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    LKPD Pardubice airport + FPS Library. A military airport with the status of a public international airport. 

    The goal of this project was to create the most reliable scenery of Pardubice Airport in the Czech Republic. With an eye for detail, this airport was created on the basis of photo documentation obtained by a personal visit to the airport ( 04/21/2023 ), on the basis of satellite images and accurate information from the AIP CZ airport maps. So, the airport was created from the most up-to-date data available at the time of creation. 

    Pardubice Airport (LKPD) is a military airport with the status of a public international airport. It is located on the southwestern edge of the city of Pardubice, south of the Veľké Pardubické racecourse. The airport terminal opened in 2017 is named after the Czech aviation pioneer Jan Kašpar. The operator of the civil part of the airport is the company East Bohemian Airport a.s. (EBA), whose owner is the statutory city of Pardubice and the Pardubice Region. Air traffic control services at the airport and in MCTR, rescue and fire service and weather service are provided to civil aircraft by military positions. Every year, the aviation day Aviatická pouť / Aviation pilgrimage is held at the airport. 

    Pardubice Airport was established during the First Republic, until 1995 it served primarily for military purposes. The oldest check-in building of the Pardubice airport, today serves as a museum of Ing. Ján Gašpar. Civil operations began in 1995. The airport traditionally experiences the heaviest traffic during Christmas and around New Year. 

    From May 2011 to mid-2012, an extensive modernization of the airport area took place. The runway, taxiways were expanded, fuel management and other improvements were built. Takeoff and landing runway 09/27 – concrete, dimensions 2500×75 m. The altitude of the airport is 741 ft / 226 m. 

    At present, Pardubice Airport often trains the crews of the SmartWings company, most often with Boeing 737 aircraft. In 2017, the low-cost Irish company Ryanair started flying from here for the first time, namely to London. Between the beginning of 2016 and the fall of 2017, the construction of the new Jan Kašpar terminal with a larger capacity took place. Cargo flights are also an important item in the operation of the airport; relatively frequent guests in Pardubice are large-capacity transport aircraft Antonov An-124 Ruslan, which first appeared here in 2005, or Ilyushin Il-76. Pardubice Airport also serves as a reserve military airport. The operator of the military part of the airport is the Pardubice Airport Authority. It also ensures most of the services provided at the airport (airport, radiotechnical, meteorological and air traffic control services). 

    Since April 2004, flight training for pilots of the Air Force of the Czech Republic has been taking place at the airport, which is provided by the Flight Training Center (CLV). Training takes place on L-39C, L-410 UVP, Z-142C-AF aircraft and Enstrom 480 and Mi-17 helicopters. A NATO squadron with a Boeing E-3A Sentry or the Air Force of the Army of the Czech Republic regularly exercises at this airport. 


    • 3 months of work / more than 450 working hours 
    • Newly modeled buildings covered with photo textures created on 04/21/2023 
    • Custom Buildings and Hangars of the Pardubice airport and Aviation Museum with detailed textures 
    • Custom Airplanes, Helicopters and Cars 
    • A lot of custom objects, models and details for the environment 
    • 5636 pcs hand-picked, edited and fitted 3D objects 
    • Detailed custom ground textures 
    • Countless polygons 
    • Modified handling vehicles and staff 
    • Realistic and Highly Detailed Representation of the Airport 
    • Realistic ortho photo map 
    • The altitude points of the airport, frequencies, taxiways, stands, runways, lights, overall appearance and much more were created according to the latest AIP CR data, satellite data, by a personal visit to the airport ( April 2023 ). 
    • FPS friendly 

    Please note. To view all objects into the scenery, please at first download, unzip and copy to the “Community” folder in your MSFS our free 3D objects FPS_library: https://flightsim.to/file/30224/fps-library-for-msfs-v-1-1


    Product Requirements:
    Microsoft Flight Simulator
    Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system: Windows 10
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Graphics: MSI Geforce GTX 1660
    DirectX: Version 11
    Yo can download our free 3D object library:   https://flightsim.to/file/30224/fps-library-for-msfs-v-1-1


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    Wonderful rendition of this interesting airport, being part military and part civil. Wonderful attention to detail on the entire airfield, superb military static aircraft, no flat objects anywhere, the approach lighting is placed accurately, really well done. I don't mind there being no internal modelling for the terminal, since it doesn't feature large glass fronts. However, the night lighting textures on these windows are EXTREMELY bright and blinding, should be toned down substantially to make the night scene more realistic.  And one other small issue is that the distance for rendering some flood lighting outside the shelters seems to be set too short resulting in light effects popping up in front of you when moving closer. And perhaps the Simmarket installer can be used in the future? But other than that it's really all very nice! If you want to fly to Eastern Europe on an interesting airport, this one comes highly recommended!


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