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    • Extremely realistic virtual representation of the Miami Intl Airport (MIA).
    • Specifically designed for FS2004 and the extended default scenery.
    • Unique new terrain and pavement rendition techniques.
    • Four active runways, including the newly opened runway 8/26.
    • Prominent construction sites providing a realistic MIA feeling.
    • Custom runways and taxiways including all taxisigns.
    • Eight Concourses incl. animated Monorails/Trams to remote Conc E.
    • Three Cargo areas, UPS, GA parking, Maintenance Hangars etc.
    • Numerous static objects like service trucks, cars, airport staff, etc.
    • Ready for use with ProjectAI©, MyTraffic© or UltimateTraffic©. 
    • Safegates or attendants at all gates.
    • Elevated, landable helipads.
    • Built with GMAX© and SCASM© for optimized performance.

    Legacy Products

    Just like the Flight Simulator itself as well as all other computer software, scenery design evolves overtime. Besides eventually becoming outdated with respect to the realism in which they depict their real world "counterparts", scenery Addon-ons for Flight Simulator also become outdated quickly in terms of the technology used to produce them and their visual quality overall. Unlike most other software however, scenery Add-ons often have no immediate successors while the demand due to the scenery's location is still there.

    While we always try to produce innovative state-of-the-art Addon-ons that supersede our previous releases, we also wish to make new costumers aware that not all of our products are the same in terms of technology and visual quality. We will therefore be adding the term "Legacy" to our older products. The term "Legacy" indicates that we consider the given product not to be up the standards of our current releases anymore. Legacy products will be supported and updated by us as long as they remain compatible with the current version of the Flight Simulator. As far as brining these legacy products up to par with out latest releases, a complete rework from ground up is required, in which case they will become new releases completely replacing the legacy version.

    System Requirements
    * Minimum: Flight Simulator 2002 Home or Pro, Intel© Pentium© or AMD© Athlon© CPU 1GHz, 128 MB RAM, 16MB Graphics.
    * Recommended: Flight Simulator 2004, Intel© Pentium© or AMD© Athlon© CPU 2GHz or higher, 128MB RAM, 32MB Graphics.


    FS2002 FS2004


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    I have to say, I do not think that this airport lives up to the expectations of Fly Tampa but still is a great airport scenery and most certainly beats the default scenery and I think that it is definitely worth buying. I do not think that the taxiway textures are something to go crazy over and neither are the night textures of the airport. But The buildings are very well done and so is everything else. I am satisfied and I really enjoy flying into and out of this airport.......just not at night.


    Highly recommended from FlyTampa. So real it's amazing. Buy it!


    Once I downloaded the Freeware Boston scenery I was hooked! This is really great scenery. To sum it all up quickly... this is “the best scenery I have every seen for FS, period.” The framerates seem to be at least equal to if not better than FS default and the use of animated traffic on the ground is splendid and cleverly refreshing to say the least. I would give it three thumbs up if I had another hand... yea, it's that good!


    just perfect! Absulut empfehlenswerte Scenery, wie bekanntlich alle Produkte von FlyTampa.
    There is just one big problem with this. It is out of date....And there are no updates that i can find. The runway has been completed, i should know I flew into miami and landed on the new one, which is 8L. There is no 9L or 9R, 9L turned into 8R and 9R turned into 9. I would have bought this but for these big problems, also there is no ILS for 8L...But the scenery you cannot go wrong, brilliant, i would have liked to see Signature FBO next to 8L though.


    I must say I am very please with this Add on its a very good


    Absolutly no 1 in my add-on sceneries for FS2k2 an d FS2k4. I have all sceneries from Simflyers (without europanien EGCC, EDDF). They are simple beatifull, but scenerie KMIA from FLY TAMPA is wonderfull. I will bay every scenerie from FLYTAMPA. Keep your way, magicans from FLYTAMPA. Grzegorz Gierczak LOT va Chief Pilot


    The most beautiful FS Addon scenery i've ever seen. Smooth mappings effects, FPS friendly, detailed 3D models and mappings. 3D taxiway lightings look great. You can install the scenery easily in both FS 2002 / FS 2004. Trees and grass create very nice little places. You will enjoy this product. Why is not 5 stars ? the best FS addon scenery ? Because there are no moving gates : you'll see (only?) a marshaller at parking the aircraft, trucks and cars busy on their work in their airport, etc... but no moving gates ..


    This Miami Int'l addon airport for FS 2002/2004 is, in my opinion, the best addon airport ever made for any MSFS. It is a joy to check all the realistic details; the airport looks and feels very real. On top of that the impact on framerates is minimal so that I can use lots of AI-traffic swarming the airport and gates without affecting the speed noticeably. Martin is a real scenery wizard and I am certainly looking forward to his next airport; I hope there is going to be more of Florida. I recommend Miami 110% to anyone who is the least interested in the US as a place to flightsim. Hans Hermansson SWEDEN


    WOW! What a combination of detail and friendly frame-rates! I absolutely love the attention given to the building work in progress at MIA - it makes the scenery feel so real. Add a copy of Flight1's Ultimate Traffic to this and you have one hell of a package. My AI traffic is currently running at 100% and, although this does hit frame-rates, the impact is far less than other sceneries I've seen recently. Well worth my ten English Pounds!

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