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    If you like to fly through winding tunnels (which are lit up at night with a futuristic feel to it), search for and camp at abandon rigs, land on and hop back and forth from Naval ships to all kinds of other interesting sites, search and rescue the crews from the aftermath of a Naval battle where ships are on fire, land at chopper docks in the water, or just explore the scenery having fun and excitement in choppers, racing friends through tunnels, chaise each other with fighters and other cool craft, or use small seaplanes or other agile craft, maybe play a game of hide and seek with friends (would be fun in fogged out weather) this scenery might just be for you !

    This scenery features winding tunnels, lights all over for night action, tunnel race track, many fueling areas, chopper landing docks, a tropical resort and air show area, fire station, multiple views(PH00=Runway, PH01=Air show observation area-01, PH02=Private Air show observation area, PHFS Tower view=Tunnel observation area), old oil rigs, carrier force (no cables on CVN, you will need COP3 pack to land on CVN, Sorry), war ships on fire, cruise ships, oil tankers, airport parking for fighters and other craft, and the best part is that the playground is fun and very eco-friendly.

    When looking for the abandon rig to the South you will want to head south at 172 for a few miles, a bit past the rig are some small boats. The Naval rescue group is to the north of the island at 350, and to the East at 060 following the runways direction you will run into the aftermath of a naval exchange, devastation and smoke is everywhere, it is dangerous so watch out, don’t want to get caught in the aftermath explosions. At a heading of 295 for a bout 50 + miles you will find some more abandon rigs which may be unstable so be careful when landing on them, it’s a good flight in a chopper and also a short hop if flying a seaplane. Oh, did I mention the resort on the island? Though this scenery is fictional, it is a good way to enjoy the sim and to let your imagination run wild with the freedom of flying. Have Fun and prepare to ROCK!

    The ID of the place is PHFS. It is in the Pacific, between Midway Island and Honolulu (if you are doing a flight from Midway to Honolulu you can also find it). I think the island is currently an old coast guard station (for real), but we have spiced it up on the Simulator to enhance it from being just a small strip with trees at each end (in the simulator), to something better (fictional though very fun). Now there is tunnels, resorts and an observatory, and out at sea is some burning ships that if you get too close and have realism settings on you could get caught in the explosions that might happen (I turned my realism settings off, just to get closer, lol). It was suppose to just be a Chopper Playground with some ships, but then we decided to turn it into a playground for all kinds of maneuverable (fighter type) craft. We didn't know what to call it after it was completed but we know the end result (A Rockin’ Playground good for choppers and maneuverable fighter like craft of all kinds and of course the stunt planes).

    Airport ID: PHFS
    Country: United States
    State/Province: Hawaii
    City: Tern I.
    Airport Name: Tern I.
    Latitude N23 52.03 – Longitude W166 172.25

    This scenery is Cheap, fun and enhances the fun, excitement, and experience of FSX and the freedom of flying.




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