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    Flight Replicas Super Cub - Extreme

    Think you're ready to tackle the smallest places that will take a Super Cub? Think you have the extreme skills for landing on mountain tops and tiny gravel bars? And get back out again? Then these aircraft are for you.

    The complete package contains 5 models, for the more adventurous pilot, and not requiring float and ski operations. The Manual contains special instructions for STOL-type flying.


    The Super Cub is one of aviation's most successful aircraft stories. In close to 40 years of production, over 9,000 were built, and a number of speciality companies continue to produce replicas and further developments to this day.

    Introduced in 1949 by Piper Aircraft, it was developed from the Piper PA-11, and traces its lineage back through the J-3 to the Taylor E-2 Cub of the 1930s.

    The Super Cub remained in production with Piper through until 1981, when almost 7500 had been built over an uninterrupted 32 year production run. Piper continued building Super Cubs on behalf of Texas based WTA who held the manufacturing and marketing rights from 1981 until 1988. In 1988 Piper resumed marketing responsibility for the Super Cub and continued low rate production. Financial troubles meant that Super Cub production ceased in 1992, before resuming once more the following year. Finally in late 1994 Piper announced that the Super Cub would not form part of its model line for 1995 and that it would cease production after the last of 24 on order for distributor Muncie Aviation were completed. (source: Airliners.net)

    Famed as a Bush Plane on wheels, floats and skis, Super Cubs can be found all over the world in a great variety of roles, from a general GA aircraft to banner towing and glider tug.

    Today, companies such as CubCrafters, Backcountry, Turbine and Mackey offer kits, parts and fully assembled aircraft for those who want to continue flying this outstanding aircraft design.

    The aircraft in the Flight Replicas packages depict modern (e.g.. restored/modified) versions of the older models.

    Types Included:

    1. Bush Plane on 35” wheels - 150 hp
    2. Bush Plane on 32” wheels w. square instrument panel – 180 hp
    3. Extreme Bush Plane on 35” wheels w. thrust line mod – 180 hp
    4. Extreme Bush Plane (L-21) on 35” wheels w. square inst. panel - 180 hp
    5. Extreme Bush Plane (Experimental) on 35” wheels w. squared wings, droop aileron system, square instrument panel, thrust line mod – 210 hp

    The Manual can be found in the ...Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesSuper_Cub_Extreme folder


    • Flight Dynamics tested by real Super Cub owner (and 747 Captain);
    • Includes custom sounds;
    • Highly accurate VCs;
    • Four different instrument panels;
    • Wind sounds when doors and/or sliding windows open;
    • Lower door, keychain react to dynamic forces;
    • Audible overstressing of the airframe;
    • 32" and 35" wheels;
    • Water-skimming ability, for fun plus assisted ultra-short-off-airport landings;
    • "Brake-stand" take-offs;
    • AOSS low-rebound gear suspension;
    • Vortex generators and other high-lift accessories;
    • Thrust-line modification (raised 4 degrees) on Extreme and Experimental;
    • GPS can be stowed away on L-21 and Experimental versions;
    • Removable fuel/baggage pod and strut-mounted rifle;
    • Fully clickable and workable cockpits overall;
    • Three different models;
    • Three different textures;
    • Bump and specular mapping;
    • Animated pilots, including over rough terrain;
    • Full flight operations manual, accurate and derived from the original;
    • Paint kits for each version

    Additional Features on Experimental Version:

    • Squared wings with increased wing area;
    • Droop aileron system;
    • 4" extended flaps and 3" extended rudder and stabilizer;
    • Suitably modified dynamics

    Please note: Sceneries depicted in screenshots are the spectacular Plum Island Airport and Tongass Fjords by FSAddon, Twin Oaks Portland by Orbx, and STOL Training Camp by Jacques Alluchon.


    FSX Acceleration or Gold


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