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    • Toronto Pearson International (CYYZ) airport scenery
    • Terminal Interior Models with custom Glass reflection maps
    • Animated 3D Ramp Workers
    • New night lighting technique
    • Animated apron vehicles and static objects
    • Seasonal ground changes (Summer, Fall, Winter)
    • Nearby surroundings with numerous custom buildings
    • 3D Terrain including tunnels and bridges


    FSX-SP2, P3D V3 or V4 or V5


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    superb as always. beautiful textures and very complex scenery. Highly recommended. Flytampa is a guarantee.


    Outstanding! Great sffects, great textures, its a bit of a load for your PC but with correct tune up you can enjoy this wonderful recreation of Boston... Congrats!


    One of the best scenery I ever have; that´s value, it´s very realistic and have many details, you really thing you are in Toronto airport.


    Beautiful scenery, highly detailed but unfortunately poor performances FPS.


    This is definitely the version of CYYZ to get. This is pretty much the only time I have replaced one payware version of an airport with another - I bought this to replace the Blueprint version, and I certainly don't regret it. The Blueprint version has its points - its very easy on frame rates and should run ok in pretty much any FS2004 or FSX set-up. But it's pretty bland - essentially like an accurised FSX default airport... i.e. the Blueprint version gets the buildings and things more like reality than the default FSX version, but it doesn't really feel any more detailed or real. On the other hand... well, this is a Fly Tampa realisation, and it's certainly a lot more vivid and realistic in every way. It does have a bit more of a hit on resource use, inevitably, and to run all aspects of it in the high resolution you would need a fairly powerful machine. But it is quite customisable for more moderate set-ups, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone planning to do much flying into Toronto Pearson, which is my local airport, at which I have spent many hours.


    Details details detail. What can I say, initially once I have loaded the airport, slewed around it for a bit, looked at the local buildings I was blown away. The detail was spectacular but then came the time for flying, and unless you have a supercomputer or you fly default planes on nothing but this scenery you might not be too impressed. Now, I have installed LOW-RES texture pack (this essentially was the reason why I have it 4 stars not 3) and the performance for me improved. If the airport looks amazing but the performance is horrible, it's kind of pointless to even have it. I have lowered my Autogen to "Normal" and Scenery Complexity with "Sparse" and only with this I managed to land at the airport with my 777 or A319 from Aerosoft barely clinging to about 17-19FPS. If I bump the complexity to normal I barely stay above 10FPS. And that is with all the settings turned off in the configurator. If you have FTX Global, Vector and Open LC Canada (Or UTX Canada) and think of flying in with PMDG 777 or Aerosoft Airbuses....forget it, you will OOM 40 miles before you get to the airport. FlyTampa with their CYYZ has thrown everything @ the detail and discarded performance completely. Disappointing. Detail: 10/10 Features: 8.5/10 (Lots of components and downloads which increase your FPS from "Horrible" to "That will do") Surrounding Scenery: 9/10 Performance: 5.5/10 My Rig: Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Formula CPU: i7 3820 @ 4.75Ghz (Liquid Cooled) RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX GPU: Nvidia GTX 770SC 4GB Overclocked


    Das ist wiedereinmal ein Meisterwerk seitens Flytampa. Nicht nur der Flughafen an sich wurde umgesetzt. Sondern auch noch die Stadt. Es sind Fotorealetexturen enthalten. Und das ist nicht alles: Auf den Fotorealentexturen sind auch noch 3D-Objekte verbaut. Die Frames sind auch gut. Der Preis von 30,94€ ist durch und durch gerechtfertigt, weil wie bereits gesagt viel mehr als der Flughafen angepasst wurde.


    Simply beautiful! I've been waiting for this airport for a long time. It comes with a complete customization tool - airport vehicles, various effects on or off, time of year, etc... even with them all on the FPS is great. If you have an older rig, don't despair! They thought of everything!


    Having several Flytampa's addons I knew CYYZ would be totally worthwhile purchasing. I was a tower controller here for 30 years so I know this airport inside out and from every aspect. This program has it all and is extremely accurate - that is not an easy thing to do when considering the territory this place encompasses. I have driven the airport in reality and after driving in this addon it was like I was going back in time. Awesome work Martin!


    WOW detailed down to the hotels on approach for rwys 24. Great purchase Flytampa had done it again. Great purchase you will not regret it.


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