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    EMBRAER REGIONAL JETS (version 2 of the PIC ERJ) for Flight Simulator 9 and FSX
    Including the ERJ 145, ERJ 135 and ERJ 145XR

    Operating a fleet of Embraer 135s and 145s the Belgian's Defense 15th Wing Air Transport now uses the feelThere ERJ 145 Pilot in Command to teach flight deck procedures to pilots

    • The ultimate regional jet for FS2004 and FSX
    • Highly detailed ERJ 145, ERJ 135 and ERJ 145XR model with virtual cockpit and cabin
    • Photorealistic 2D panel with 5 photorealistic subpanels
    • Ultrarealistic flight model
    • Free liveries (additional livery pack is available from McPhat Studios)

    After almost 5 years of the initial release listening the many requests we are proud to announce the latest Embraer regional jet package including 3 popular version of the ERJ.

    PIC ERJ 145 Pilot In Command product details

    Aircraft features

    • Three highly detailed ERJ airplanes
    • Load editor (automatic fueling by using the FMS)
    • CALL! for the ERJ (first officer and flight attendant simulation) included ($17.99 value)
    • Native fs9 and fsX development
    • Multiple liveries
    • Brand new digital soundset by TSS
    • Custom XML instruments and animations inside and outside

    Panel features

    • Glass cockpit
    • Color weather radar
    • Photorealistic 2d panels
    • Fully interactive victual cockpit with many custom switches and knobs
    • HUD (Head up display) night and difficult weather landing
    • Ground proximity warning system (GPWS)
    • TCAS II with audio -visual Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory system
    • Pop up instruments
    • Screen resolution up to 1600x1200 (4:3) pixels

    System features

    • Almost all systems are included. Electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, pressurization, bleed air, air conditioning, FADEC with ATTCS function, GPWS, self test, ventral tank for the ERJ 145XR
    • Accurate autopilot with overspeed and stall recovery systems
    • APU simulated with correct fuel consumption
    • Ice detection

    FMS features

    • Very realistic and complex FMS
    • Learn function; the FMS learns your flying habits and the prediction will be more accurate at each time
    • Five different patterns
    • SID/STAR with DME arc


    • GoFlight AP modules, Track Ir, Squawkbox 3


    • Pentium IV 1,4 GHz,
    • 256MB RAM,
    • 128MB Graphics,
    • FS2004 or FSX,
    • Windows 2000, XP and Vista (only 32 bit systems are supported)


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    I have hundreds of hours of this aircarft in FSX/FS9. I'm not going to spend a lot of time writing an in depth review explaining why this package is one of the best add-ons for FSX and FS9. Let me just say this. A fellow Facebook friend and pilot, decided to resurrect his commercial pilot career and become a First Officer for the ERJ-145LR. In between his academic studies and practice flights in a real ERJ-145LR simulator, he used this addon to practice for his checkride. He passed his checkride with flying colors. This addons doesn't have the in depth systems simulation as the PMDG products. But it doesn't need to in order to be fun to fly and give a decent ERJ-145 experience. And don't forget... with everything this addon does (and it does an awful lot), you also get FS9 installers for when FSX keeps crashing. A few points worth noting. This was developed by Feelthere and published by Wilco. A lot of folks see the name Wilco and immediately think poor quality (after that CRJ-700 abomination, who could blame them). But Feelthere developed the product, not Wilco. Also, this addon models all the systems you will need for a normal flight. Maybe not to the depth of simulation like PMDG, but you probably will never notice, and it certainly isn't necessary. Another point worth mentioning. Look at a real EJR-145. You will notice that it has stubby wings relative to the length of the fuselage. This means its not as easy to hand fly as other aircraft such as the Cessna Citation X, or the Phenom 300, etc. Furthermore, it doesn't have an autothrottle. You have to manage the engines yourself. So if you don't know what you're doing, you can easily get yourself in trouble with this bird. On the other hand, if you don't fly it right, it will let you know. There are automated warnings for just about everything such as, flying too low without gear down, flying too fast, making steep bank angle turns, not in proper take off configuration when doing your takeoff roll). Its a VERY talkative bird. The virtual cabin is a joy to tour with a free camera, and it has a default passenger window view for those instant replays you can record. In summary, if you're on the fence, go ahead and make the purchase. Also, take the time to read through the entire and well written documentation. There's a lot more here than you'd expect for the price. 5 stars.


