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      Su-27 is a fourth generation twin-engine supermaneuverable fighter aircraft entered service with the Soviet Air Forces in 1985 (First flight in 1977).
    It was created as long range fighter escort for Soviet heavy bombers and opponent for F-14,F-15 and strategic NATO bombers.
    Is the first of a known Sukhoi Flanker's family (Su 27,30,33,35,37),and a base for an Su-34 aircraft.
      Su-33  is an all-weather carrier-based twin-engine air superiority fighter derived from the Su-27.
     The addon includes the Sukhoi Su-2,Sukhoi Su-27UB (two-seater) and Su-33 aircrafts with very accurate simulation of the navigation,aerodynamics and other systems.
     In this package:
    Su-27 and Su-27UB (two-seater)in seventeen (17) texture sets:
    -Russian Air Force 
    -Russian Air Force (two-seater)
    -Russian Knights aerobatic group
    -Russian Knights aerobatic group (two-seater)
    -Soviet Air Force
    -Soviet Air Force (two-seater)
    -Vietnam Air Force
    -Uzbekistan Air Force
    -Ukrainian Air Force
    -Ukrainian Air Force (two-seater)
    -Kazakhstan Air Force
    -Kazakhstan Air Force (two-seater)
    -Indonesian Air Force
    -China Air Force-PLAAF
    -China Air Force-PLAAF (two-seater)
    -Belarusian Air Force
    -Angolan Air Force-FANA 
       Sukhoi SU-33 Flanker-D in five (5) texture sets:
     -Russian Navy old style (RN old)
     -Russian Navy new style (RN)
     -Chinese Navy test (CNT)
     -Chinese Navy standard (CN)
    -Chinese Navy Flying Shark (CNFS)
     All aircraft have a Russian Interior
     (no Chinese cockpit due to lack of sufficient documentation).
     High quality 4k-textures (4096x4096).
     High quality native FSX/P3D model.
     High quality 3D cockpit with 4k-textures (no 2D cockpit).
     Exterior Model and Virtual Cockpit are very detailed and animated (around 300-400 thousand vertices and 700 animated parts per model).
     Ilustrated user manual in pdf format (in...root folderSimObjectsAirplanesSUKHOY Su-27 from FFS and ...SUKHOY Su-33  from FFS folders).
     High quality soundset.
     Realistic collimated HUD.
     All gauges are based on real ones.
     ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV (in two versions of painting-
     new from the cruise to Syria and the old from before that period)
     and LIAONING aircraft carriers:
        Landable decks.
    IFOLS lights systems.
    Working ski-jump ramps.
    Animated radar antennas.
    Animated starting blocks and blast shields. 
    Three starting positions-one for heavy and two for light aircraft.
    Four arrestor cables.
    High quality bump-map,specularity and textures.
    Illustrated user manual in PDF format (in...root folderSimObjectsBoatsADMIRAL KUZNETSOV from FFS  folder
    and ...root folderSimObjectsBoatsLIAONING from FFS  folder ).
      The aircraft carriers work only with 
    freeware "AI Carriers 2" by Lamont Clark.
      Put file-ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV from FFS.cfg 
    from a catalog“...FSXSimObjectsBoats ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV" 
    and LIAONING from FFS.cfg from a catalog“...root folderSimObjectsBoatsLIAONING from FFS”
    from FFS” to-"conf.d" folder in the“AICarriers” root directory.
    Offre de Mise à jour
    • Si vous avez déjà acheté FLYFREESTD - SUKHOI SU-27/27UB FLANKER-B/C FSX or FLYFREESTD - SUKHOI SU-27/27UB FLANKER-B/C P3D4 or FLYFREESTD - SUKHOI SU-33 FLANKER-D FSX or FLYFREESTD - SUKHOI SU-33 FLANKER-D P3DV4 au simMarket, vous avez droit à un prix spécial mise à jour de EUR 5.00. REMARQUE: Pour bénéficier automatiquement de la mise à jour à prix réduit vers la version nouveau, vous devez vous être identifié avec le compte utilisé lors de l'achat de la version précédente. En cas de doute contactez le support simMarket premier! Aucune exception, aucun remboursement!


    Prepar3D v4 or v5, FSX Acceleration or Gold
    2 Gigabytes of free RAM minimum,
    3 Gigabyte of free disk space.

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