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    Vancouver International Airport, it'sa scenery developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Prepar3D, depicting the Vancouver International Airport, see the Wikipedia Article here for more informations about the airport. The scenery already represent the airport in its planned status for 1st quarter 2012, according to the TBIT Reconfiguration Program.


    • NEW Innovative lighting system, using Dynamic Shadows Technology™
    • Fully customized ground and runways in high resolution.
    • NEW Volumetric prerendered Lights, Shadows and Ambient Occlusions without any fps impact.
    • NEW Ground Shaders technology with 100% "Pure FSX" code
    • NEW Bump mapping and Specular mapping on ground, DirectX10 Compatibile!
    • Animated custom ground vehicles. (FSX only)
    • Elevated taxiways bridges, fully compatible with AI airplanes.
    • Fully 3d taxiways lighting, custom runway lights and PAPIs.
    • Special runway lights, including custom PAPIs with FAROS
    • Intensive use of LOD techniques in order to offer the best possible performances.
    • High resolution building textures.
    • Jetways animated with inverse-kinematics in FSX.
    • NEW YouControl™ feature: custom airport actions with easy on-screen menu to trigger animations, events,etc.



    FSX+SP2 minimum, or FSX+Acceleration Pack or FSX:Steam Edition, or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D ( the latest version of every supported major release, for example 3.4 in P3D4 or 4.4 in P3D4 ). Windows 8.1 is the minimum supported OS. 


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    Very nice scenery, installation is a bit cumbersome but worth the trouble. Only problem is the frame rate (9-15 fps), don't know what I did wrong. No problems with other FSDT products. They all run smooth and are installed in high to medium resolution. Used the lowest resolution, maybe it is related to the ORBX scenery Pacific NW. So testing before buying is recommended(and possible).


    Amended review. After having enjoyed this scenery for a while without major issue, suddenly it no longer works at all. I haven’t added anything besides other paid scenery or planes. This developer has a means of which to update their products often. Normally I’ll get an update notice, run it and all is well. Recently and immediately after an update ALL of my CYVR scenery is gone. Poof just gone. Only the photo-real foot print remains. No auto gen of any kind. Because their products randomly revert to “Trial Mode” often and the only fix is to run the FSDT Live Update software to get my paid scenery back, there is no way to simply ignore any update. I checked the Virtuali app to see if CYVR needed to be re-registered but it showed “CYVR Installed and Registered” which should mean no problems. Something from that recent update caused a major malfunction. I tried reinstalling, but no change. So because they use so many other applications (Couatl, Virtuali, FSDT Live Update, and FSDT GSX Control Panel & they don’t tell you that before you buy these are all required) it’s hard to know what the problem is and they don’t exactly answer emails. That all said and having been a flight sim beta tester for many years as well as considerable experience with FSX SE and hundreds paid add on scenery and planes, I feel obligated to let potential customers know what they are getting into with FSDT products. While the scenery (when it isn’t reverting to Trial Mode or broken by an update) actually works it is really quite incredible, but all these extra apps & updates that cannot be ignored or skipped are problematic.


    FSDT products are always the best espacially because of their low prices! The performence of their products is always phenomenal! They always make sure that they cover all the details even the minor ones. I've been using all their products for a very long time now and i have never been disappointed. I highly recommend all their products!


    A excellent add on for the money. I chose the mid level install so I can’t complain about some of the rough edges. I suppose if I had chosen the high option I’d get a better looking airport, but that said even the mid level install is outstanding! FSDT really pays attention to every detail. I’ve been to and through CYVR many many times and everything appears spot on. Doesn’t hit frame rates much. That of course depends on your system. There’s a lot going on at the airport. Moving vehicles, the lite rail cars coming and going etc. very lively. I only dislike the registration system they use. It frequently reverts to “Trial” mode for no good reason if I don’t update every time I intend to use the scenery. Hate that! I have the same problem with Zurich and Geneva by this same team. Still their airports are some of the best you can get. Plus the price is right. Overall it’s a nice product. FSX Steam Win10 Intel i7 3.3ghz 16GB Ram Intel UHD630 integrated GPU


    I bought this scenery package in February and ONLY got round to putting this review on now as did a flight to Vancouver int airport WOW this scenery is fantastic so a massive well done to the scenery team on this scenery love everything about it lots of detailed scenery and even more around the airport area definitely is real and even more so around the whole airport area definitely is a must have scenery package so glad I got this definitely 5 star's from me very happy with this scenery package ;) :)
    Airport is a very accuraterendition of CYVR. It is an airport that is very detailed but doesn't cause a major FPS hit. I fly into this airport frequently without any issues.
    Unlike one of the previous reviewers, I didn't have any problems with installation, though I do intensely dislike the eSellerate/FSDT routine. It's a great scenery and well worth having, especially if you have Orbx NW Pacific scenery. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was that I was a bit disappointed with performance - I had to dial down quite a few features before I could get it to run smoothly on my system. But even with the reduction in some features it still looks great


    Nice add on. It realistically replicates Vancouver international Airport with some of the surrounding area. It is fairly fine with regard to frame rates. Overall I like it.


    Eine wunderschöne Destination im Wasten Nordamerikas die auf keiner Festplatte fehlen darf! Die Modellierung und Texturierung ist präzise getroffen und lässt hier keine Wünsche offen. Eine Destination für Mittelstreckenpiloten in Amerika und Langstreckenpiloten zu anderen Kontinenten! Klare Kaufempfehlung


    The airport looks really good, but there are all kinds of other problems associated with it. Firstly it uses some weird and convoluted activation process (esellerate), which didn't accept my activation key and I had to contact the developer to proceed. Secondly, some actions on the airport can be activated, like hangar doors opening etc, but that stopped working after about the 3rd or 4th time and I couldn't get it working again. Lastly, when it came time to uninstall, it completely messed up FSX and I had all kinds of nag-screens and messages pop up while starting and running FSX as well as other glitches. I eventually had to do a complete re-install of FSX and will steer clear of anything with the words FSDreamTeam and/or esellerate on them. I generally avoid any form of DRM, but this one is particularly bad.


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