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Ultimate Terrain X - USA Version V2 for FSX and Prepar3D

Flight One Software, in cooperation with Scenery Solutions, is excited to bring you the ultimate in terrain add-ons for FSX and P3D (*now includes P3DV5)

Ultimate Terrain X V2 USA Edition has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the new technologies in FSX, and provide you with the most superior and complete large terrain environment to date. As always, we use only the highest quality commercial source data in our products.

Ultimate Terrain X will take your FSX terrain environment to new levels not seen before in a PC Flight Simulator.

Roads, Rivers, Streams, Bridges, Landclass, Waterclass, and more is packed into Ultimate Terrain X.

New for version 2.. We have replaced the entire road data set for the entire USA, based on TomTom's commercial data, which is normally found in today's GPS units. This major upgrade also provides brand new autogen lighting that is completely configurable, allowing users to tweak their night environment to meet their own personal desires using our new custom interface. Ultimate Terrain is well known over the years for its configurability and the new night lighting interface adds to that standard.

Highways, Roads, Streets

The FSX roads are a big improvement over FS9 (FS2004). However, Ultimate Terrain X takes the roads one step further, by providing all the available road types from the Tom Tom commercial data set, instead of just highways and most major roads. This is the SAME data used in many commercial GPS devices.

The Ultimate Terrain X road textures are also very high resolution, matching the 1 meter landclass textures currently in FSX. Plus, the Ultimate Terrain X road texture types can be custom configured.

Having improved road textures is nice. But what really make our roads stand out, is the attention to detail, using road encasements and custom ground polygons for the interchange areas. This can make a huge difference in the urban road appearances as you will see.

For every major road and highway that crosses a water feature in Ultimate Terrain X, a 3D extrusion bridge is displayed. There are thousands of these bridge features in the USA alone.

If you like the look of the moving road traffic in FSX, you will love the moving traffic in Ultimate Terrain X. Ultimate Terrain X greatly expands the moving traffic coverage areas in FSX.

We even include dark tunnel entrances for those tunnel roads that disappear underground.

Shorelines, Coastlines, Rivers, Streams

Anyone who is familiar with our Ultimate Terrain product for FS9/FS2004, knows that our products use the absolute premium commercial water data available for each of our product regions. This water data is the most accurate and detailed data available at any cost.

In addition to the standard coastline textures in FSX, Ultimate Terrain X takes coastlines to a whole new level, by including higher resolution rocky coastline textures, sandy beaches, concrete piers, freshwater dams, and man-made breakers. The coastline textures blend the edges of the water bodies with the land.

All oceanic coastlines have been classified by hand to give them a more appropriate look.

In the major metropolitan areas, FSX improved the body accuracy and details compared to FS9/FS2004. But outside of the metropolitan areas, there are still major missing water features and/or inaccurately positioned features. Ultimate Terrain X will add detailed water features throughout the entire covered region.

In addition to the quality source data, we have now enhanced our water features by adding more variety to the coastlines. Also, we have provided multiple waterclass options that will change the water color associated with lakes, rivers and oceans.

Ultimate Terrain X also takes advantage of our new "Radial Elevation Theory" algorithm, which allows for nicely channeled rivers that cut right through areas of extreme elevation changes. This new algorithm virtually eliminates the sloping water problems that are common with terrain hugging rivers.


Ultimate Terrain X dramatically improves the accuracy of cities in FSX using our proprietary "Synthetic Landclass" generation system, which generates urban landclass based on recent commercial data sources.

Brand new complete landclass across Europe Coverage (both urban and vegetation). Urban landclass is based of newly available commercial data allowing for much better classification of cities.


Waterclass options are a unique feature of Ultimate Terrain X that controls the coloring and style of the water features for various locations around the world. Ultimate Terrain enhances the default FSX water by providing 4 different waterclass choices:

  • Blue water tint
  • Plankton/Algae bloom tint
  • Muddy water tint
  • Muddy water with Plankton bloom tint.

Water colors can vary dramatically between seasons. And, many users have different opinions on how their water environment should look. So, Ultimate Terrain X gives you the multiple options.


While the data quality in Ultimate Terrain X is similar to FSX with the Tele Atlas data, we improve the look of railroads using higher resolution textures, railroad track encasement textures, railyard ground textures, and tunnel entrances.

A 3D bridge object is also placed where all railroad tracks cross water.

Night Lighting

If you purchased our previous Ultimate Terrain products, you know that our night lighting is a unique feature in this hobby.

UTX V2 includes new autogen lighting that is both beautiful and highly configurable, giving you the flexibility to tune your environment to your liking. Using the supplied interface, users can assign any type of supplied light color to any type of road in UTX. You can also specify the spacing between lights, densities and sizes. UTX Autogen Lights illuminate the ground below the lamp. If you don't like the ground lighting, simply select a different object library. If you want to change the light spot brightness, just select one of the different textures. It's your choice.

