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    Our BizJetHUD model is designed to provide navigation and instrument approach HUD symbology that looks and flies like the real thing. Aviator Approved, test your skills in flying, navigating and landing with a real HUD in challenging flying conditions just the like today’s corporate pilot. It is designed to provide you with the experience of flight with modern equipment so you can master the operation of a real head-up display.

    The Business Jet HUD model allows pilots to fly and explore all the operations of a found in a typical HUD. Our HUD model is a simulator plugin for X-Plane users that provides full fidelity operation for all phases of flight. The HUD includes navigation and instrument approach modes and even Enhanced Vision, popular equipment on many corporate aircraft today.

    The key to all HUDs is the Flight Path Vector Symbol which is driven by actual aircraft flight dynamics. Our BizJetHUD flies like the real thing…. because it is the real thing.

    Instrument Approaches On Your HUD

    Angle of Attack and typical Flight Director Modes includes shows the pilot all the information needed as you change from Takeoff Mode to Heading, Altitude Hold and navigation modes. Our HUD model also enables you to fly CAT II approaches and has 5 modes that enable the pilot to fly in all weather and land with precision. These include a primary or standard flight instrument operation, including a full HSI with VOR, NDB and ILS indications. You can also switch between different lateral modes including HSI and CDI and display with the FPM a To/From arrow and CDI circle.

    With the BizJetHUD model you can also select several unique HUD symbols that are designed to provide indications as you fly the instrument approach. A declutter view is available that lets you add or remove symbols as you fly. Our HUD model also provides indications of wind direction, stall and angle of attack.

    As you select the type of approach for landing, you can stay in the standard mode, or switch to an instrument approach mode. The different modes are design for the weather and type of approach you make. For a pilot landing in clear weather, the VMC mode or visual mode gives the pilot precision control.

    UPSET RECOVERY MODE is also included in all of our BizJetHUD versions, and is triggered when the aircraft exceeds angle of bank or pitch limits, and is used to help the pilot recover to normal flight attitude.

    Several features with this first release of our HUD model include:

    Unique HUD Symbology like the Flight Path Vector, airport symbols, acceleration cues and more…

    • Flight Director
    • Angle of Attack
    • Reference Speeds
    • Flight Mode Annunciations
    • Navigation including ILS, VOR, NDB, WAAS
    • Non Precision and CATI, II operations
    • Upset Recover
    • All Flight Director Modes
    • Boxed and Selected Airspeed and Altitude
    • Ground Speed
    • Runway Remaining
    • Rollout Guidance
    • DME, VOR and NDB Indicators
    • Stall, Ground Proximity Warning, Flare Cues
    • Target Altitude and Speed
    • Flashing Markers
    • Flare Cue
    • TOGA Modes
    • Special Heading and Localizer/Glideslope indications
    • Enhanced Vision


    X-PLANE 10

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