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    EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg represent an airport bordering 3 countries in Europe: France, Switzerland and Germany. It's a scenery made in full PBR, to achieve the most realistic looking representation of this airport to date.


    • Designed for PBR, with advanced materials and shaders.
    • Complete Dynamic Lighting, optimized for speed. Two levels of complexity controlled by the in-game YouControl menu
    • Completely made using the P3D4 SDK.
    • MSFS version completely native, with MSFS specific features like sloped runways, parallax window mapping, etc.
    • Highly detailed SODE Jetways in P3D and custom jetways in the MSFS version.
    • GSX Level 2 free to use at this airport in P3D.
    • Complete GSX Level 2 integration, including custom Pushback routes on each parking.
    • Animated passengers inside the terminal, visible from the cockpit. Can be optionally disabled ( P3D only ).
    • Many animated custom ground vehicles.
    • Fully 3D taxiways lighting.
    • High resolution building textures.
    • Complete four season textures, with ice/snow effects in Winter ( P3D only, snow effects in MSFS )

    Product Cost

    The standard product cost is 19.00 EUR.

    A license will give you the right to use the product in both P3D4/5 and MSFS, at no extra cost.


    The P3D version of the scenery works ONLY in Prepar3D 4.4 and above. Version 4.5 or 5.x is suggested. Prepar3d V6 is supported.

    The MSFS version of the scenery works with MSFS 2020.

    The only officially supported OS is Windows 10. A video card with 8GB of VRAM is required to use the full scenery resolution. GSX Level 2 is required in P3D, and can be used for free at this airport.


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    FSDT products are always the best espacially because of their low prices! The performence of their products is always phenomenal! They always make sure that they cover all the details even the minor ones. I've been using all their products for a very long time now and i have never been disappointed. I highly recommend all their products!


    Really nice airport. Nice quality, wonderful jetways. Simple & worth it ! Buy it !


    FSDT Never fails to disappoint. The aiport is well modelled and textured, very high quality. However, my personal preference over the terminal glass windows area bit iffy but cannot fault them over that. Great scenery, not disappointed.
    Although some of the textures are a bit fuzzy, it's a nice small airport with simplistic interiors. Much better than JustSim's version.


    Ich kann leider nicht nachvollziehen, warum dieser Flughafen so gelobt wird. Dieser Addon ist ganz simpel gemacht, nichts besonderes. Die Abdeckung endet fast hinter dem Zaun. Hier hätte der Hersteller etwas mehr Arbeit investieren können, indem man rund um den Flughafen schöne Objekte hinstellt. Kann sein, dass bei MSFS alles besser aussieht, jedoch bei P3D, aus meiner Sicht, nicht ausreichend.


    LFSB is my homebase. FSDT did a fantastic job! TX a lot!!! MSFS implementation works perfect.


    I need to do a short follow-up review: Since my last review, FSDT has brought out several updates and has worked on most items I had marked as negative. + The glass texturing has had a massive improvement and looks really good now. The store fronts have been worked on as well, so they look better, but it still somewhat crude interior modelling in those areas. + Approach lights got improved + Lots of additional details added, like the air ambulance helicopter base + Better modelling of the EasyJet terminal All in all, the scenery is really good now and can be highly recommended for everyone wanting to fly to Switzerland/France/Germany! It's great to see the developer responding to feedback and updating the product to a good high standard. But the question needs to be raised, why couldn't they do this for the initial release already? And I still wish they would use proper SODE jetways, not those with the GSX tech in them. That way they could dock to AI Aircraft, as they do with every other developer.


    Contrary to the general perception, FSDT has made leaps and bounds with this title. The work is incredible and the updates have been consistently impressive. Make no mistake, this is a well-crafted scenery.


    Dieser Airport macht mir richtig Spaß. Lebendig und gut simuliert. Die Frameraten sind auch bei Dickschiffen sehr gut. Von den vielen Addon Flughäfen die ich besitze, einer meiner beliebtesten. Uwe


    At first glance this is a nicely done add-on airport with some careful modelling visible throughout the area. I'm impressed with the detailed work that has gone into the maintenance area to the East, with its ground level differences represented with a lot of detail. The airport matches all seasons and it is fairly well integrated into ORBX OpenLC EU and Vector. Taking a close look, there are some deficiencies that need to be mentioned: - The glass textures of the main terminal and the main airport building are not represented that well. There's too much of a green/blueish colour tint to the glass, especially during the night. - The storefronts inside the terminal are modelled and textured in a very crude fashion with ugly low resolution textures mostly out of proportion and perspective. In a terminal as glassy as this one, this does not look good when being parked right in front of them. They could have done a more detailed modelling OR made the glass front less transparent, either would have helped a lot. But right now the view out of the cockpit on many stands is not a nice one. - SODE jetways are present, however they do not dock to AI aircraft. - There is 3D approach light modelling for RWY15, however the lights itself are not mounted onto these models and are flat on the ground instead. - The aerial photo has not been matched that well to ORBX textures regarding colour and saturation, so the cut between the add-on and the surrounding scenery is clearly visible in all seasons except Winter. So while I think it is a nice add-on, some questionable design decisions do darken the overall impression quite a bit, it just doesn't look state-of-the-art. At least performance is excellent, no issues at all with FPS or fluid movement.


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