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    QualityWings Simulations - The Ultimate 757 Collection for Flight Simulator X

    Looking for a fun Entry level 757 for your hangar? The Ultimate 757 Collection is the most extensive 757 Package ever created for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There is truly something for everyone. Every 757 ever to come off the line from Boeing has been reproduced for your enjoyment. And with Lower to Mid-Level systems programming, we've simplified the simming experience while providing you the look and feel that makes the 757 such a special and fun airplane to fly.

    Choose between 15 highly accurate and detailed models:

    B757-200 Passenger

    Rolls Royce RB211-535E4B

    Rolls Royce RB211-535C

    Pratt & Whitney PW2000 Series

    B757-200 Special Freighter

    Rolls Royce RB211-535E4B

    Rolls Royce RB211-535C

    Pratt & Whitney PW2000 Series

    B757-200 Package Freighter

    Rolls Royce RB211-535E4B

    Pratt & Whitney PW2000 Series

    B757-200 Air Force Variant (C-32A)

    Pratt & Whitney PW2000 Series

    B757-300 Passenger

    Rolls Royce RB211-535E4B

    Pratt & Whitney PW2000 Series

    All variants are available with and without Winglets.

    Key Features

    - Exceptional attention to detail and typical characteristics of the B757
    - Over 100 realistic Animations, including:
    - Shock Strut Compression with realistic animated bogey tilt behavior, controlled by XML
    - Realistic XML controlled Wingflex, reacting to turbulences
    - Realistic XML controlled Flap system including simulated Flap Relief System
    - Realistic XML controlled Slat system including Auto Slat feature
    - XML controlled Flight/Ground Spoilers
    - XML controlled rudder (locks at low speeds)
    - All primary Flight Controls
    - Super Smooth Gear animation
    - Detailed Thrust reversers with Blocker Door animations
    - Entry/Service/Cargo Doors with CORRECT animation (controllable by the Qualitywings Controlpanel® )
    - Realistic Nose Wheel Steering
    - APU Door (opens only when APU is running)
    - Outflow Valves and RAM Air inlets
    - AOA Sensor
    - Wheel Chocks


    - Detailed 2D Cockpit featuring both Widescreen (16:10 aspect ratio) and Standard (4:3 aspect ratio) resolution bitmaps
    - Standard 757 gauges or Retrofit LCD displays upgrade based on real world 757/767 Cockpit Retrofit
    - Detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit with parallel functionality as 2D environment. If it works in the 2D, it works in the 3D
    - Option of using Round ADI or Speed Tape ADI, as well as single cue and dual cue flight directors
    - Autopilot with VNAV, LNAV, Flight Level Change and Autoland capability.
    - Thrust Mode Select Panel
    - EICAS System with accurate differences between Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney
    - EICAS Messages as well as EICAS Aural Sounds modelled
    - Traffic Collision Avoidance System with aural warning sounds
    - Customizable Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with FULL Altitude Callout. You choose which callouts you want!
    - 757/767 Retrofit Displays Upgrade Option included
    - Standard and LITE panel modes available on the fly via the QualityWings Control Panel. Standard mode balances realism and simplifed approach. Optional LITE mode available for those who REALLY want things SIMPLE.
    - Options Galore (Available via Config file)
    - Flight Management System

    Virtual Cockpit

    The 757 flight deck, designed for two-crew member operation, pioneered the use of digital electronics and advanced displays. Those offer increased reliability and advanced features compared to older electro-mechanical instruments. A fully integrated flight management computer system (FMCS) provides for automatic guidance and control of the 757-200 from immediately after takeoff to final approach and landing.

    - Detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit with parallel functionality as 2D environment. If it works in the 2D, it works in the 3D
    - Ultra-realistic photoreal textures
    - Many additional animations and details
    - Two-stage night lighting
    - Default and retrofit cockpit available

    Flight Dynamics

    - Realistic Flight Model
    - Developed based on real Level-D Simulators and tested by real life Pilots


    All Sounds Exclusively Recorded from B757 Aircraft

    - Two Authentic Soundsets for both Rolls Royce RB211 and Pratt Whitney 2000 Engine Variants in Full Stereo Quality
    - Flightdeck Environment Sounds (Equipment Cooling, FSB/NS Signs, etc.)
    - EICAS Aural Warnings
    - Level A Warning and Level B Caution sounds generated by the EICAS and WEU systems
    - Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
    - Realistic Click-sounds in the Cockpit


    Over 125 High Quality liveries to choose from. If the real 757 wore it, we PROBABLY painted it!
    Detailed but easy to use repaint kit with MANY options such as wheel styles and Engine Fan spinners


    System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

    CPU 2.0 GHz
    2GB RAM
    256MB video card
    1.8GB of disk space
    Windows 7 or higher
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X / FSX:Steam Edition / LM Prepar3D v1.4 / LM Prepar3D v2.x


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    I hope SIMMARKET replaces my previous outdated and inaccurate reviews. This is my final review after doing much research and verification. This is a excellent package for the money. Easy on system resources and great frame rate. The liveries are not included in this initial download, but are available for free (after registering your product with developer) by going to the developers website. There you will find hundreds of liveries to download and then easily install using the included livery manager downloaded with all your files after purchase. There are so many, mostly for the 200 passenger variant, but still you get a ton if you want them all. Can’t bet this deal!


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