C195-X 2012 FSX P3D

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C195-X 2012 FSX P3D

C195-X 2012 FSX P3D



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    The C195 is a post-war business aircraft with uses similiar to many light jets today.

    It is a 3 passenger, 5 seater aircraft that was perfectly suited for executive transport and has the ability to get in and out of short airstrips.
    Powered by a HUGE 300 horsepower engine, this aircraft soars at cruising speeds of 170 miles per hour and can fly for almost 800 nautical miles. Today, the C195 is an extremely rare, high performance aircraft that allows the pilot to ride in style and get the job done.
    The Flysimware C195 features an accurate and visually pleasing model of the C195.
    Modeled are actual functions of the aircraft including the primer, HSI operation, VATSIM-compatible transponder, and realistic flap operation. This model also includes all 3D guages, custom pilots, ground and servicing visual addons, service mode for swinging engine and hundreds of animations. All of these features come at no cost to flight simulator performance and was thoroughly tested by a real aircraft owner of 20 years.

    By purchasing the Flysimware C195 you are diving in to the most authentic post-war executive transport experience with a touch of modern systems. This aircraft will bring you many hours of enjoyment and an appreciation for post-war aircraft.


    • Real world high quality 3D gauges
    • Bones animation
    • 2 custom control panels
    • High quality textures (Bump / World Reflections / Skin Mesh)
    • Over 200 custom xml gauges
    • Flysimware's virtual cockpit sound module adds 44 bonus sounds
    • Speed controlled sounds for windows, doors and heater vents
    • 4 paint themes, 2 high quality models
    • Animated water floats
    • Dual analog clock / digital (Tracks flight time)
    • Transponder squawk codes to Vatsim and Gamespy
    • Magnetic compass
    • Retractable left & right landing light
    • Over stress sounds
    • Primer system
    • GPS (GPS496)(GNS530)
    • Transponder (RT359A)(GTX330)
    • HSI (NSD360A)

    ANIMATION: Part(s) .......................... Visible in model(s)

    • Yoke & Linkage .............................VC - Exterior
    • Pedals & Linkage ...........................VC - Exterior
    • Pilots.............................................NO - Exterior
    • Doors ...........................................VC - Exterior
    • Switches, Levers and Gauges ..........VC - Exterior
    • Bonus Animation............................VC - Exterior


    • Default DeHavilland Beaver DHC2 Sounds
    • Bonus custom sound module include over 44 bonus sounds

    VARIATIONS: 2 Models

    • 5 seater - LANDPLANE (GTX330)(GNS530)
    • 5 seater - SEAPLANE (RT359A)(GPS496)

    PAINT THEMES : 4 Themes

    • Yellow - N9833A (Willard's Plane)
    • Red - N553CA (Flysim Model)
    • Chrome - N553CA
    • White - N394HK

    Rev 2.0 UPDATES: JAN 28, 2016
    1. Chrome model was missing side ashtrays and fuel selector
    2. All models besides the float plane got our newer GPS/TRANSPONDER/AUDIO units
    3. Lights now work during daytime
    4. Audio panel now has a working COM 1/2 for receiving both radios
    5. HSI heading bug animation fixed
    6. P3D preview window scale fixed
    7. Compass direction and texture updated.
    8. To and From pointers added to the HSI.
    9. Altitude barameter dial has a new improved texture



    FSX SP2/Acceleration, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D all versions


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    A real nice aircraft that didn’t really catch on as much as expected due to high operating costs. Thankfully we don’t worry about such things as simmers, and can enjoy this unique aircraft. It’s way faster than your average Cessna high wing. Cruises easily around 155kias under 10k feet. The model is indeed a bit behind Carenado standards, but not at all bad. The lighting is pretty good offering a nice ambience at night in the cabin. The flight model seems to be carefully designed making for enjoyable flights. I’ll take this over my 172 any day. I recommend picking up when on sale for sure. Only dinged it minus 1 star because it could’ve had more liveries


    Great choice of airplane.Presentation is disappointing.Light years behind Carenado.


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