    Das Flugzeug lässt sich gut installieren. Der Schreck kommt danach, wenn man merkt, dass nur die House Liveries vorhanden sind. Im Manual steht, dass da eine ganze Menge verschiedener Bemalungen vorhanden wären. Auf der Feelthere Seite findet man ganz schlecht den Support Button. Damit fand ich zum SimFlightForum http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76189-faq-embraer-erj-145-135-and-erj-145-xr-xrj-v2-only/ Ja und da steht es, die Bemalungen müssen separat heruntergeladen werden. Das wäre schnell getan, würde der Link auch funktionieren. Im gleichen Forum findet man auch dass es bereits seit 30 Juni 2014 nicht geht, immerhin zwei Monate jetzt. Es wäre nett, wenn Simmarket das Livery Packet zum Download bereitstellen würde. Ich habe ja schliesslich auch hier gekauft. Die FS9 Version im selben Download dagegen ist nicht nötig. Feelthere, eine schlechte Erfahrung für mich. Da mag ich nicht einmal mehr beurteilen ob das Flugzeug sonst hält, was es verspricht.
    This is a great regional turbo fan airplane to learn on. I bought this from feel there's website plus their bundle liveries for a decent price. The flight dynamics, FMC, EICAS and other features are very smooth and realistic. I had trouble starting the aircraft from cold and dark but after viewing the sequence online I figured it out. There is still alot to learn about this aircraft but I have learned alot thus far. Just looking foward to the real thing in the future. If you want to learn to fly right, this is it. Start small first!


    Incredibly detailed and accurate flight model. NOTE: Even though the product description says support is only offered for 32 bit operating systems, I am running windows 7 64-bit Pro and this airplane works perfectly on both FS9 and FSX.
    Well it´s a nice plane and so far the most frame freindly plane i have from FEELTHERE / wilco as i have got diserpointed whit some of there latest products as they are FPS heavy sadly.. but whit this plane i got surpriced whit it at some points you stil feel it hangs but not like in some of the other products.. but as it stil feels a bit hevy at some stages i would take 1 star of els it would have got 5 out of 5 if it had been smooth all the time, and that there is no airlines livery included only the EMBRAER roll out livery. a bit sad you have to pay 2 companys to get a compleat plane whit liverys as well.. So if you like a small regional jet insted of the CRJ whit some deeper systems and such this is a quit ok choise, and remember no auto throttle this is the pilot´s responsibility to take control of the plane. els then that that you should try it.. it´s something different from the Boeing and airbus style..


    Worth the money...Just get it; you will not be sorry that you did. I just started to do reviews because I was tired of paying money and not getting what I paid for. So I will just go by the stars. If I give it a one star in my opinion you should really think about it. "Just saying"


    Absolutely brilliant aircraft! Model is stunning with particularly crisp textures. Great sound set and good avionics. This is a spectacular add-on I most definitely recommend it.
    Fazit: Das Fazit nach diesem ausführlichen Review dürfte nicht all zu schwierig ausfallen. Und das tut es auch nicht. In diesem Bereich eines Reviews muss man immer zwischen vielen wichtigen Punkten abwägen und stets bedenken, dass sich jeder Simmer etwas anderes unter dem für ihn perfekten Flusi-Add-On vorstellt. In erster Linie möchte ich dieses Fazit für alle erfahreneren, systembasierten Flusi-Piloten ziehen, die Wert auf eine einigermaßen passende Systematik des Flugzeuges legen, sich aber auch gerne an einer gelungenen Optik erfreuen. Und hier kann der ERJ V2 von Feelthere durchaus punkten. Es gibt die ein oder anderen Punkte die Feelthere und deren Produkt nicht unbedingt mit Ruhm bekleckern, aber es stimmt einfach das Gesamtpaket. Hier darf man einfach nicht systemorientiert grundkritisch ans Eingemachte gehen, sonst wird man mit dem Kauf der Embraer Regional Jet V2 keine Freude haben. Aber wenn man sich an einem Gesamtwerk erfreut, welches durchaus IFR flugtauglich ist, mit samt FMS, Flugplanung und Co., kann man mit diesem Produkt auf jeden Fall etwas anfangen. Der ideale Feierabend-Flieger also, der auch nach mehreren Flügen immer noch Spaß bereitet. Grundsätzlich ist eine Systemtiefe vorhanden, wenn diese auch eben nicht als systemische Tiefsee zu verstehen ist. Somit hat aber auch eben jeder Neuling überhaupt die Möglichkeit sich relativ schnell in das Flugzeug und Cockpit hinein zu arbeiten, eheer die Motivation verliert. Die erste Version der ERJ 145, die vor vielen Jahren bereits für den FS2004 veröffentlicht wurde, hat definitiv einen würdigen Nachfolger erhalten, dessen Kauf gerade im Vergleich zum Vorgänger wirklich lohnt! Das komplette Review: http://www.flusinews.de/2010/10/review-feelthere-embraer-regional-jets/
    First Class representation. Up there with the best quality FSX 3rd Party Aircraft
    Desempeño Muy realistico,relativamente facil de pilotear. Sorprendente Diseño..Muy real!!

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