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    Su-27 is a fourth generation twin-engine supermaneuverable fighter aircraft entered service with the Soviet Air Forces in 1985 (First flight in 1977).
    It was created as long range fighter escort for Soviet heavy bombers and opponent for F-14,F-15 and strategic NATO bombers.
    Is the first of a known Sukhoi Flanker's family (Su 27,30,33,35,37),and a base for an Su-34 aircraft.
    The addon includes the Sukhoi Su-27 and Sukhoi Su-27UB (two-seater) aircrafts with very accurate simulation of the navigation,aerodynamics and other systems.
    Two production versions:
    -Su-27UB (two-seater)

      Seventeen (17) texture sets:
    -Russian Air Force
    -Russian Air Force (two-seater)
    -Russian Knights aerobatic group
    -Russian Knights aerobatic group (two-seater)
    -Soviet Air Force
    -Soviet Air Force (two-seater)
    -Vietnam Air Force
    -Uzbekistan Air Force
    -Ukrainian Air Force
    -Ukrainian Air Force (two-seater)
    -Kazakhstan Air Force
    -Kazakhstan Air Force (two-seater)
    -Indonesian Air Force
    -China Air Force-PLAAF
    -China Air Force-PLAAF (two-seater)
    -Belarusian Air Force
    -Angolan Air Force-FANA

        Three weapon configurations (arm) or without weapons (cln),
     High quality 4k-textures (4096x4096).
     High quality native FSX model.
     High quality 3D cockpit with 4k-textures (no 2D cockpit).
     Exterior Model and Virtual Cockpit are very detailed and animated (around 300-400 thousand vertices and 700 animated parts per model).
     Ilustrated user manual in pdf format (in ...FSXSimObjectsAirplanesSUKHOY Su-27... from FFS folders).
     High quality soundset.
     Realistic collimated HUD.
     All gauges are based on real ones.


    FSX Acceleration or Gold,
    2 Gigabytes of free RAM minimum,
    2.5 Gigabyte of free disk space.


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    First I’d like to confirm that this is fully compatible with FSX Steam Ed. You only need to direct the install to you FSX Steam root folder which is very easy to do. There aren’t a lot of Russian military fighters to choose from or compare this to but this is definitely the best you can buy. The modeling of this SU27 is really quite good. Excellent exterior with reflections and shine as well as detailed aircraft modeling. All switches and panels in the cockpit are 3D. No sections that are just 2d photos pasted into position (like AFS Designs SU planes) while all switches, dials and knobs are 3d, only a handfuls are actually clickable. Only the most important can be clicked and the rest are not simulated at all. At least the VC is accurate and looks great! The Mach indicator in the Airspeed dial doesn’t seem to work. For example when I am at fl360 going 1200 kmh the Mach ready should read approximately (based on conversion charts and speed converter applications taking pressure, temp etc in to consideration) Mach 1.6 but is actually blank at the needle point. The AoA limiter allows for the most stable flight behaviors and forgives excessive stick input. Turn it off and the plane becomes vastly more maneuverable but also less forgiving of extreme movements, but is the only way to perform a “cobra”. With the limiter off, it becomes far more easy to accidentally enter high speed aerodynamic stalls and uncontrolled rolls and spins. When that happens you can hit the “auto recover” button and the plane will usually recover itself even if the pilot blacks out. The overall flight model feels very different from other jet (like F15, F14 etc) fighters of the era making for a nice change of pace if you’re used to American types. The audio is very cool! The engines sound as powerful as they should. Very nice afterburner effects and unique audio set adds to the overall immersion. Turn it up! Overall this is the best SU27 I can find. While little of the systems are simulated (typical of most planes of this type anyway) you get the most important and can enjoy the flight and extreme maneuvering capabilities just fine. It’s priced well all things considered. Excellent frame rates! Based on use with FSX Steam Edition Win 10 3.3ghz i7 16GB ram Intel UHD630 integrated GPU


    Finally a Flanker that is worth purchasing! I've been searching for a SU-27 for FSX for a while now and have finally found a quality one. Both external and interior models are very well done. The external model has that shiny look that comes with quality models. The interior seems to be a fairly accurate representation of the real world cockpit. All the instruments and switches are in the correct Russian. My only complaint is that not all the switches are interactive, but nevertheless all the important ones are. The avionics reflect the 1980s design of this aircraft, so don't expect to navigate using modern tech. Basic nav and autopilot functions are all there along with a simple waypoint pointer. Flying the SU-27 is a welcome change compared to the typical western fighter. Can confirm you are able to perform the cobra maneuver, but make sure to turn off the AoA limiter. Overall, I would highly recommend checking this product out if you are looking for a SU-27.


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