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    Welcome to Houston Intercontinental Airport (KIAH), a premium scenery add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Your virtual aviation journey is about to become more immersive with our meticulously crafted Houston Intercontinental Airport (KIAH) Scenery Add-on.

    Our passion for authenticity and attention to detail brings to life one of North America's most dynamic and important aviation hubs. As the second largest passenger hub for United Airlines, Houston Intercontinental Airport, officially known as George Bush Intercontinental Airport, provides service to a multitude of domestic and international destinations.

    This bustling airport located in Houston, Texas, USA, stands as the 15th busiest airport in the world, with five passenger terminals and a cargo area spread over an impressive 10,000 acres. Our scenery add-on recreates this expansive airport to the minutest detail, bringing the heart of Texas aviation right into your virtual cockpit. We invite you to experience the bustling runways, taxiways, terminals, and infrastructure that make KIAH a key node in the global aviation network.


    • The airport is fully updated to its 2023 status.

    • Terminal C has been modeled from scratch, boasting full interiors. All gates in this terminal utilize the GSX "Airport walkers" feature, enabling the visualization of passengers within the terminal interiors and during the boarding/deboarding process via GSX.

    • A comprehensive integration with GSX Pro is implemented, with an included profile featuring more than 1500 custom pushback routes, 49 walk-in gates, and 156 VGDS.

    • New door automation has been introduced, ensuring all doors at Terminals B and C automatically open/close during GSX-enabled passenger boarding/deboarding. The relevant information panel at the gate animates to display the GSX operation in progress.

    • All parking positions in the GSX menu have custom friendly names, circumventing the limited naming convention of MSFS by default.

    • The airport definition file provides high accuracy, with proper parking codes for AI, and has been validated with both FSLTL and FS Traffic.

    • Full Dynamic Lights are implemented, with a spread of hundreds of light sources across the airport.

    • Bridges and underpasses are portrayed using the latest high-resolution terraforming technology.

    • The Skyway Train is animated for enhanced realism.

    • Taxiway lights are fully customized, with dynamic lighting, including orange/green variations on taxiways intersecting runways.

    • Most textures are improved and upscaled using AI, and then manually converted to PBR.

    • MSFS Parallax shaders have been extensively utilized to augment the appearance of buildings without modeled interiors, with almost negligible performance impact.

    • Choose between 2K and 4K background textures. Click here to open a comparison in a new window:  https://fsdreamteam.com/KIAH_comparison.html



    This scenery works ONLY in Microsoft Flight Simulator ( MSFS 2020 ), and requires Window 10 or Windows 11


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    Great airport. Sadly FSTL is not working here. I have sound but no aircraft parked, landing or taking off.


    Best rendition I've seen of Houston. Performance is good and it looks excellent. Price is a steal!


    love it great product .......................................................................................................................................................................


    Despite all criticism the product received, I dare to speak the opposite. I find it well-polished, and the attention to detail is extraordinary. Let's keep in mind we are talking about a gigantic airport. I more and more love the work of FSDT simply because they earned my respect through their releases. It clearly shows here, too. Houston's Intercontinental Airport is a pleasure to take off from or land at.  Great performance, accurate layout and a very pleasing overall job on all of the 3D models and textures. I am hoping their KMEM will make its way to MSFS at some stage, too. A majestic piece, five stars, period.


    Solid, good quality (especially after the latest update which fixed apron textures), paired with a great price... but what really stands out is the performance. I have 50% more FPS than on comparable-sized airports from other devs. By a large margin the best performing bigger airport in all MSFS. I can set AIG to 100% and still have a completely smooth experience. Excellent work.
    I was so looking forward to this one. KIAH is my favorite to fly in and out of. You have to use the upgraded ground texturing otherwise it looks terrible. The graphics at night are horrible and unrealistic. You cannot see that much into the hotel rooms at night. and the hotel doesnt look like it was portioned correctly between the base and the tope. There is very little ground clutter, and this makes the airport look very empty. The ground work around ponds and bridges is not done very well. The glass work on the terminals is very inconsistant from terminal to terminal. The whole airport just doesnt feel like a FSDreamteam product. It just doesnt like it was finished, or it was rushed to release (Which I hope it wasnt since they have been telling us that it was coming soon since mid 2021).


    Excellent balance between sharp textures and performance. Hoping to see more sceneries like this from FSDT.


    Great scenery. FS Dreamteam scenery is back ! Very interesting feature with passengers deboarding in terminal (with GSX). My only hope is to get Honolulu and more airports from FSDT


    Absolut sein Geld wert! Der Flughafen ist sehr detailliert und auf dem neuesten Stand. Sieht sehr gut aus und ist absolut rahmenfreundlich. !!! VOLLE KAUFEMPFEHLUNG!!!

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