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    Discover the World with AnyoneFly!

    Welcome to what we believe is one of the most unique and amazing utilities for MSFS.

    August 2023:

    • AnyoneFly now contains over 11 hours of adventures in the Adventure cloud library!
    • Additional French and German databases are now available for retrieving Wikipedia data.
    • Expanded User Interface.

    What is AnyoneFly?

    AnyoneFly is a whole suite of tools that allow you to experience the simulator world in ways you may never have before. With AnyoneFly you can make an almost unlimited amount of discoveries, and share your discoveries with the world. The entire suite of tools can transform how you fly in MSFS!

    The tool list is almost too many to list here, but we will try. To begin, the product centers around three different databases of world geographical information, with millions of locations covering many categories. Built on top of this is a new adventure/flight system. And even though many of the features greatly expand the VFR experience, there are features that will appeal to even airliner pilots.

    We all can admit that MSFS is an amazing visual experience which is getting better and better. It was our goal in designing this product to bring out the best that MSFS has to offer, and make it more fun at the same time.

    AnyoneFly includes many different tools and tool subsets:

    Discover the World:

    1. Teleport to any of the millions of locations included in AnyoneFly. Set the altitude, distance, and heading before your point so you can arrive just as you plan.
    2. Filter by exact feature. For example, you can filter the database to show all seaplane bases in Alaska. Save this search and recall it later. Different saved searches are already included including "Alaska Seaplane Bases".
    3. Teleport to any custom latitude-longitude location with the same altitude, distance, and heading options as above. Using our included map makes moving to any location very easy.
    4. Use the save/load flight feature to quickly access saved locations. Fly flights created by others via the cloud. You can load a flight without having to exit the flight itself (AnyoneFly moves the existing aircraft to the exact specified location with heading, pitch, bank, altitude, and speed). Flights can optionally be set to a specific distance and heading from a location, thus providing a target for your flight.
    5. The unique system of feature types, location filters, and tracking systems allows you to challenge yourself to visits entire subsets of locations around the world. See where you have visited, and where you have not. Visually create plans and adventures to visit each of the selected locations.
    6. Use the AnyoneFly Voice Builder to configure custom Text-to-Speech voices that can give you information about the world you are flying over, in real time. Use a number of default free Windows voices. Optionally, AnyoneFly customers may be able to receive a special discount on amazing CereProc TTS voices. See the manual for more info.

    World Geographical Location Data:

    1. View location information of over 12,000,000 points of interest as you fly. This includes mountains, rivers, creeks, dams, parks, cities, towns, and a whole lot more. You can even pull up Wikipedia data on the point if it is available.
    2. Optionally, use a Wikipedia location database to learn about the world as you fly. This includes landmarks, historical locations and events, and world geography such as mountains, cities, towns, lakes, and many other natural points of interest. With this database, every point should have a Wikipedia excerpt.
    3. We also include an airport database with over 63,000 airports, heliports, and seaplane ports. Find small hidden airfields you may not know about, or land at over 1100 seaplane bases! If you enjoy helicopters, we can help you locate over 18,000 heliports. In total you have 3 different databases to select from.
    4. Our Geo window will guide you to any location and allows you to select locations near you with a click of the mouse. The Geo window also serves as a hub for many other tools and functions.


