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    Voice and Button Control Multi-Crew Coordination for the new MaddogX!

    Recently overhauled to work with the latest simulators, the Leonardo Maddog X is without a doubt the most advanced MD-80 simulation available for flight simulator; indeed, from a systems modeling perspective, it ranks right up there with the PMDG aircraft. 

    But now's your chance to take your Maddog to a higher, more realistic level by adding FS2Crew's custom airline crew expansion pack to the simulation.

    Designed in close consultation with a current, real-world MD-80 First Officer, and refreshed to be brought up to the latest FS2Crew standards, this new edition of FS2Crew is one of FS2Crew's best - and most realistic!

    A word from real-world MD80/90 First Officer Samuli Sutinen:

    "I am an active MD 80/90 pilot flying for a European airline.  When I saw the result of this add-on, I was very surprised about the level of realism and detail.  Numerous aspects have been considered concerning the operation of this specific aircraft type, from normal airline operations to realistic SOP handling and crew interaction.  All of this definately makes this FS2Crew release the most complete multicrew package available, especially for the MD80 series aircraft".

    Product Highlights!

    • Voice and Button Control in one package!
    • Customized to work exclusively with the Leonardo Maddog aircraft and match MD80 SOPs.
    • SDK style functionality: The simulated First Officer can directly control almost every switch on the aircraft.
    • Control the autopilot using voice control!
    • Full voice control integration:  Interact with the flight, cabin and ground crew using your voice!
    • Realistic Maddog checklists!
    • Real human recorded United StatesGerman,  British, French, Irish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Finnish voice sets included for the First Officer.
    • United States and Finnish voice sets recorded by real-world Maddog airline pilots!
    • Checklists, flows and crew interaction designed by a real-world Maddog pilot!
    • FA Cabin announcements with independent adjustable volume control.
    • Integrated Pushback/Start Crew.
    • First Officer takeoffs.


    Leonardo Fly the Maddog X host aircraft (SP1 or later)

    Prepar3D V5, V4, V3 or FSX, FSX:SE

    Microphone and/or Headset.

    If using Voice Control: Windows Speech Recognition language setting must be set to either English US, UK, AU, CA or IN (If you require help, please contact FS2Crew Support).

    If you do not wish to use Voice Control, you may use Button Control.


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