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    Welcome to BNA Nashville airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

    When most of us think of Nashville, we usually think of the city as being the spiritual home of country and western music, but it is much more than that.

    The airport features four runways, with nonstop flights in North America and Europe. The airport code is BNA, which stands for Berry Field Nashville in honor of Col. Harry S. Berry

    The airport has one terminal with four concourses and a total of 45 gates. International flights are currently processed in Concourse A. It is home to 22 airlines, including major carriers and their regional partners, with more than 585 daily flights.


    • over 100 custom modelled buildings
    • taxi bridges
    • custom night lighting
    • custom jetways
    • complete ground polygon


    The product is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator

    The product is compatible with Windows operating system


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    One of FeelThere's better airports. Missing some PAPIs but, overall, well done.


    Needs more dirt and grime but its a decent airport only kbna payware out so I can say its pretty descent .
    Picked this up directly from FeelThere but I wanted to send up a review of it here. Overall it's very well done and I'm so happy to have my home airport modeled well in-sim. There are some minor issues such as some taxiways/gates depicted that aren't in use anymore, and Donelson Pike looks a bit funky going under L & J, but it's so much better than having to dodge traffic like one used to have to do. The control tower appears to have been added in now as well, so that's good. Hopefully future changes or additions will continue to improve this add on. If you're from the region or just like flying here, this is a really nicely done airport.


    Great job. Thank you for including the rendering of the current construction. I waited over two years for this.


    Having flown in and out of my home airport of BNA countless times as a GA pilot, this scenery models the airport decently well. What this scenery does well: The recent expansions to the airport are modeled properly, and this is a substantial improvement over the default MSFS scenery or any existing freeware options. GA ramps and FBOs look accurate, and the passenger terminal closely resembles the real thing. All the gates, taxiways, and runways are correct to my knowledge, and the scenery runs smoothly on my generally lower-end PC. What I hope to see improved: The ATC tower is completely missing, the general color of the pavement is too pristine compared to the current state of the airport, and the terminal interiors are not modeled which is problematic for the newer gates where you should be able to see directly into the terminal. Texture quality is not fantastic, but I am fine with this personally since it improves performance. Furthermore, the satellite concourse that's currently under construction is not present, but I can forgive this as it's construction has begun very recently. TLDR; This is a decent and affordable scenery that I would recommend to anyone who calls Nashville home or anyone who regularly flies to BNA, but if you're looking for a truly high-fidelity scenery, I would instead recommend airports from developers like Drzewiecki, IniScene, or FlyTampa.


    Agree with the above from "Daniel." The scenery is reasonably well-modeled, and with no interiors, performance is great. Lighting is a little basic but much better than stock. Nice to see the fuel farm, ARFF station and VOR modeled, along with the taxiway overpasses modeled, though the roads underneath have not been adjusted very completely. There are some amusing static items like construction equipment around the former drainage basin which is being filled and paved over as part of the billion dollar-plus airport reconstruction, but oddly some Navy (USMC?) F/A-18s parked over near the military side, which are not appropriate for the site. The military hangars also still reference the former TN ANG C-130 wing over there, but do have Army Nat'l Guard copter statics. The airport is also missing the main ATC tower, which is plainly visible on Google Maps (labeled as US Sector Radar Unit, complete with a pretty nice ground level photo). That would be a good addition. All in all, much better than the stock autogen but could be improved.


    Significant improvement on FeelThere's previous sceneries. Think it's overpriced for what it is, but nonetheless a decent effort.


    This is my home airport and I know the airport well. I have waited for this airport to be modeled for over two years now. I have checked the MS Marketplace as well as SimMarket almost every day. Today I noticed KBNA listed and I saw the creator is FeelThere. I was even more excited after seeing the creator because I know the airport will be well molded and will include the current airport additions. FeelThere nailed it. The airport looks exactly as the planned renderings indict the airprot will appear in 2024. Excellent job FeelThere. Thank you so much. Folks, if you want BNA, this is the mod to purchase.


    Solid scenery. It's missing an ATC tower, and airline parking codes in the AFCAD. Hopefully they fix those in a future update.


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