    1. What better way to learn and experience this entire planet than to fly a composed adventure in the simulator that has been created by an adventure designer (which can also be you).
    2. AnyoneFly adventures can be run directly from the Flight1 cloud. Experience world locations, history, geography, and other information provided by the adventure author. Experience different media as you fly.
    3. Adventures can be text, spoken using text to speech using our Voice Designer tool, and for the best experience, fly adventures using real-world recordings provided by the adventure author. We have included audio from a professional stage actor in AnyoneFly so you can experience the best part of flying adventures.
    4. VR (Virtual Reality) compatible! If you use VR Headsets, fly using audio only. Our audio system gives you proper direction as you fly, or have heading and altitude (depending on aircraft model), sent to the autopilot.
    5. When flying audio-based adventures, simple VFR air traffic control may be available. This makes your adventure experience more immersive. Note that the ATC system in AnyoneFly is linear and directly connected to the adventure. It is not like advanced applications such as the FSHud product we sell.
    6. Flight1 has created a unique audio engine. This audio engine can provide realistic, real-world audio instructions during your audio based adventures.
    7. Score your adventures! When using voice for your adventures, we will evaluate how well you did. The lower the score the better! It is kind of like aviation golf.
    8. Use the Adventure Composer to create your own adventure. Create adventures while you fly. No programming experience is necessary.
    9. The Audio Builder allows you to use your own voice for navigation instructions, basic ATC, and the adventure itself. Put your voice in the simulator!
    10. Set a target to create an Auto-Adventure, and we will fly you to your destination selecting a variety of location points along the way.
    11. Optionally send heading and altitude data to your autopilot. This is useful so you do not need to dial in entries manually.
    12. You can jump to any point in an adventure. This means you can create your own basic adventure, and simply jump to a point in it to repeat a flight sequence. Practice touch-and-go's or arrivals without resetting your flight.
    13. Export adventure flight plans if you want to view your adventure route in the G1000/G530, etc. You can disable audio directions and follow the entered flight plan. You must fly accurately, or you may miss a step!
    14. AnyoneFly is a great tool for education. What better way to show the world than through aviation!

    AI Objects:

    1. Experience the world with animation! Adventures can include AI Object scenes that include animals, boats, vehicles, or airport workers.
    2. Use the AI Scene Studio to create scenes via an easy-to-use point and click screen. This includes placing animals, ramp workers, and other objects at desired locations.


    1. Create weather themes based on real-world weather or create them from scratch. Share your themes in the cloud or download themes from the cloud.
    2. Use the advanced weather placement tool to place a thunderstorm, or to create a hurricane.
    3. View real-time METAR reports via our advanced parser, and create weather themes based on them.
    4. You can also pull forecast winds from 1 to 5 hours in advance, for any METAR location. This may be useful if you want arrival airport information.

    Other Tools to Expand Your Aviation Horizon:

    1. Use the AnyoneFly In-Flight map to track your flight. This map is like the seat-back maps you see on airliners.
    2. AnyoneFly has an optional in-sim menu. Start AnyoneFly and access its features while you fly.
    3. Detailed manual and tooltips to help guide you through the program.

    We have included two advanced audo adventures utilizing the voice of Atlanta-based professional actor Jeff Hathcoat (you can also be the voice of adventures that you create). In addition, other adventure are are included in the AnyoneFly Cloud that cover the different types of adventures that AnyoneFly can create. There are also preset cloud "flights" you can experience.

    Even without the cloud, you can setup flights to specific waypoints using over 100 unique data types. Please see our Alaskan Seaplane Bases adventure as an example of an adventure you can create in minutes. Pair that with Text to Speech and the Wikipedia database for an in-depth flying experience.

    AnyoneFly Preview Videos:

    Check out these videos to give you an idea of what AnyoneFly is, although it only scratches the surface!

    We have uploaded the beginning of the Majestic Matterhorn adventure (without the Geo information window). It shows an example of a more advanced audio adventure. There are 4 different adventure types you can create.

    Audio Engine:

    AnyoneFly includes the ability to use custom audio in your adventures. Audio can be music, custom recordings, or even sound effects. AnyoneFly includs the tools that allow you to embed these in your adventures. You can even be the voice of the adventure and for the directional information given to the pilot. See the Majestic Matterhorn preview video.

    If you are simply wanting Text to Speech, we include tools for you to customize your TTS voices. For even improved Text to Speech, CereProc offers purchasers of AnyoneFly a discount on their amazing TTS voices. See the AnyoneFly manual for more information (note that this offer may expire without prior notice).


    This product is for MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020) only.

    AnyoneFly does not require a lot of system resources, so any computer that can run MSFS can run AnyoneFly. A minimum of about 1 GB of disk space is required.

    Because this application relies on the Flight1 Cloud, a Flight1.com account is required.


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