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    • Amsterdam Schiphol International (EHAM) airport scenery
    • Detailed surrounding scenery with numerous custom buildings
    • 3D Terrain including 3D tunnels and bridges
    • Prerendered selfshadowing and custom reflection maps
    • Surrounding Photoscenery for Amsterdam city
    • 3D night city lighting
    • Animated apron and local road traffic
    • Static vehicles and objects


    FSX SP2, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D v3, v4, or v5


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    Top quality, as always with FlyTampa. Also really appreciate the config tool.


    As other users have pointed out, the scenery is a faithful reproduction of EHAM. One thing to be aware of in Prepar3d V4.5 is that the installer does not add the LC layer of scenery automatically in the install, so you need to manually add this area in the scenery library,otherwise you get scenery elevation issues and floating buildings. Apart from that, this is excellent and well recommended.


    Einer der besten Flughäfen in meiner Sammlung, was mich aber stört, dass FlyTampa diese Szenerie immer noch nicht als kompletten Download für ihre Kunden anbietet. Somit ist jeder P3Dv4 Nutzer gezwungen zusätzlich einen Patch runterzuladen und zu installieren, was ich persönlich sehr umständlich finde. Weiteren Abzug gibt es für Leistungseinbrüche. Es ruckelt einfach an jeder Ecke und Kante, der PC wird dabei einfach regelrecht gekillt. Wer dieses Addon in Verbindung mit ORBX TrueEarth Netherland nutzen möchte braucht sehr starken Rechner mit einer Grafikkarte von mindestens 8GB Speicher.


    I left a review of Flytampa Amsterdam back in April 2017 when I did not rate it highly as my system at that time kept crashing due to constant out of memory errors when using the PMDG 737NGX with this Amsterdam version. I thus removed it from my system and haven't used since. However, I am happy to now rate it the full 5* as I have since upgraded my machine (Intel Core i7-8700k and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB graphics card) which now handles this Amsterdam beautifully. I also now use Prepar3d v.4 with the P3D 737 PMDG version and so far, no crash to desktop and stunning performance. This is a superb airport (as is the surrounding terrain also modelled brilliantly by Flytampa) and, once the P3D update is installed successfully, is a delight to use.


    Sehr schön umgesetzter Flughafen auf gewohntem FlyTampa-Niveau. Der beiligende Konfigurator ermöglicht auch bei schwachen Systemen eine gute Ablaufgeschwindigkeit und gewährleistet gleichermaßen, dass man die bestmöglichen Ergebnisse bei guten PC-Systemen erhält. Die Terminals und anderen Gebäude sind sehr stimmig umgesetzt. Abnutzungsspuren auf dem Vorfeld und den Rollwegen ergänzen das Ganze. Vor allem die Rollwegbrücken sind super umgesetzt und erhöhen die Realitätsnähe. Leider fehlen bisher noch die SODE-Jetways, aber man darf laut FlyTampa-Forum hoffen, dass diese in naher Zukunft noch ergänzt werden...


    Amazing scenery! very happy to fly there, good performance and very nice atmosphere inner and outer the airport. thanks a lot Flytampa.


    Sehr schicke Szenerie mit toll modellierten Gebäuden und, wie man das bei Fly Tampa ja gewohnt ist, eine sehr große Luftbild- und Autogenabdeckung! Leider geht die Performance auch unter P3D v4 und zivilsiertem Rechner beim Approach und auf dem Boden in den Keller, was die Immersion leider ein wenig stört...


    This scenery is just insane! I've been to Amsterdam for 5 times and this is exactly what I saw on the takeoff from Schiphol. The fps loose it pretty disappointing, because in comparrision to Aerosoft, Drzwiecki Design etc it's pretty bad. But overall it's really recommended!


    As always, FlyTampa has hit another home run with this vast airport. Textures are sharp and clean and the accompanied scenery configurator (I happen to own every FlyTampa product on FSX Sp2) allows tweaking for almost every user out there. Having a high end pc gave me excellent results, but with everything set to HD (default installation is HD), one can easily run into OOM due to high VAS - in this case, I simply installed the "lite" texture pack which hardly affected the visual quality (my FSX cfg is set to 1024 max anyway so I wasn't perturbed by this in the least); after all this is a flight simulator and I want to fly rather than worry about CTD on approach to Amsterdam! The surrounding areas are also covered which is always a huge plus in my opinion - this addition adds the finishing touches I always am drawn to. A job beautifully done! Highly recommended.


    Without doubt, this is a fabulously detailed and beautifully modelled version of EHAM and the area surrounding airport. The textures are perfect and framerates are good*. *But I cannot give the full 5 stars because the installation into FSX:SE was painful (continual error messages about a missing .DAT file) and once installed with the HiTex supplementary file loaded, my (high end) system crashed with a constant out of memory error message when running with the PMDG 738 NGX. Consequently, and in order to run the PMDG 738 NGX with it, I am forced to run this airport on it’s lowest Flytampa memory settings and am also forced to use the LITETEX package. I now wonder if the Aerosoft version of EHAM (which I have used for years) is just as good as this now it is on such reduced memory settings.


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