left. My first test flight was a flight from Schiphol International (EHAM) Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Billund International (EKBI), Denmark. On this flight I wanted to test taxi, take-off, general flight dynamics and landing. This setup was actually a flight that I as a passenger have flown, so for me it was a lot of fun to fly the trip now in the cockpit. I got the taxi clearance from the tower and started my push-back while setting the autopilot and getting the engines up and running. After push-back I started my taxi to the active runway. To taxi the E-175/195 is absolutely no problem. If you are familiar with twin jets, then you will not have any problem with the E-175/195. I would say that it resembles something in between the B737 and the Learjet. When I reached the active runway I got take-off clearance from the tower and taxied out on the runway. I had set the flaps and trimmed the aircraft to take-off positions and slowly applied full throttle. The E-175/195 is quite easy to control on the take-off roll because it reacts very quickly on my control inputs. The engines are very efficient and it didn’t take much time to reach the V2 speed. I rotated to +10 degrees, got airborne and raised the gears. This was indeed a superb feeling to get this bird off the ground and into its right element. The E175/195 is very fast and firm on the control surfaces – hereby making it quite easy to fly on manual. The climb went well, the aircraft lies very steady in the air and you very quickly get a feeling of the aircraft which is good. I switched on the autopilot and made the rest of the climb and cruise flying on autopilot. The autopilot is fairly simple to use, but you do need to take a moment to get to learn it. It does not function completely like the Boeing styles as e.g. the B737, but still it’s very user friendly and easy to use. About 150 nmi from EKBI I started my decent – here I flew the first part on autopilot, but switched over to manual flight when reaching the altitude of 15000’. I wanted to test the effect of the spoilers so I decided to apply them and make a steep descent from 15000’ to 10000’. The spoilers are okay efficient, but what I noticed more was the included sound set of the drag that the spoilers made. This was excellent – not many add-ons have this sound feature, and that was really something that I had missed. I went directly on a long final when reaching EKBI, set the flaps and lowered the gear. Now I could suddenly feel the enormous drag that the gear and full flaps make, and I really have to increase throttle to keep the airspeed up. This is of cause something you will get used to, but it varies from aircraft to aircraft. I touched down smoothly on the runway 09 in Billund and taxied to gate. After this very interesting flight I wanted to test it again, but now under stressed conditions. I set up various weather conditions as fog, rain, thunderstorm etc and spiced it all up with winds coming from various directions and with severe gusting. To land the E175/195 in conditions as the fog or rain, was absolutely not a problem – you have a lot of modern instruments which are easy to use, and I had no issues at all with these settings. Then I tried the thunderstorm with wind coming at +90 degrees = direct crosswind from the right and with severe gusts. This was a bit of a challenge, and I admit that I actually had to make 2 “Go-Arounds”. To be fair I will say that to make a “Go-Around” is far better than making a landing with a potential danger of crashing, so it didn’t hurt me that much. I flew these settings for about an hour, and after this I was 110% familiar with the aircraft. This is an aircraft that can be flown by simmers on all levels, but FeelThere has made the add-on so well that they have expanded the segment of flightsimmers to include professional also. This e.g. due to that you can chose a complete start up if selecting the aircraft to start as cold and dark etc. My conclusion to this add-on is that I here experienced an add-on of very high quality. You have a superb model with a very realistic virtual cockpit. A lot of details, animations, effect and additional systems/programs + a very advanced sound set with environmental sound details which are not seen in many add-ons. I rate this E175/195 with a rating of 4.5/5 stars which equals to advance Payware which I believe that it is and thanks FeelThere for creating this exceptionally beautiful and perfect aircraft that I think we have missed for flightsimulator. Rays Aviation

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