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    Free update to work with upcoming FS 2024 for this product

    We are pleased to introduce, Multi Crew Experience, add-on for award winning Microsoft Flight Simulator software. It covers all the Microsoft family of flight simulators, MSFS, Prepar3D, FSX and FS9.

    Latest version supports PMDG 737, Fenix A320, Aerosoft CRJ, CS 777, CS 767, as well as FlyBywire mod in MSFS, in addition to all ASOBO planes.

    This is the most effective voice control for flight simulator you will find on the market

    By combining different technologies, we aim to add that little bit of excitement to the overall flight simulation experience.

    Whether you are a flight simulator enthusiast, looking for more realism, a real pilot temporarily grounded due to economic downturn, or simply want to enjoy what the product has to offer, we believe you will find a purpose to this outstanding application.

    We believe this greatly improves the realism of home flight simulation.

    Due to the sheer amount of supported planes and the product being continuously evolving and refined, it is never on sale.


    Ultimate Edition

    Supported aircraft in MSFS
    PMDG 737
    FENIX A320
    Aerosoft CRJ
    FlyBywire mod
    Inibuild A310
    CS 767
    CS 777
    All Asobo planes
    Supported planes in Prpar3D & FSX
    PMDG 737 NGX

    PMDG 777

    PMDG 747 II QOTS
    PMDG 747
    PMDG MD-11
    PMDG J41

    FsLabs A3X series
    Aerosoft A3X Airbus series

    Aerosoft CRJ

    Aerosoft DHC Twotter

    Quality Wings 787

    Quality Wings 757

    Quality Wings Bae-146

    Level-D 767
    iFly 737

    iFly 747

    Maddog MD-80 (and variants)

    Majestic Dash Q400

    Captain Sim 767
    Captain Sim 757

    Captain Sim 727 (includes simulated flight engineer)

    Captain Sim 707

    Captain Sim L1011 Tristar (includes simulated flight engineer)

    CoolSky DC9

    CoolSky MD-80

    Feelthere ERJ 145 & 135
    Feelthere Embraer E-jets

    SimCheck A300B4 (includes simulated flight engineer)

    Ariane 737X
    Wilco Airbus Vol 1 & 2

    All default FSX & FS9 aircraft
    And many more aircraft supported to some extent.

    Supported ATC

    Native FSX & FS9 ATC

    Radar Contact ATC

    Pro Flight Emulator ATC

    Ability to create your own voice commands and have the FO execute a chain of actions based on that single custom command.
    Ability to create own voice commands associated with a specific keyboard key combination in order to trigger things in the flight simulator.
    GSX integration
    You can talk to ramp manager for various ground services
    AES integration
    You can talk to ramp manager for various ground services
    Regular Updates

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    Any of the following flight simulators

    MSFS 2020, ,P3DV4, P3DV5, FSX,FSX-SE & FS9


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    Multicrew xp is underrated! these days pilots are learning from a textbook then risking people’s life’s in mid air and taking risks when flying to develop themselves and their careers. Multicrew xp is a software developed by an ex pilot! A gentleman that flew for air Algeria amongst other airlines throughout his career as a pilot. This man works so hard on his software, he does not rest. his intention is to help pilots or anyone who wishes to improve their flying experience. As a pilot myself, I am actively working for emirates airlines, I brush up on my skills and my memory on flying planes using multicrew xp in my spare time to never let the flying experience stop or leave my mind as I am ambitious enough to tune myself in to multicrew xp to experiment with the controls and keep my mind stimulated and wanting to fly. Most pilots believe that the flying experience is only at work. But I have taken in to account that flying should never be treated like a graveyard shift. So I disagree with the reviews. My experience with multicrew xp is positive I hope the software developer creates more software and we all acknowledge more from this underrated air Algerie pilot behind this work. Keep up the good work! Mike (emirates pilot)


    Musthave and worth the price. There is no other tool that can challenge MCE in the wide scope of possibilities it offers. Does what it promisses. Just do not get discouraged on the first try. Voice recognition works great but needs to adjust over the first 5-10 flights. After that you are good to go. Pilots don´t fly solo in the big tubes for a reason and MCE provides the best copilot experience there is. If I had to chose three addons on simmarket I would buy Active Sky, one A2A aircraft and MCE.
    talk about fun to fly with this software!!!! This is a must!!!!!!!!
    Leider zeigt das Video keinen Mauszeigerkontackt an. Um es zu verstehen ist englisch vorraussetzung.


    Für das was dieses Programm kann, ein Schnäpchen. Bitte zu beachten , das die Ultimate Edition bestellt werden sollte. Es werden somit alle PMDG-Produkte versorgt.


    MCE ist nach allen Test das beste Voice Controllprogramm im Vergleich zu PMDG-737/800NG FSX FS2 Crew. Habe mich entschieden wiedermal die PMDG MD11 zu fliegen. Zuvor immer die PMDG 737/800 NGX mit FS2 Crew. Im Vergleich beide gut, doch der Umfang der Sprachausführung / Befehle und Umsetzung von Multi Crew Exp. ist einfach super. Achtung: Aktivierung ist sehr schlecht gelöst, aber sehr einfach, wenn man weis wie es geht.

    Kai Uwe

    Frankly speaking, I am truly amazed and very impressed with MULTI CREW EXPERIENCE and what it can do... its just a great Add-On for FS2004 and FSX, which will enlighten you!

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