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    The J-3 is a small, simple, light aircraft that was built between 1937 and 1947. With tandem seating, it was originally intended simply for flight training, but went on to become one of the most popular and best-known light aircraft of all time. The Cub's simplicity, affordability and popularity has enabled it to retain a strong presence in General Aviation right up to the present day, around the world. So popular is the aircraft that some companies continue to produce close imitations of the aicraft in kit form.

    Of special note is the “Flitfire” variant in this package, the name being a derivative of the famous “Spitfire” aircraft. Some 49 aircraft were assembled in the U.S. in 1941 and painted in British Royal Air Force roundels, and subsequently raffled off in order to raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund in aid of injured Britsh military flyers (these were not actual RAF aircraft). The fund-raiser was a great success. They came with a range of engines, and in this package you will find both Continental and Franklin powered versions.

    The Franklin powered aircraft also has the three-piece windscreen, which was standard on early J-3’s.

    This FSX package will enable you to enjoy your flying in any season, in any environment, demonstrating the flexibility of the design and illustrating even more of the many reasons the J-3 is still such a popular aircraft today.

    We hope you enjoy flying this faithful rendition of history. 


    • Four models:
      • Standard version on wheels.
      • Standard version on Edo 1320 Floats.
      • Standard version on skis.
      • 1941 Franklin-engined ”Flitfire”.
    • 7 paint schemes;
    • Fully clickable and workable cockpit;
    • Authentic flight dynamics;
    • Animated Pilot;
    • All aircraft come with hand-held radio, GPS and Transponder navigation and communication 2D panels;
    • Paint Kit, so you can customize your aircraft;
    • Printable Checklist.

    Please note: The Manual and Paint Kit can be found in the "...Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesJ-3" folder.

    The lowest-performance computer this product was tested on was a P35, E6600, ATI HD3850. There were no reported performance problems.


    FSX SP2 or FSX Acceleration


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