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    The Garmin GTN750 is a cutting-edge avionics system known for its versatility, user-friendly interface and advanced features in navigation, communication, and situational awareness.

    The driving force behind the virtual adaptation of the Garmin GTN750 is PMS50, a dedicated team of flight simulation developers who have gained recognition for their commitment to realism and attention to detail. Their GTN750 addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator has set a new standard, faithfully replicating the functionality of the real-world avionics system and is compatible with over 45 different aircraft including the Cessna 414 AW Chancellor and Airbus H145 Helicopter.

    Our Garmin GTN750 Stream Deck Profile Series has been designed from the ground up, including a new installation and configuration process that brings together a total of 5 profiles containing more than 45 separate pages.

    Stream Deck Compatibility - This product is compatible with the Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck Mobile for iPadOS. For a configuration free installation, you will be prompted to enter your Stream Decks serial number during the installation process, which can be found on the back of the device or within the Stream Deck application (Settings > Devices > Serial Number).

    Please note, to take full advantage of the functionality built into both our GTN750 Stream Deck and Stream Deck + Profiles, a PMS50 Premium GTN750 License is required. Due to the size of this product, not all available screenshots are shown.

    About Flight Panels
    Our mission is to become an integral part of any Microsoft Flight Simulator setup, through the creation of professional, highly detailed, modern and consistency designed Stream Deck profiles, which maximise the immersive experience of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    Our focus on user design, user experience and product research, backed by regular product updates and dedicated industry leading support - is there to provide our community with the confidence that a key part of their Flight Simulator setup will be regularly updated and supported.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do you provide regular product updates?
    We regularly update our Stream Deck Profiles to include new features, functionality and bug fixes and we're delighted to provide these free of cost, for the duration of the products lifespan. 
    Announcements are also published on our Discord server and Release Notes are available on our product updates blog.

    Q: What if I need support?
    We provide free industry leading support by email (support[at]flightpanels.io), Discord and Live Chat (available on the bottom right hand corner of each webpage). On average, we respond to support requests in less than 15 minutes!

    Q: How are your products installed?
    Installation is performed through the Flight Panels All-In-One Installer, which automatically installs and configures third party applications (FSUIPC7, PilotsDeck, .NET Runtimes etc.) to make installation a breeze. Read More.

    Q: Is a demo available?
    Yes! A number of free product demos are available for download here. Each of our free demos includes 12 fully pre-programmed buttons for the Stream Deck XL, Classic, MK.2 and Mobile.

    Q: How is the product licensed?
    This product is for personal and home use. For commercial use and/or where used to generate revenue (directly or indirectly) a commercial license is required. Please contact support[at]flightpanels.io for further information.

    Q: How can I keep up to date with the latest news?
    Blog: https://flightpanels.io/blog/news
    Product Updates: https://flightpanels.io/blog/product-updates
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/flightpanels
    Threads: https://threads.net/flightpanels
    Discord: https://flightpanels.io/discord

    Q: Do you have any reviews that I can read?
    Yes! We've recently introduced a new review system on our website and testimonials can be found at the bottom of each product page.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
    PMS50 GTN750 Premium License
    Compatible/Supported Aircraft
    Stream Deck XL or Stream Deck Mobile for iPadOS


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