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    After the succes of Landmark Hawaïand and South caribean pack
    Let's fly Egypt : One product for all. From Cairo to Abu Simbel.

    IFR,VFR? Explore in deep, beautiful landmarks
    This give you Landmarks, enhanced of all airports of the area.

    For IFR and liners pilots :
    5 international enhanced airports some with custom 3D PBR objects.
    according last charts for parking and taxy.
    Each airports are provided on separated files so you can use it or not.

    For VFR lovers :

    More than 13 famous temples along the Nile River, 3D handmade 
    3 military airport Hours of VFR flight are waiting for you !
    Discover every major Landmarks of the area. 

    For all airports of the area : Enhanced airport. 
    (What is enhanced airport on this scenery ? Realistic Ground textures from scratch, lines, markings, taxy names and parkings numbers according to last charts, Hangars more realistic,carachters and airports objects...)
    3D custom objects for Terminals and towers

    Discover Landmark and airports along The Nile river with a complete addon all in one.
    A PDF Document with historical explain for the Landmark is provide in this pack see : US DOC for English FR doc for French, DE DOC for Germany.

    Airports of this pack are not detailed , but Generaly : Terminals and Tower or other specifics buildings are 3D PBR custom made. Other Buildings are generic from MSFS stock.
    And : Full ground reworked , painted lines , marking, lights, Parkings numbers, taxy number and taxy sign acording last charts.
    HE15 : Hulwan
    HE25 : Al Minya with silver stars aerobatic team
    HESG : Soahg intl Airport (3D terminal)
    HEAT : Assiout intl (3D terminal and tower)
    HELX : Luxor Intl : (3D terminal, tower and specific hangar)
    HE23 : Daraw
    HESN : Aswan intl : (3D terminal, Two towers, military hangar, old terminal)
    HEBL ; Abu Simbel : (3D terminal and Tower)
    Custom 3D objects :
    Hatshepsout temple
    TT34 temple
    Ramasseum Temple
    Memnon Colossi
    Karnak Complex temple
    Luxor Temple
    Ramses III Temple
    Esna Temple
    Edfu Temple
    Kom Ombo Temple
    Philae temple
    Kalabsha Temple
    Abu Simbel Temple


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    MSFS microsoft flight Simulator

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