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    This model is a complete new X-plane12 ACF model made by the same developers of the Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG B748 and Ejet Evolution Series for XP10/11).
    •    The unique Embraer 190/195 for a Sim that performs a complete FMS VNAV/LNAV/SPEED navigation path as a real modern aircraft, including ILS, RNAV, VOR, LOC, GLS approaches
    •    The Aircraft is modeled as near as real one with many details such as a satellite antenna and various vents, drains, etc.
    •    Detailed landing gear/gear doors with proper animation.
    •    Openning doors.
    •    Wing flex animation.
    •    Custom external lights design with realistic width, direction and range.
    •    External 3D cockpit and cabin with enhanced graphics and physic based rendering lights.
    •    Detailed overhead, pedestal, forward panels with most animated buttons, knobs and switches.

    Custom Systems descriptions
    •    FMS - Flight management System.
    •    Brake system with autobrake and antiskid.
    •    Functional gear steers system.
    •    Hydraulic system logic.
    •    Electrical system logic.
    •    Bleed sytem Logic.
    •    Air Conditioning system logic.
    •    Advanced Advisory System logic with more then 100 messages logic.
    •    Lights switch test system.
    •    Fire test system.
    •    Fire dish with bottles system.
    •    Display brightness.
    •    Wipers with speeds and real recorded sounds.

    Flight Model
    •    The flight model is made by the former  SSG main developer now under this new brand.
    •    Custom Fly By Wire system that provides flight protection limiting and control laws acording with the FMS Protection System logic.
    •    The advanced and accurate flight performance, engine thrusting, consumiption, speeds etc.

    Flight Management System - FMS
    •    Navigraph supported flight plans and AIRACs.
    •    High resolution displays and Pop Ups with the real font type.
    •    IRS implemented with automatic alignment function.
    •    Navigation Display (ND) with accurate functions, TCAS and default XP Weather radar.
    •    Complete custom autoflight system management with FMA - Fligh Management Anunciators.
    •    Primary Flight Display with Pop Up.
    •    EICAS Display with Pop Up.
    •    Complete synoptics pages with Pop Ups.
    •    Aural system advisory and EGPWS implementation.
    •    Functional Stby Intrument.
    •    Dual integrated Custom MCDU similar as the real one load 25 and/or load 27 with :
      • Integrated Radio
        • Initialization
        • Navigation
             • Performs TOGA/VNAV/LNAV/RNAV/LOC/GS/Missed APPR
             • Performs FMS SPEEDS  from Takeoff to landing with Autothrootle custom system
             • Performs Autoland 1 and Autoland 2,  CATI,II.
      • Route Preview
      • Performance
             • Init
             • RTE
             • Takeoff
             • Climb
             • Cruise
             • Descent
             • Landing
             • TRS
             • auto landing speeds table
      • Nav page with FIX and HOLD functions
      • Plan page
      • Progress

    Integrated Fmod Sound
    •    Engines sounds with many stages recorded from real engines.
    •    Cockpit sounds recorded from real cockpit as rolling and windy stages.
    •    Enviromental sounds controlled into the cockpit and cabin with door isolations.

    Integrated Tablet with option functions and Avitab support.
      • Initialization with 3 states.
      • Ground operations  (Doors, pushback, GPU, Chocks)
      • Loading  (Payload sheet)
      • Fueling  (fuel loader with trip prediction)
      • Sound Options integrated with Fmod sounds.
      • Preferences (Pilots outside, Yokes, Tablet, baro, pause on TD)
      • Autosave for  Preferences and Sound mixer.
     • Complete usage AVITAB integrated to the Tablet

    Liveries with the package

       - Alitalia Cityliner
       - Alliance Airlines
       - Air France Hop
       - AZUL Airlines
       - Britsh Airways
       - Breeze
       - Jetblue
       - Japan Airlines
       - KLM CityHooper
       - LOT

    More Liveries available for download.

    Update Offer
    • If you previously purchased FLIGHT PROCEDURES SIMULATION - FPS EMBRAER 195 X-PLANE 12 at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 40.00 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!


    Minimal system requirements.
    Operational System - Windows 10/11 - MAC OS 1.5+
    Gen9th 3.5ghtz I5,I7,I9, intel processors - 16GB M1, 16GB M2 Apple processors.
    Vulkan/Metal GPU with at last 8gb VRAM.
    2GB of disk space.


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