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     MiG 29 K/MiG 29 KUB.
     The aircraft is in one- and two-seater versions,
     in four different equipment versions:
         ,Armed (arm) -three weapons configuration
         (changed with a click on External Control System Panel- SHIFT+2 ).
         ,Unarmed (cln)
         ,with external fuel tanks (ft)
         ,with external fuel tanks and additional tank in second cockpit (ftex)
    Unique texture sets :
         ,Russian Navy Test (Blue)
         ,Russian Navy Standard (RN)
         ,Indian Navy Black Panters (IN)
     Russian have a Russian interiors and Indian have English ineriors.
     HMD (Helmed Mounted Display- SHIFT+1 ).
     High quality bump-map,specularity and texture.
     High quality native FSX model.
     High quality 3D cockpit(no 2D cockpit).
     Animated air refueling probe.
     Ilustrated user manual in PDF format (in ...FSXSimObjectsAirplanesMiG 29... from FFS folders).
     High quality soundset.
     All gauges are made with realism.
     Exterior Model and Virtual Cockpit are very detailed and animated.
     Collimated HUD.

     ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV and VIKRAMADITYA aircraft carriers :
        Landable decks.
        IFOLS lights systems.
        Working ski-jump ramps.
        Animated radar antennas.
        Animated starting blocks and blast shields (VIKRAMADITYA only starting blocs).
        Three starting positions-one for heavy and two for light aircraft
        (VIKRAMADITYA two starting positions-first for heavy and second for light aircraft).
        Four arrestor cables.
        High quality bump-map,specularity and textures.
        High quality native FSX models.
        Illustrated user manual in PDF format (in ...FSXSimObjectsBoatsADMIRAL KUZNETSOV from FFS  folder
        and ...VIKRAMADITYA from FFS  folder ).


    FSX Acceleration or Gold


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    Awesome... ACFT has interesting carrier apch flight characteristics. I wonder if actual jet flies that way. Great VC... Great Avionics... different from traditional/what I'm used too. Worth the purchase if you like or are curious about MIGs. I would like to see a few more features... ILS/Tacan to ships for instrument work around the boat. Maybe a Tacpack mod for weapons : ) That coupled with the current APCH characteristics would make it Delta Flight Path/Magic Carpet Like. Maybe aircraft selection with more traditional approach characteristics too. If you're into Navy Jets/MIGs this is FUN! It's different... The price and fact that it didn't say Steam compatible had me holding off on purchase for sometime... a shame because this JET is well done. Maybe if the price comes down others will try? But you do get a carrier too (two versions... ship PDF mentions the Chinese version too, but maybe that's in the SU-27 bundle. No problems on FSX Steam... (So far) Overall a well done Aircraft/Model... Surprised by look and feel of VC... screenshots don't do it justice. Criticisms... ILS instruments functionality... this is probably a user issue, besides lack of carrier ILS/Tacan... flew other approaches (mainly KSAN 09) and scan was hard for ILS... couldn't figure out how to tune CRS to RNWY HDG for ILS. Plus I need to read up on the NOC symbology both on MFD and HUD (going off memory from old CAPTSIM MiG-21 and DCS SU-33). I'm going to try other products from this developer now.


    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe mir gerade das Add on gekauft und muss sagen, dass ich ein wenig entäuscht bin. 1. Es gibt kein Manual 2. Man kann die Waffen nicht abfeuern (Tac Pack) 3. Es gibt keine russischen Skins nur indische Skins... Für 30,00€ mit der Kredikarte, weil Paypal auch noch 1,5% Besteuerung verlangt naja:D Aber und nun, das Flugmodell ist der Knaller, das Spiel läuft bei mir unter P3D v3 nur habe ich noch nicht herausgefunden, wie ich den Carrier aktiviere;( Es ist ein zwiespältiges Verhältnis zu dem Addon. Ihr müsst es selbst entscheiden, seid ihr so wie ich ein großer Fan der Mig 29, dann könnt ihr es natrülich unbedenklich kaufen, denn welches Addon ist schon so gut im Detail. Guten Flug


    Having previous enjoyed the F-16, the Su-37 and the T-50, as well as the freeware offers of Fly Free STD, I've purchased the Mig-29K/KUB combo as soon as it appeared in the store. The package is really full-featured and has an emphasis on quality. I'm still exploring the two versions of the Mig-29 (K/KUB) which are actually the only available FSX native models of this plane. The model is graphically pleasing with a very well-proportioned and detailed exterior as well as nice texturing. The cockpit is the area that has seen the major improvement compared with the models I've previously purchased. It is now having the best balance between details and smooth FSX performance and is on par with many military products with twice the price. Texturing is superb and night lighting is very good also. Systems wise the plane is full and simulates whatever equipment FSX provides for navigation and IFR FLIGHT. Additionally it has prospects to improve if it gets a tacpack compatibility upgrade, so that it obtains targeting and weapons use capability. Flight dynamics is probably one of the reasons I've enjoyed the previously released Su-37 and T-50. They offered the only way to virtually feel the super maneuverability, that one can only see in videos of the actual plane flight demonstrations. No other FSX plane provides this experience. The Mig-20K/KUB package continues this tradition and demonstrates a slow speed/high angle of attack, even post-stall experience that I can't find in another plane. The carriers package is well modeled and features rich, but I'll come back one I use it more. All-in-All. A great package, at a very good price point for 2 modeled planes and two aircraft carriers.


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