In addition to those already supplied, future additional object libraries and lighting textures will be made available as desired.

Ground Textures

Ultimate Terrain X includes custom ground textures for specialized areas (note that these are specialized textures and not general texture replacements like our Ground Environment product). These ground textures differ from landclass, because they take on the exact size and shape of the terrain feature in the real world.

In FSX, special ground textures are already used for city parks and golf courses, but in addition to the parks and golf courses, Ultimate Terrain X provides many other ground polygon features that are unique to Ultimate Terrain X.

  • Beaches
  • Glaciers
  • Cemeteries
  • Highway Interchanges
  • Tunnel Entrances
  • Railroad Yards
  • Small Islands
  • Parking Lots
  • Grassy, Forest, or Concrete areas for landmark features.

Object Repositioning

To make sure that the current custom FSX objects line up with the Ultimate Terrain X scenery, we have repositioned many objects to better align with the Ultimate Terrain X road and water features. This includes things like buildings, ships, docks, and custom bridge objects (i.e. the Golden Gate Bridge).

Ultimate Terrain Setup Tool

We know that a great number of Flight Simulator enthusiasts like to tweak their environments to meet their own personal expectations and needs. As a result, Ultimate Terrain X was designed from the ground up, to provide a near total configurable environment.

Advanced users will marvel at the fact that they can have different textures assigned to nearly every Ultimate Terrain feature. For example, you can change the sizes of things like stream widths, road widths and coastline widths using the new Ultimate Terrain X Setup Tool.

The new setup tool also allows novice users to get up and running quickly and the advanced user to have unprecidented configurability over their Ultimate Terrain environment.

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Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D V4
2.4 Ghz Processor
1024 RAM
256 MB Video Card
5 GB Hard Drive Space
Windows XP / Vista

Customer Reviews
Can't review it as 5 stars because it's not a perfect add on. The quality of the airport is exactly what you will expect from FlyTampa, but the performance is one of the worst by them. I average 50 FPS at any other FlyTampa airport, but KBOS is very stuttery. FPS averages around 29. I hope the stutter problem gets resolved quickly.
I love this add-on! The texture quality is nice, it flies really nice and for its price it is amazing! Off-topic but the A220 is so cute!
One of the most iconic propliners ever is brought to life with this near study level aeroplane release from RedWing. If you like the PMDG DC-6, or even just the era of flight, you should really consider adding Connie to your hangar.
I will say that it is an impressive plane, and become one of my favorites on MSFS, I can see that there are still a few kinks. For one, the sound, unfortunately it sometimes clips while the engine is running, that old annoying click sound. Luckily it disappears once you are at cruise altitude. Also with the newest update I got, I notice that I no longer have the "Breitling" livery. I do like the MATS, but I liked Breitling also. Aside from the autopilot crashing at least once, "since the update 1.9.1" There is still much to love about the true grit of this aircraft! Keep working on it!
I have waited for a while to have a good scenery for me to be able to fly back to Myanmar. wish more Asia airport coming soon. Nice job
Hey, thank you very much for this beautiful airport! I am very satisfied, it is very detailed. I didn't notice any frame rate drops.
AI aircraft do not take off, they just taxi to the hold point and bunch up behind each other until eventually they time-out and just disappear. The rendering is old-school, lacking PBR texturing etc. and not up to the standards seen in other recent MSFS addons.
Bigger VRAM consumption than is appropriate on an airport with this size, also an incorrect stand placement in the AFCAD (planes are facing the terminal with their backs, next to each other). Othe-
r than that, very nice rendition of the scenery, and I didn't have to hesitate with buying it!
Love it - gives a reason and a purpose to flying the airliners such as BAE146, 737, A320 etc.
I have never posted a review without first purchasing the product before, but I have to make an exception here, as there are a few "minor" points I see in the preview photos that are making me hesitate from purchasing: -
Image 3: Jetways in foreground disconnected from Concourse A (that's a long jump to board your plane). Also, the A380 maintenance hanger seems to be missing entirely at the rear left. Also, none of the iconic Lufthansa crane logos on the gates. Image 4, 13: there seem to be "a few" buildings missing between Terminal 1 and the Squaire ... Parkhouse P2, the Frankfurt Airport Center, the Frankfurt Airport Marriott, the iconic Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel, and Parkhouse P4, to name just a few. Oh, and the bridge connecting Terminal 1 to the Squaire, but I don't want to nit-pick. Im-
age 5: construction status of Terminal 3 seems to be "not started" Ima-
ge 6: almost all jetways at T2 disconnected from Terminal 2. I could go on, but won't and will instead ask: was the release of this add-on accidental and premature? It seems to be pre-alpha. Apologies for the blunt words, but I'm honestly shocked and saddened. I have been waiting for a good payware EDDF since MSFS came out, and was overjoyed for a short moment when I saw this release ... until I saw the photos. I will keep my eyes out for a very large update, and won't hesitate to purchase if and when it comes, but in this state, the default MSFS version is superior.
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