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    Give an Online Flying Lesson

    The perfect gift for the pilot, aviation/flight sim enthusiast, or techie in your life.  A hands-on, online flying lesson (1 hr) with an expert flight instructor.


    How it works


    1. Meet with a Certified Flight Instructor
    2. Share your flight simulator with the instructor via Zoom
    3. Learn how to fly!


    Our Services


    • We help prepare students for real-world flight training. Prepare for your flight lessons at home with expert CFIs to save over $1000 on your flight training. Maintain discipline & avoid dangerous bad habits.
    • We also love working with anyone interested in aviation—even if they've never touched an aircraft! Bring the ultimate realism to your flight sim experience and learn to fly the right way. Avoid endless hours watching YouTube tutorials and quickly learn to fly on ATC networks like VATSIM & PilotEdge.
    • Don't have a flight simulator? No problem. For a hands-on experience, the recipient must already have a desktop flight simulation such as X-Plane/MSFS (approximately $60 USD), or FlightGear (free), as well as suitable hardware to use it. If you or the recipient needs help setting up a simulator, we provide purchase and setup assistance—including for advanced hardware and VR (virtual reality).
    • We also provide ground (theory) instruction. If the recipient doesn’t have a flight simulator, we can also provide basic theoretical ground instruction to help them prepare for future hands-on lessons. For current student pilots, we can provide personalized help preparing for your oral and written exams, or practicing ATC communications. No simulator needed.

    Our Instructors


    Our professional instructors average over 4000 hours of real-world flying experience. They are flight simulation experts who will teach you the secrets of using your sim to become a competent and safe pilot. 


    They bring a wide range of expertise to your fingertips—including in aircraft such as Cirrus, corporate jets, airliners, helicopters, and more.


    A virtual flying lesson is the perfect gift for someone who is interested in aviation, flight simulation, or is thinking of taking flying lessons!

    This certificate gives 1 hour of remote coaching with any of our instructors whose hourly rates are $65/hr or less

    Gift certificate credit expires 1 year after the date of purchase

    No flight simulation software or hardware is included in this offer. For a hands-on experience, the recipient must already have a desktop flight simulation such as X-Plane, MSFS, or FlightGear (free), as well as suitable hardware to use it (like a joystick). Otherwise, the lesson will consist of ground instruction.

    The gift certificate will be emailed to the purchaser within 24 hours, in PDF format. You can email us at info@flightsimcoach.com to request a custom to/from name to be included on the PDF.

    You can print the certificate or email it to the gift recipient. Physical gift cards are unfortunately not available.


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