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    This is the latest version of Zurich Kloten for Microsoft Flight Simulator ( 2020 ), a complete remake of one of the most popular add-ons for the most important airport in Switzerland.


    • Every object made using 100% PBR, with most textures in 4K.
    • Photoreal background image, from a recent flight ( end of 2019 ), from a very high resolution image from the official Swissimage source
    • Very accurate ground markings
    • Fully Dynamic lighting, with hundreds of light sources individually placed, for a spectacular night flight experience.
    • Most buildings remodeled in higher detail, for 5x more polygons.
    • Highly detailed custom jetways.
    • Sloped runways, with accurate altitude profiles.
    • Rega base with highly detailed helicopter models.
    • Animated people on Observation Deck


    This scenery works ONLY in Microsoft Flight Simulator ( MSFS 2020 ), and requires Window 10.


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    Belle scène mais un bug énorme!!! Les approches ILS cat III ne sont pas actives!! Essais faits avec plusieurs appareils différents! Est il possible de remédier à cela? D'avance merci!


    I wanted to check out FSDTs Zurich scenery, since the one provided by Asobo (Gaya) has open issues that have never been fixed. Unfortunately, this scenery by FSDT is much much worse in quality: Some of it is nice, like certain modelled objects and buildings have been done nicely and detailed, and with better colour accuracy compared to the free handcrafted version. Ground markings are crisp and night lighting is done well in most areas. But where this scenery fails horribly is in completeness, features, quality control and thoroughness of modelling. - I feel like half of the taxiway signs are missing, and you can clearly see the flat ones on the aerial imagery. - All localiser antennas are flat. And the one most visible (in reality) on final approach RWY16 has been patched over with an unmatching grass texture to hide it! - The VOR station in the middle of the airport is not modelled either (flat) - There is an ugly aerial image bleed-through in the general aviation parking area - There is a large parking area with flat cars right beneath the approach lights for RWY28 - Many flat objects or missing small buildings all around the airport, next to taxiways or runways (there's even flat baggage carts on the maintenance area parking) - Attempt of tunnel ramp on one side of the tunnel, which does not look good. The ramp is completely missing on the other side. - The fire station is modelled but the area is modelled and textured in FSX quality only - No custom animated service vehicles that would bring the airport to life. And the service road around the large midfield terminal is missing. - No VDGS yet - Interior terminal modelling is available in some places. Some of it is basic but nice. But the shopping areas use pixelated and out of perspective textures, feeling like a cheap FSX-port only. In summary: Avoid! There is just too many things wrong with this scenery and it does not represent what a modern-day hub airport should look like. Use the one provided for free by Asobo and hope that its bugs get fixed at some point.


    very nice product...very very poor support from FSDreamteam. I purchased it directly from their website, which resulted in loss of the file due to the fact that they don't keep them on their servers. You have to pay an extra fee to make the backup on a cloud service. Maybe if you buy it here, SimMarket will keep the file in your purchase and/or Downloads. My advice: do not purchase it directly from the producers website


    Ein sehr schöner Flughafen, die Installation ging sehr schlecht. Ich kann den Flughafen trozdem zum kauf empfehlen!


    Ein gut gemachter Airport und wird vor allem stetig verbessert ohne Aufpreis!


    Very very good addon. Numerous details, whether at the terminals, ground or ATC. The cargo terminal might be missing some details, but otherwise, great job! FPS FRIENDLY !


    Very nice and detailed airport. Feels like in reality.


    Great airport from great and established developers. I had this in P3D, and am delighted to include it on my European route map in MSFS.


    That's a great airport especially for the price. However, I am removing one star because terrain/runways are flat like in P3D. It's quite sad given that MSFS is providing the possibility to make sloped runways.
    Really nicely done, especially with the quick update after release. Before the update important new taxiways and stands were missing (as seen in the pictures), but luckily they have all been added. The scenery delivered for the price is amazing. One thing I would love to have, would be a but updated hangars in the GA sector 1, as the mfgz hangars and so on have changed a bit over time.


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