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    Flight Simulator First Officer 777 Edition is a must have utility specifically coded to work with PMDG's legendary 777; in short, it adds a touch of realism while providing a copilot to share cockpit responsibilities. FSFO 777 does not require strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (i.e. scripts), reading lengthy manuals or precise speech. To that end, it can be as complex or simple as you want; for example, FSFO can complete the entire Pre Flight procedure, or only those functions you chose not to accomplish. Regardless, he will check every switch to ensure it's placed in the correct position. Just hit connect and fly with confidence that your First Officer is helping you fly this complicated aircraft.


     Auto plays Flight Deck Announcements

    • Welcome Aboard (message depends on weather conditions)
    • Flight Attendants “Prepare for Takeoff”
    • 10,000 ft chime
    • We’ve reached our cruise altitude (message depends on turbulence)
    • Descent Announcement
    • Flight Attendants “Prepare for Landing”
    • Welcome to our destination (message depends on weather conditions)

     Integrated Flows and Checklist

    • Flows - When activated, the copilot will check each system to ensure its set correctly for a specific flight phase; if it's not set correctly, he will configure said system.
    • Checklist - When called, the copilot will call the checklist item; if it's set correctly, he will proceed to the next item; if it's not, he will wait for the pilot to configure the system before proceeding to the next call.

     Speed Calls:

    • Copilot call Power Set
    • Copilot calls Speed Alive
    • Copilot calls 80 Knots on takeoff and 100, 80 and 60 Knots on landing
    • Copilot calls V1
    • Copilot calls Rotate
    • Copilot calls V2
    • Copilot call 400 feet during takeoff 
    • Copilot calls “acceleration altitude”
    • Vref monitoring (i.e. copilot will advise the captain when the airspeed falls below the imputed value on landing)

     Engine Callouts

    • Calls “Engine 1 and 2 Started”
    • Calls "Engine 1 and 2 Cutout"
    • Calls “All Engines Stable”

     Safety Checks:

    • Before Takeoff - Copilot checks the flaps, trims and autobrakes; if they're incorrect, he will warn you
    • After Takeoff - Copilot checks the landing gear and flaps; if they're incorrect, he will warn you
    • Before Landing - Copilot checks the landing gear, flaps and spoilers; if they're incorrect, he will warn you
    • Doors – Copilot will warn you anytime the engines are running and the main door is opened

     Copilot Options:

    • Manages Autopilot – Copilot can turn on/off Vnav, Lnav, A/T, and Master Autopilot
    • Manages Gear – Copilot can raise/lower the gear at the designated altitudes
    • Manages Flaps – Copilot will raise/lower the flaps at the designated speeds
    • Manages Altimeters - Copilot can set altimeters based on flight parameters
    • Speed Warns - If selected, Copilot will:
      • Advice you when the Indicated Air Speeds (IAS) goes above 250 knots; if the aircraft is below 10,000 feet MSL.
      • Advice you if your ground speed exceeds the knots established via the Profile screen, “GS Warn” option. The default is 30 knots
    • Manages Lights - Copilot can turn on/off ALL lights at the appropriate altitudes and time of day
    • Systems monitoring - Copilot can also callout flap changes, parking brake, landing and spoiler status. For example, if you retract the flaps from 10 to 5, the copilot will call “flaps 5.” If the landing gear is extended, the Copilot calls “landing gear down”
    • Manages Center Tanks- Copilot will turn on/off the center fuel pumps when the fuel level falls above/below 1,000 lbs.
    • Manages Copilot EFIS controls – Copilot will set his controls based on flight parameters (e.g. App Mode when capturing the ILS and terrain map on takeoff/landing)
    • Manages Wipers – Copilot will turn on/off wipers based on perception intensity
    • Manages MCP – Copilot will set IAS, HDG, LNAV, VNAV, A/T, HDG SEL and FDs.


    FSX, FSX SE and P3D V3/4
    PMDG's 777 addon
    Peter Dowson's FSUIPC 4.9* or higher (registered or unregistered (free))


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    I started with the PMDG 737 version of this software and liked it so much I took advantage of the recent Black Friday sales and also bought this one and the Qualitywings 787 app. So far they have all worked flawlessly. The programme works just like FS2Crew but without having to bind buttons etc. Voice control is also an option, but I haven't tried that yet. FSFO allows you to delegate as much or as little control as you want to the co-pilot and is very easy to set up. Just click a few checkboxes hit the start button and away you go. The FO also makes weather based announcements to the cabin, even to the point where on landing he tells them to put their jackets on because it's cold or raining! I can't wait for the PMDG 747 version to come out. :) It also helps that the Dev is very responsive and helpful.


    amazing product, buy it! Works great with the PMDG 777


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