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    The Dassault Rafale is a French twin-engine delta-wing multirole combat aircraft capable of simultaneously undertaking
    air supremacy,interdiction,reconnaissance,and the airborne nuclear deterrent missions designed and built
    by Dassault Aviation.Dassault described the Rafale as being an omnirole fighter with semi-stealth capabilities.
      In the plane I simulated its specific engine and avionics starting system,so please read the .pdf document carefully
    (in ...SimObjectsAirplanesDASSAULT Rafale... from FFS folders).There are also short videos showing how to activate systems and select weapons
    (of course there is also an easy start option- SHIFT+2 and click the option "AUTOSTART SYSTEMS AND ENGINES" :-) )
    However,please read the .pdf anyway.

    Important Note:
    If you are upgrading aircraft,please remove the previous versions from the "... SimObjectsAirplanes" folder before installing the new version-this is complete aircrafts.

    In this package Dassault Rafale in tree versions:
    - B (two-seater),
    - C (land single-seater)
    - M (navy single-seater)

    Eleven (11) texture sets:
    -French Air Force (C)
    -French Air Force (B)
    -Franch Navy (M)
    -Qatar Air Force (C)
    -Qatar Air Force (B)
    -Egyptian Air Force (C)
    -Egyptian Air Force (B)
    -Indian Air Force (C)
    -Indian Air Force (B)
    -Solo Display 2017 (C)
    -Solo Display 2019 (C)

     Different weapon configurations.
     Advanced simulation of avionics systems.
     High quality 4k-textures (4096x4096).
     High quality 3D cockpit with 4k-textures (no 2D cockpit).
     Exterior Model and Virtual Cockpit are very detailed and animated (around 200 thousand vertices and 200 animated parts per model).
     Ilustrated user manual in pdf format (in ...SimObjectsAirplanesDASSAULT Rafale... from FFS folders).
     High quality soundset.
     Realistic collimated HUD.
     All gauges are based on real ones.

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    FSX Acceleration or Gold,
    2 Gigabytes of free RAM minimum,
    1.5 Gigabyte of free disk space.


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    Merci pour ce bel oiseau. Le seul maintenant pour fsx. Un vrai régal pour les yeux, tant intérieur, qu'exterieur... C'est un appareil d'une grande maniabilité ; ce qui facilite les appontage pour la version Marine. La visée de casque, le menu des emports, démarrage rapide sont un gros plus très appréciable. Je tiens à préciser que le service après vente est irréprochable. Je le conseil vivement... surtout pour ce prix très raisonnable.


    Attention FSX Steam Ed users!!!!! This is compatible with FSX Steam Edition. You will only need to direct the installation to your FSX SE root folder. Very easy to do as long as you don’t also have the Box or Gold version installed on the same drive. That said I love this plane. I’ve paid more for lesser aircraft add ons. I never flew (simulated of course) a Dassault Rafale before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. So I read up on everything about the plane I could find for a few weeks before buying. Based on what I learned about this bird I feel like I have received a pretty accurate simulation here. It behaves just as I expected based on paper specs. Very quick acceleration and can reach top speed (Mach 1.8) and beyond. Maneuvering capabilities seem to properly differ depending on load out and weight assignments. A clean load out will perform best as it should versus a loaded up Rafale will. Compared to the Eurofighter the Rafale is a competent rival but noticeably less agile (and slightly lower top speed) especially at high speeds. I’ve had more aerodynamic and high speed stalls in this when performing similar acrobatics. Not saying this isn’t agile, it is! You just need to be a bit more cautious or thoughtful about your situation overall when doing complex acrobatics. Careless maneuvering can easily result in an unrecoverable spin or tumble. Nothing a little practice can’t overcome. As far as looks go this is a beautiful aircraft inside and out. Excellent lighting and reflection effects. Shadows and ambient lighting cast smoothly in the cockpit. Night lighting is just right. The engines purr and roar when reheated. The weapon and fuel loading is done by a “Ext” drop down menu and you have full control over each hard point with some very cool weapons to choose from. The same menu controls the ladder, formation lights, and auto start function. I can’t think of anything that isn’t well done except the fuel burn seems a lot slower than expected, but not bothersome. Totally recommend this. The price is relatively low and attractive. Get it! Based on use with FSX Steam Edition Win10 3.3ghz i7 16GB Ram Intel UHD630 integrated GPU.


    Überraschend hohe Qualität zum fairen Preis. Die Moving Map im Zentrum des Cockpits ist mir bei Nacht etwas zu dunkel, aber ansonsten habe ich (FSX Steam Edition) nichts zu bemängeln


    Muy buenas graficas exteriores y del panel, muy bueno en general, espero una pronta actualizacion del panel para tener mas funciones, pero muy bueno.


    merci d'avoir rajouter cet avion avec ses différentes versions! aucun regret d'achat!

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